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​​​​Trump's #DrainTheSwamp Plan is not a plan, it is a Hail Mary without a football. (I was right)

Drain The Swamp was just a campaign slogan invented to district from the 'Bus Video'.

“The fish rots from the head”: a historian on the unique corruption of Trump’s White House

From Criminal Convictions to Ethical Lapses: The Range of Misconduct in Trump’s Orbit

Trump Executives Face U.S. Campaign-Finance Probe, Source Says

​Trump’s ‘blind trust’ is neither blind nor trustworthy

PROFITING FROM THE PRESIDENCY                           Tracking Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

Donald Trump: A list of potential conflicts of interest

​​What’s even worse than the swamp? The company that Trump kept.

​​Trump White House is what a real culture of corruption looks like

​Federal agency grants Trump D.C. hotel rental credit of $534,000 for maintaining clock tower                         

Paying the President           Trump cannot keep his corruption hidden forever. Here’s what’s coming.       

​​Donald Trump's scandalous conflicts of interest still live on

Trump has built a pyramid scheme of public fraud. It's a taxpayer-backed cash grab.

Trump's IRS nominee didn't disclose properties were at Trump-branded hotel

Where Did Donald Trump Get Two Hundred Million Dollars to Buy His Money-Losing Scottish Golf Club?

So the GOP wilts to Trump again  -  Senate Republicans drop bid to block Trump from helping Chinese telecom giant ZTE   Hmm....   The Harding Administration made attempts to cover up their corruption!   Yep, That $500 M from China to Trump Project Looks Like a Pretty Big Deal

​​Kennedy resigns from SCOTUS before MidTerms?

Donald Trump’s debt to Deutsche Bank  -  Search for Kennedy

Trump’s hidden back channel to Justice Kennedy: Their kids

Deutsche Bank fined for $10 billion Russian money-laundering scheme

Trump’s Russian Laundromat      Deutsche Bank Struggles to Master Anti-Money-Laundering Task

Trump's business career is more connected to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy than we ever knew

​Just google it - before 2018!

Some Contractors Housing Migrant Children Are Familiar to Trump’s Inner Circle

Boca-based Geo Group poised to profit from Trump order for illegal immigrant beds


Federal government is spending $1 billion to keep immigrant kids detained, new report finds

​GEO?  250 donors shelled out $100k or more for Trump’s inauguration, providing 91% of funds

"Private prison companies GEO Corrections Holdings Inc. and CCA of Tennessee (Corrections Corp of America, now rebranded as CoreCivic) each gave $250,000 to the cause; GEO also gave $225,000 to a pro-Trump super PAC before the election. Both companies stand to benefit from Trump’s immigration plans., and in February the Justice Department rescinded an Obama-era order to end the use of private prison contracts by the Bureau of Prisons."

GEO?  Private Prisons: Here's Why Sessions' Memo Matters

​GEO?  Big Money As Private Immigrant Jails Boom

"ICE spends more than $2 billion a year on immigrant detention through private jails like this one.

The Corley facility is owned by GEO Group, the nation's largest private prison company.

ICE and the U.S. Marshals Service pay GEO $32 million a year to house, feed and provide medical care for a thousand detainees."


​GEO?  Sessions' Pot Crackdown Is Great for South Florida's Giant Private-Prison Company

The Trump Administration Is Making Plans to Detain More Immigrants in Texas; Here’s Where They Would Be Held

​​Federal Official Boosted Use of Private Prisons; Now He Has a Top Job at One

Moving the Embassy?

Adelson, miffed at Trump over embassy about-face, said to shut spigot

Adelson? Spigot?  How big a spigot? 

2016 - 2 Adelson, Sheldon G. & Miriam O.  Las Vegas Sands/Adelson Drug Clinic  Las Vegas, NV $77,900,000

$77,900,000 to Conservatives

Jerusalem embassy: Why Trump's move was not about peace

​​You understand these are not Trump's ideas? He never brought this up during the primaries or the campaign? Reince Priebus wrote these because he sees down-ticket races being lost because of impact of Trump and is trying to right the ship.

Ask yourself a question? When did the #DrainTheSwamp message start? AFTER The Second debate when Trump said he had never done what he bragged about doing and a dozen or so women came out and said "Oh yes he did!"

