Trump's #DrainTheSwamp Plan is not a plan, it is a Hail Mary without a football. (I was right)

by David Limbaugh

You understand these are not Trump's ideas? He never brought this up during the primaries or the campaign? Reince Priebus wrote these because he sees down-ticket races being lost because of impact of Trump and is trying to right the ship.

Ask yourself a question? When did the #DrainTheSwamp message start? AFTER The Second debate when Trump said he had never done what he bragged about doing and a dozen or so women came out and said "Oh yes he did!"

Lets take the one at a time

1) Term Limits - that takes a Constitutional Amendment - How is the Constitution Amended - I know, the President is not involved in the process   Constitutional Amendment Process

2) Federal Hiring Freeze is easy - most jobs are already filled - how about CUTTING Federal Jobs?

3) The Regulation stance should scare you - Trump is on the record that it is stupid to regulate Dog Food and the Energy industry. Ask people with pets how they like that (Warning, he ends with a dirty word) and the people in California about a methane leak or Oklahoma folks about their earthquakes.

4) Ban on Lobbyists - Great idea - enforcement? Lobbyists is private industry, not a government entity. Freedom of Speech will be a stickler here.

5) Another Lobbyists Ban - Again the old First Amendment - private sector

6) Foreign Money in Politics - You need Citizens United v FEC overturned for that - -- the Adelsons and others of the world are not going to let Donald appoint Supreme Court Justice to do that. Do you need some cites and sources to be convinced? I have them :-) 

Basically, Donald Trump's "Contract with America" is like every contract he has ever written, not worth the paper it is drawn yet.

Post-Election, I Told You So, Not Quite #DrainTheSwamp: A Running List Of Lobbyists On Trump's Transition Team I created an "I Told You So" page,

February 2017, I was right after all: THE 'SWAMP' DONALD TRUMP PROMISED TO 'DRAIN' IS GROWING AGAIN and The Trump Administration has definitely not drained the swamp

Thank You,

​David Limbaugh

UPDATES:  This IS NOT Draining the Swamp!  


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