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War on Terrorism

ISIS are not Muslims. They do not adhere to Islam. They follow the doctrine of HATE:

Saudis foil attack on Grand Mosque at Mecca; suicide bomber dies in shootout

Ramadan ad wants to 'bomb hatred with love'​

The ISIS Impact: Ancient Sites Before and After Destruction

​​​​​​​Four maps that explain the chaos of the Middle East

Must See TV! King of Jordan explains the Battle versus ISIS,  Keeping Jordan's balance amid crisis

War on Terrorism:  America has always been a target for terrorists, from the attack on an island in New York City in 1916  to the 1920 bombing in Wall Street  and bombing of the Attorney General's own home.     


We need to keep our citizens safe.

A law passed in 1948 states that we should be helping others stay safe as well.  

Lemkin's law you ask?  The Crime of Genocide.   Where has Genocide taken place? Here is a list.  What about genocides today? Exposing the ISIS killing machine   And in Democratic Republic of Congo?

We need to explore "Why they hate us"

PBS Documents the forming of ISIS: "The Secret History of ISIS"

This isn't about Religion, it is about Hate: 

Mohammad Javad Zarif: Let Us Rid the World of Wahhabism

The Muslim World has been in conflict since the 7th century:  Sunni-Shiite Divide

The Origins Of The Shiite-Sunni Split   and   The Sunni-Shia Divide

But David, why don't Muslims condemn the violence?  They DO!

Worldwide Muslims Condemn List

A couple of videos to explain the conflict:

We need to defeat ISIS. We can do that by giving more help to the people already fighting them, including the Kurds.

Perhaps rewards Kurds with a return on the map of a country of Kurdistan?

​5 maps that explain the new Middle East

We also need to make sure we keep our rights. (Some bad Language) Good News! You Are Not Paranoid and Weak Constitution

A US History Lesson: Free Speech, World War One, and the Problem of Dissent 

Post World War Two was an ugly time:                                                    Now:

Step Back: Lessons for U.S. Foreign Policy from the Failed War on Terror

​​​​Terrorists have been around since the dawn of history. Anarchists. Etc...

​​Patty Hearst and the Era of Televised Terror

The current reason du jour is Islam. They need something to justify their actions.  The people wanting to do us and others harm are just thugs wearing a cloak of religion. Yes, some of their religious leaders share those same views and that makes them thugs with a mosque.   

We CAN NOT base government policy based on a religion!  The Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause is the reason.

It frustrates me that some people see zero wriggle room on the Second Amendment but are willing to drive a luxury liner through the First Amendment.