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Why I went negative in my campaign

by David Limbaugh

This is my third political campaign. It is the first one I have decided to go negative in.

A dear friend and a mentor helped make me the young man I am today, We have been discussing my campaign and how I call out Trump a lot and to some extent Hillary. I want to run a positive campaign. I want to explain how I have had a website up since May with 28 different issues and my stance on those. That my website has information about me and other information.

When I ran for State Senate in the GOP primary I did not say or do a single negative thing against my opponent. When we went to the Farm Bureau, AMA, Bar Association, NAACP, TEA and other places to debate or speak I spoke highly of my candidate, and that I was not running against him but for State Senate because I disagreed with some of his ideas and felt I offered a better way. When I ran for County Mayor I complimented my opponent, the incumbent County Mayor, for doing a great job but that I felt we could do even better and wanted to share my ideas on how. Both candidates complimented me for running a positive campaign and in both races,  we shared our ideas, plans and goals with the voters. It was a great experience.

But in the Trump vs Clinton campaign, they can not seem to be able to do that. We don't hear their plans, we hear their attacks. I hate to attack anyone but I am trying to convince my friends, and hopefully others, that neither major party candidate is worthy of our vote.

I can not support Johnson or Stein. I ask my friends and others to check out my website and also look into Evan McMullin's campaign. People tell me a vote for me or McMullin helps Hillary or helps Trump. Sadly, in 44 or 45 states our votes don't even matter. If we live in a
RED state or a BLUE state the candidates don't even bother visiting or purchasing very many ads. One of my platform planks is the elimination of the Electoral College. I want my vote to count as much as someone's in Ohio or Florida. I want the candidates to care as much about my concerns in Tennessee as they do in Pennsylvania.

As I discuss this election cycle what most of my friends tell me is they are voting for Trump because he isn't Hillary or Hillary because she isn't Trump. That is a sad reason to vote for someone. I ask them how they can support a man who constantly lies, changes his stance on positions, and has displayed a poor history of treating others and made some terrible hiring decisions in this campaign, like Pastor Mark Burns being allowed to speak at the RNC and Paul Manafort as a campaign manager. Hillary? We don't know how her actions with her personal email service really impacted others' lives. We may never know? But she didn't seem to grasp the fundamental idea that secret means secret, confidential means confidential, and that she needed to go above and beyond to make sure she kept those emails safe from prying eyes, not take a shortcut out of convenience.

My biggest concern with this campaign is that Hillary seems to be running the old GOP campaign, taking in big money donations and big PAC support, taking advantage of Citizens United v FEC while Trump seems to be running a Populist campaign but I can't understand how people see him as a Populist or Progressive when he has never displayed the same qualities of a William Jennings Bryan or a Robert M. La Follette Sr.  So I am going to try to keep fighting the good fight.  Inky Johnson said it well: "COURAGE is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success."

I will continue making arguments against both Trump and Hillary because I know in my heart and in my soul they are both not fit to be my president and whichever one wins I know I can rest easy knowing by voting for myself I did not choose the lesser of two terrible evils. 

Thank You,

​David Limbaugh