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​​​​​​​​​​​June 25, 2013:  Shelby County v. Holder       ​​THE SUPREME COURT & THE VOTING RIGHTS ACT

​​​Voter suppression is the civil rights issue of this era

Reports of Voter Suppression Tactics Pour In From Alabama Election

As it turns out ... Bentley's driver's license closures were racial, after all​​

Black Turnout in Alabama Complicates Debate on Voting Laws

North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy

      A History Lesson:                                    What happened:                                         Rated R (HBO):

2017:   The Supreme Court may just have given voting rights activists a powerful new tool

But:    House panel votes to close Election Assistance Commission  

House moves to eliminate commission overseeing voting system security

Voting Laws Roundup 2017    The Threat to American Elections You Don’t Know About But Should

Good News!    Automatic Voter Registration in Illinois is a Landmark Advance

​There Are 868 Fewer Places to Vote in 2016 Because the Supreme Court Gutted the Voting Rights Act

​​Cost-cutting moves spur fears about reducing access to Georgia voters

​​​Voting Rights: People have struggled for years to get the right to vote

People have died for the right to vote         The Threat to American Elections You Don’t Know About But Should

In Wisconsin, ID law proved insurmountable for many voters

If You live in Florida or know someone there:         This is SAD!                             Voter Suppression: 

​​Florida voters will be able to restore voting rights to over a million former felons in November

If you live in Alabama:  Too poor to vote: How Alabama's 'new poll tax' bars thousands of people from voting

It is up to US to get Congress to write a new Act:

Voters Deserve Fair Elections                Myth of Voter Fraud                Debunking the Voter Fraud Myth

Republicans limiting early voting in Marion County, letting it bloom in suburbs

Illinois becomes 10th state to automatically register voters, a Democratic Party goal

​Our nation's history of voting rights: