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Why I stand at attention for our National Anthem

by David Limbaugh

I was a 35-R, Avionics Radar Repair Technician

University of Texas's Chancellor and retired Admiral William McRaven made a statement following Colin Kaepernick not standing at the National Anthem.

UT Chancellor, a Former Admiral, Asks Athletes to Stand During National Anthem

I loved his statement and it has motivated me to write mine.

I began standing at the National Anthem at an early age. My papa served in World War I under Black Jack Pershing and my dad was in the Army during the Korean Conflict. I have the flags from both of their military funerals when they passed away. Papa and Dad instilled in me a love of flag and country.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I make sure the National Anthem is played at all of the sporting events at my high school because I want to say Thank You! I want to say thank you to all of these men and women:  The Total Number of Americans Killed in all U.S. Wars is more than 1.1 million

I also want to thank the young British men who died during the Battle of the Somme.

I want to thank the young Australian and New Zealand men who died at Gallipoli.   I buy ANZAC cookies when I see them.

I want to thank the Russian men and women who stopped Hitler at Stalingrad.

A lot of young men and women, from all walks of life, of all races, of a lot of different nations, have died so we can hear that song. I stop to say Thank You! Thank you to them. Thank you to their moms and dads. Thank you to their brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. Their wives and husbands. To the kids that were never born because their parents never survived to have them.

It is no coincidence that the first time the National Anthem was played at a sporting event was 1918, during World War 1. The song remains the same.

The players and fans came to a stop when the band began playing the song. In the most recent, a couple of athletes came to a stop,

They understand the sacrifices people have made so we can hear that song. I have a hunch no one has explained that to Colin Kaepernick? I completely understand the right to protest. The First Amendment gives us the power to Redress our Grievances. In my humble opinion, Kaepernick is aiming his protest in an incorrect direction. These young men and women never oppressed anyone. They never infringed on our rights. They paid the ultimate price so we enjoy the rights we have and the freedom to exercise those rights. Instead of protesting the National Anthem, perhaps Colin should take two minutes or so to say Thank You for giving him the power of protesting.

Thank You,

​David Limbaugh

​Update:  California high school football player can't be forced to stand for national anthem, court rules