Lets take the one at a time

1) Term Limits - that takes a Constitutional Amendment - How is the Constitution Amended - I know, the President is not involved in the process   Constitutional Amendment Process

2) Federal Hiring Freeze is easy - most jobs are already filled - how about CUTTING Federal Jobs?

3) The Regulation stance should scare you - Trump is on the record that it is stupid to regulate Dog Food and the Energy industry. Ask people with pets how they like that (Warning, he ends with a dirty word) and the people in California about a methane leak or Oklahoma folks about their earthquakes.

4) Ban on Lobbyists - Great idea - enforcement? Lobbyists is private industry, not a government entity. Freedom of Speech will be a stickler here.

5) Another Lobbyists Ban - Again the old First Amendment - private sector

6) Foreign Money in Politics - You need Citizens United v FEC overturned for that - -- the Adelsons and others of the world are not going to let Donald appoint Supreme Court Justice to do that. Do you need some cites and sources to be convinced? I have them :-) 

Basically, Donald Trump's "Contract with America" is like every contract he has ever written, not worth the paper it is drawn yet.

Post-Election, I Told You So, Not Quite #DrainTheSwamp: A Running List Of Lobbyists On Trump's Transition Team I created an "I Told You So" page,

February 2017, I was right after all: THE 'SWAMP' DONALD TRUMP PROMISED TO 'DRAIN' IS GROWING AGAIN and The Trump Administration has definitely not drained the swamp

The real-estate company owned by Jared Kushner's family is dumping its financially troubled flagship skyscraper in New York City

This IS NOT Draining the Swamp!

Trump hits corporate violators — with a feather

​State of the Cartoonion: Donald Trump's swamp creatures

​​Trump backed 'space force' after months of lobbying by officials with ties to aerospace industry

Chris Collins is the latest Republican who proves the Washington swamp is alive and well

​​Report: Tough-talking Trump soft on corporate offenders

Inside the Financial Holdings of Billionaire Betsy DeVos

Ryan Zinke’s War on the Interior

Interior Secretary Zinke kept some meetings off public calendar

Halliburton probe makes 11 federal investigations into Interior secretary’s decisions

Let's connect some dots ... calendar and ...

Law That Saved the Bald Eagle Could Be Vastly Reworked

and Drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to get fast review

​and Uranium Miners Pushed Hard for a Comeback. They Got Their Wish.

​​Government Work Done, Tax Policy Writers Decamp to Lobbying Jobs

​Trump’s administration is full of kooks and crooks because it’s led by Donald Trump

How Putin's oligarchs funneled millions into GOP campaigns 

​​How Trump’s EPA is Keeping Asbestos Legal

​​It’s Time for Trump Voters to Face the Bitter Truth


Contractor Inauguration Contributions and Awards

White House Details Ethics Waivers for Ex-Lobbyists and Corporate Lawyers

Two dozen more Trump ethics waivers to be released

​​Ex-lobbyists swarm Trump administration, despite 'drain the swamp' pledge

As Trump Dismantles Clean Air Rules, an Industry Lawyer Delivers for Ex-Clients

​​Out of the swamp... or into the shadows?

​​The Deep Industry Ties of Trump’s Deregulation Teams

Former coal lobbyist confirmed as No. 2 official at EPA

Trump nominates coal lobbyist to help lead Environmental Protection Agency

No-Bid Contracts is NOT Draining the Swamp:   IRS awards multimillion-dollar fraud-prevention contract to Equifax

​​Too Rich for Conflicts? Trump Appointees May Have Many, Seen and Unseen

​​Swamp Things: More Than 50% of President Trump’s Nominees Have Ties to the Industries They’re Supposed to Regulate

Lobbying Hits $3.9 Billion in Trump’s First Year


​Is President Trump draining the swamp?


Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp.’ So what’s happening with his Cabinet?

​501 Days in Swampland

Mulvaney, Watchdog Agency’s Leader, Advises Bankers on Ways to Curtail It

Trump Cabinet Secretaries and appointments have two missions, either destroy it or take advantage of it.

Industry Lawyer Expected to Head F.T.C. Consumer Protection

As Wall Street regulations are loosened, Trump is now mired in the swamp he promised to drain

US Commerce Secretary held Russia, China-linked assets: report

Zinke's Halliburton mess deepens

​​Scott Pruitt embodied the Trump administration's ethical crisis


Trump Self Dealing