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You Voted for Trump.  How is that vote working out for YOU now?

​​Trump Supporter, Can We Talk?

Yes, I Know I’m Angry. I Wish You Were.

Dumbing It Down on Fox News

Which one of these voters were you?          Who Were Donald Trump's Voters? Now We Know

Are you on Supplemental Security Income (SSI)? 

​I voted for Trump. Now he wants to cut the aid I need

​Living in HUD Low Income Housing? 

After Countless Billions Lavished on Wealthy, Trump Plan Would Spike Rents of Poor Americans by 20%

That is better than tripling your rent! 

​​Ben Carson Wants to Triple Rent for the Poorest of the Poor

Do you make Cars?

​​Trump's Proposed Auto Tariffs Would Throw US Automakers and Workers Under the Bus

Here in Tennessee:  Trump's possible tariffs on auto imports draws concerns from Haslam

​Possible became actual so ... Trump's tariffs will have 'ripple impact' on Tennessee auto sector


Harley-Davidson workers say plant closure after tax cut is like a bad dream

Beer Kegs?

Trump's Tariffs Lead To Layoffs At Steel Beer Keg Company

Are you a farmer?

​​Threat of soybean tariffs raise fears among Maryland farmers, and questions about 'America first'

Threats of retaliatory tariffs prompted by Trump have cost Iowa pork industry $560M: report

Iowa farmers say they have a lot to lose in a trade war with China

​They were right - China tariffs on U.S. soybeans could cost Iowa farmers up to $624 million

China, in response to Trump, slaps tariffs on $34B in U.S. products, from soybeans to cigars

Across Midwest, Farmers Warn of G.O.P. Losses Over Trump’s Trade Policy

Mexico will impose 20 percent tariffs on U.S. pork

Mexico Hits U.S. With Tariffs, Escalating Global Trade Tensions

The European Union is slapping tariffs on over $7 billion of US goods — here are the states that stand to lose the most

OK - Look at the math - who benefits most from trading with Canada?  

​​U.S.-Canada Trade Facts

"U.S. goods and services trade with Canada totaled an estimated $673.9 billion in 2017. Exports were $341.2 billion; imports were $332.8 billion. The U.S. goods and services trade surplus with Canada was $8.4 billion in 2017."

Two Words - Smoot-Hawley:   

The Smoot-Hawley Tariff and the Great Depression

​​Evidence That New Tariffs, Not Immigrants, Are Costing Jobs

All over the country!  Trump says trade wars are ‘easy.’ Here come the first American casualties.

Like clean air and water? 

Catering to Chemical Industry Demands, EPA Threatens Nation's Air and Water With 'Shameful' Curbing of Toxic Safety Rules

Like to breathe?


Do you receive disability benefits?

The Trump Budget Cuts Disability Benefits. That Will Hurt Trump Counties

Someone in your family addicted to opioids?

​​​Trump’s pathetic response to the opioid epidemic

On Medicare or have a family member that is?

Trump Plan to Lower Drug Prices Could Increase Costs for Some Patients


Health care is still a mess. Republicans are making it worse.

Pre-Existing Condition?

Trump lied about Universal Healthcare during his campaign - now 
The Trump administration believes Obamacare’s preexisting conditions protections are now unconstitutional

Number of Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions by Congressional District

Are you a coal miner?

Kentucky Lawmakers Limit Black Lung Claims Reviews Despite Epidemic

Trump regulatory initiative targets black lung protections

Back to work in the coal mine yet? 

The Great Coal Mining Jobs Boom Has Been Postponed

President Trump has yet to save the struggling coal industry, numbers show

Does your company depend on visa workers?

'Tricked by the devil.' They backed Trump. Now, his foreign labor cuts may ruin them.

Trump-voting crab town left shell-shocked by his visa changes

That big tax cut you were promised?

Paul Ryan celebrated the tax cut with a tweet about a secretary saving $1.50 a week

​​Paul Ryan deletes tax bill tweet after being dragged for not understanding math

CHARTS: See How Much Of GOP Tax Cuts Will Go To The Middle Class

Tax cut savings flow to company stockholders, trickle to hourly workers

Column:  Corporations are getting a huge tax break. Now they can afford to pay workers more. Right?

Wages Going Up?  Primary Source:

Stagnant wages steal the show as unemployment rate drops to 17-year low

Wages are finally starting to rise, but not for the middle class

Most Americans’ Wages Have Actually Declined Over the Past Year

U.S. Inflation Accelerates to Six-Year High, Eroding Wages

81 Achievements?  NOPE!

A veteran?

Are you better off now?

Almost half of US families can't afford basics like rent and food

​​Trump's 'cruel' measures pushing US inequality to dangerous level, UN warns


So, in closing, how is that Trump vote working out for you?