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Trump is making terrible choices for Judges!

(They are mostly male, white and incompetent! (And Some are Bigots!))

Trump appoints lots of white men to be federal judges. Here’s why it matter

This Trump judicial nominee’s glaring lack of legal knowledge is just the tip of the iceberg

​​Some of Trump’s judicial picks are being approved at a record pace. How will they reshape the courts?

The reshaping of US courts in the Trump era       

Trump Is Rapidly Reshaping the Judiciary. Here’s How.

The Republican Senate and rushed judicial confirmations

​Trump judicial nominee: I discriminate against gay people, and trans kids are part of “Satan’s plan”

Trump may get most federal judicial appointments since 1950s

The Trump takeover of the courts

Trump Judicial Pick Did Not Disclose He Is Married to a White House Lawyer

Donald Trump Has Nominated 480 People So Far in His Presidency. 80% of Them Are Men.

​​Oregon nominee for 9th Circuit Appeals Court under fire for racial 'hostility' in college writings

Federal prosecutor Ryan Bounds resigns as chair of bar association's equity committee

​A Trump judicial nominee apologizes for controversial articles mocking multiculturalism

Circuit Court nomination pulled moments before vote over racially insensitive writing

White House Withdraws Appeals Court Nominee Who Deplored Multiculturalism

Trump Judicial Pick Who Blogged Favorably About the KKK Had to Withdraw. Now He’s at the Justice Department.

Trump's judicial picks: 'The goal is to end the progressive state'

​"The lack of diversity in Trump’s picks was highlighted by the Associated Press. They ran the numbers on the 58 people nominated by the Trump administration to lifetime positions on appeal courts, district courts, and the supreme court. Of those, 53 are white, three are Asian American, one is Hispanic and one is African American."

Mostly white -  Trump’s 87 picks to be federal judges are 92% white with just one black and one Hispanic nominee   "President Trump’s search for deeply conservative federal judges appears to have eliminated most African Americans and Hispanics from the running. Among Trump’s first 87 judicial nominees, only one is African American and one is Hispanic. Five are Asian Americans. Eighty are white."

Among Trump's first 87 judicial nominees, only one was African American and one was Hispanic. 

and  Trump choosing white men as judges, highest rate in decades 

Several Not-Qualified - Federal judge in OKC deemed unqualified by American Bar Association

William Barber II: Trump’s Terrible Choice for Judge

Sen. Kennedy on Trump's judge nominee: I hope they pull him down

The Daily 202: Why a Louisiana GOP senator keeps bringing down Trump judicial nominees

MUST WATCH: Republican @SenJohnKennedy asks one of @realDonaldTrump’s US District Judge nominees basic questions of law & he can’t answer a single one. Hoo-boy.

Trump is not finding our best and brightest,  Trump judicial nominee Matthew Petersen withdraws after viral hearing video

GOP Pushes Back as Trump’s Lawyer Tries to Stack the Bench

Grassley: Two controversial federal bench nominees won’t be confirmed

Grassley under fire for planning vote on 17 judicial nominees

Two Trump judge nominees out after criticism


Senator openly mocks Trump judicial nominee

He has never tried a case, but Trump wants to make him judge for life

Trump Nominee for Federal Judgeship Has Never Tried a Case

Trump judge nominee, 36, who has never tried a case, wins approval of Senate panel

Trump’s judge picks: ‘Not qualified,’ prolific bloggers

​​U.S. Senate panel OKs John K. Bush for appeal courts despite 'provocative' posts   

Senators Grill Trump Judicial Nominees On Provocative Blog Posts

A Guy Trump Nominated as a Judge Apparently Used to Hunt Ghosts

Hear Trump’s judge pick admit he discriminates against gay people

Trump judicial pick apparently wrote 'just shoot' death row inmates: report

Conservatives have a breathtaking plan for Trump to pack the courts

At least try to hide the corruption:  Trump nominee for federal judgeship had rejected Texas lawsuit against Trump University

So we will just forget asking people that know judges about judges - White House Ends Bar Association’s Role in Vetting Judges


Why are Trump's new judges a problem?  Trump's new team of judges will radically change American society

A great example!  Trump Wanted to Make Fox News Pundit Pirro a Supreme Court Justice

This confirms what some of us have known for years, Trump is a bigot,  

My reply to the 'real' David Limbaugh's Roseanne column

With little fanfare, Trump and McConnell reshape the nation’s circuit courts

​​Courting change