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Two Great Resources!   and  The 337 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

Jack Kingston was on CNN with Victor Blackwell and said "In the month of June, The president did 160 tweets, 120 of them were on policy and substance. 40 were media and politically based."   Why do people go on national TV and lie?

Kellyanne Conway says Trump mostly tweets about policy, with a straight face

This seems to be a White House Talking Point - Check out what KelleAnne Conway said on Fox and Friends: ​"Conway told Fox & Friends hosts that, according to an in-house analysis, of “roughly 163 tweets sent out by President Trump in June, three-quarters of them, at least, had to do with policy, bilateral meetings, legislation.”

Seeming to support her point, co-host Pete Hegseth read three of Trump’s most recent tweets where the president said he was talking to other countries and their heads of state. Hegseth said the president was focusing on “substance” in contrast to the “so-called mainstream media.”

Here are the numbers:  210 tweets/retweets from @realDonaldTrump, NOT 160.  (PDF)

Attacks:  73

Policy:  51

Brags:  80

Lies: 6