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​​​​​​​Taxes:  ​Progressive, Flat or Fair?  

Our Current Tax v. The Flat Tax v. The Fair Tax: What's The Difference?

Talking Taxes: What's Fair for the Rich?

A new study shows how little tax the super-rich pay

Fact Sheet: Taxing Wealthy Americans

We have a progressive tax system in place:


Busting Political Myths About Federal Taxes

​T17-0054 - Share of Federal Taxes - All Tax Units, By Expanded Cash Income Percentile, 2017

What about Corporate Taxes?

7 things you absolutely must know about corporate taxes 

President Obama just commented on this, 

President Obama Asks Congress for Crackdown on International Tax Evasion

Tax Cuts do not create jobs:            Corporations are now viewed as people, per SCOTUS's Citizens United vs FEC,


Kansas abandons massive tax cuts that provided model for Trump's plan

'You Better Learn Our Lesson'         Failed Kansas tax cuts should terrify Republicans writing federal tax bill

The Death of Kansas's Conservative Experiment   and   These are the people who suffered when Kansas’s conservative experiment failed  and   Kansas’s conservative experiment may have gone worse than people thought

So why not tax them as PEOPLE?   My stance on taxes is I don't know until I can work with the OMB and some of our nation's leading economist and tax experts (not corporate lobbyists)  I can promise fairness, transparency and a willingness to try to do what is right for YOU.

​​Corporate Welfare Harms Corporations

One constant about taxes. They are always raised 'for the kids' but then moved somewhere else so they can come back and ask for even more money 'for the kids':  When the oil boom went bust, Oklahoma protected drillers and squeezed schools and Why don't we let the school board raise taxes?

I know one thing.  Our income needs to start matching our expenditures.  Saudi Arabia's big U.S. stake finally revealed

I propose we keep our Progressive Tax. Keep the Earned Income Credit in place for the lowest tier.  We don't need to return to a 91% tax rate,  Income tax rates were 90 percent under Eisenhower, Sanders says.  We do need to slightly increase the rate for the top 1%, not to redistribute wealth, but to pay our bills and fix our infrastructure, which will generate jobs.

Lets look at some other's plans: The Striking Contrast Between the Trump and House Republican Tax Plans

Instead of GOP's 12-25-33 rates, perhaps we get the CBO to run the numbers on 10-20-30-40 on a scale of $0-poverty-line, poverty-line+$1 to $60,000, $60,001 to $400,000 and $400,001 and up. Tweak to generate enough revenue to produce income to reduce deficit, in conjunction with reducing the budget where possible.  Remember, will will keep the Earned Income Credit in for low-income families. ​Capital gains and other taxes will be looked at as well to see if those rates need to be adjusted or policies changed.

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