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Trump's #DrainTheSwamp Plan is not a plan, it is a Hail Mary without a football. (I was right)

You understand these are not Trump's ideas? He never brought this up during the primaries or the campaign? Reince Priebus wrote these because he sees down-ticket races being lost because of impact of Trump and is trying to right the ship.

Ask yourself a question? When did the #DrainTheSwamp message start? AFTER The Second debate when Trump said he had never done what he bragged about doing and a dozen or so women came out and said "Oh yes he did!"

Lets take the one at a time

1) Term Limits - that takes a Constitutional Amendment - How is the Constitution Amended - I know, the President is not involved in the process   Constitutional Amendment Process

2) Federal Hiring Freeze is easy - most jobs are already filled - how about CUTTING Federal Jobs?

3) The Regulation stance should scare you - Trump is on the record that it is stupid to regulate Dog Food and the Energy industry. Ask people with pets how they like that (Warning, he ends with a dirty word) and the people in California about a methane leak or Oklahoma folks about their earthquakes.

4) Ban on Lobbyists - Great idea - enforcement? Lobbyists is private industry, not a government entity. Freedom of Speech will be a stickler here.

5) Another Lobbyists Ban - Again the old First Amendment - private sector

6) Foreign Money in Politics - You need Citizens United v FEC overturned for that - -- the Adelsons and others of the world are not going to let Donald appoint Supreme Court Justice to do that. Do you need some cites and sources to be convinced? I have them :-) 

Basically, Donald Trump's "Contract with America" is like every contract he has ever written, not worth the paper it is drawn yet.

Post-Election, I Told You So, Not Quite #DrainTheSwamp: A Running List Of Lobbyists On Trump's Transition Team I created an "I Told You So" page,

February 2017, I was right after all: THE 'SWAMP' DONALD TRUMP PROMISED TO 'DRAIN' IS GROWING AGAIN and The Trump Administration has definitely not drained the swamp

Thank You,

​David Limbaugh

UPDATES:  This IS NOT Draining the Swamp!  


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