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State by State Results - The Rules for Write-Ins available on web-site

We got 3 votes in Knox County, Tennessee!  Presidential write-ins skyrocket in 2016; names serious and silly


Mr. Limbaugh …

We don’t require write-in candidates to notify us that they are mounting a write-in campaign here.  We just have new rules as to whether write-in votes will be counted or not counted at all in any particular contest.  If the write-in votes are counted for the office of President, then all write-in votes for live human beings will be counted.   If I may be of further assistance, please let me know.  Thank you and War Eagle!

Alaska: Still waiting to hear back from them.


Mr. Limbaugh,

Write-in vote totals will be made available at the time of the official canvass.  The official canvass, or formal certification of the general election results, will be signed on December 5 in accordance with state law.


Arkansas: Does Not Allow Write-In Candidates for President

California: Still waiting to hear back from them. 

Colorado: Electors requirement got us

​Mr. Limbaugh,

You never submitted the required documents to be a certified write-in candidate for president in Colorado; thus, you will not receive any votes. In Colorado, each presidential/vice-presidential candidacy must submit an electors form signed by nine registered Colorado voters who agree to be electors for the candidates.

Connecticut:Waiting to hear back from them.


​Good morning Mr. Limbaugh,

After the election, the write-in tapes go to the respective counties. They will be going to the Court of Canvass today to be tallied and certified. The results will be posted on our website early next week. You can view next week by clicking on the link below.


Florida: The electors requirement got us.


Mr. Limbaugh,

Our office will have this information once the counties certify the election and send our office write-in results. We should have this available later next week.

Hawaii: Does not allow presidential write-in candidates


We will not have write-in vote totals until the State Board of Canvassers meeting on November 23rd. Then the official results will be posted online at

Illinois: Waiting to hear back from them.

Indiana: Electors requirement got us.

I do not see your name on the list of approved write-in candidates (attached), and write-in votes cast for unapproved candidates in Indiana are not counted in the official total.  Also, many counties did not supply the full breakdown of write-in tallies, but will release them sometime next week when the results become official.

Iowa:Waiting to hear back from them.

Kansas:Waiting to hear back from them. 

Kentucky:The Electors requirement got us.

Louisiana:Does not allow presidential write-in candidates

Maine:  Electors requirement got us.

Mr. Limbaugh,

Thank you for contacting the Secretary of State’s Office.

In Maine, only votes for declared write-in candidates are counted, so unfortunately, we do not have a tally for the number of votes you might have received.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,

Massachusetts:Electors requirement got us


Thank you for contacting us. According to our records, you did not file electors with this office by the deadline to do so. Write-in votes for presidential candidates without electors will be tallied under “All Others.”

Elections Division

Michigan: Waiting to hear back from them.


Dear David:

We won’t have the write-in abstracts from counties until next week.  If you would like to contact me next Friday, I should have all the abstracts and would be willing to send you a scanned copy, as time permits.

Best regards,

Mississippi:I need to let know their information is incorrect,

Such that a write-in vote for the office of President in the state of Mississippi during this election cycle is invalid, the counties are not required to include the vote total for any write-in candidate in their certified election returns filed with our office on or before Friday, Nov. 18. 

You may certainly submit a public records request on the form attached hereto for your convenience seeking the information requested below.  Upon our receipt of your written request, we will provide to you, in the time provided by Mississippi law, the number of votes received, if any county should provide those numbers in their certified election results. 

Mississippi Write-In Statute

Missouri: Waiting to hear back from them.

Montana: Waiting to hear back from them.



Nebraska statute requires a write-in candidate to file an affidavit with our office in order to be an official candidate.  Of those people who file an affidavit, they would then need to get 5% of the vote for that office and impact the outcome of the election in order to have their votes reported separately.  There were not any write-in candidates for president that reached that threshold.  All write-in votes for president will be reported in our official canvass book in one column under the heading “Scattering, Write-In”. 
Here is a link to the 2012 Canvass Book.  If you go to page 8, you can see an example of how write-in votes were reported. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Nevada:Waiting to hear back from them.

New Hampshire:

Write-in votes for president have not been tabulated yet.   When they are you can see them on our website  under “General Election Information and Results”

New Jersey:  I have to contact every county's election commission.

New Mexico:  They wrote me that the lack of electors got me.

New York: 

We expect to certify the results of the presidential election on or about December 8th. If you have additional questions, please let us know.

Sincerely yours,

North Carolina: Electors Requirement got us

Mr. Limbaugh, 

Only certified write-in candidates votes will be counted and canvassed. We have no record of you meeting certification via the petition process and by statute can only count and canvass certified write-in candidate’s votes.

Thank you,

North Dakota:

Mr. Limbaugh,

Below please find the un-official results for President of the United States in North Dakota. Write-ins received 6,358 votes, they would have had to receive at least 5% of the top vote getter to have the write-in votes broken down and counted. Because they did not receive at least 10,806 votes the total remains as a lump sum of 6,358 votes cast for write-ins.

Ohio: The Electors Requirement got us

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

Thank you for contacting the Ohio Secretary of State's Office.  The deadline for write-in independent presidential candidates to file their paperwork with our office was August 29.  Only candidates who submitted valid paperwork were certified to the ballot and had their votes counted.  I am attaching a copy of the 2016 Presidential Guide for your reference.


Oklahoma: Does not allow write-in candidates for president


Good Morning,

At this point there were 67,291 write-in votes for President in Oregon.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Note: I emailed back to get how many were for us?  Waiting for a reply.

Update:  Good Morning,  Since the number of write-in candidates did not exceed the highest voter getting, Secretary Clinton, the write-in votes will not be tallied by individual.   If you have any questions please let me know,

Pennsylvania:Waiting to hear back from them.

Rhode Island: 

Write-ins must be manually tallied by the Local Board of Canvassers.  Under state law they are not published unless a write-in candidate gets at least 5 write-in votes.  Any over 5 are published by the Board of Elections by April 2017. 

Thank you for contacting us.

South Carolina: Do not allow write-in candidates for president. 

South Dakota: Do not allow write-in candidates for president.


58 Total, 30 in Rutherford County.  

58 more than if we had not run.  Not being on the ballot may have hurt the campaign?

Texas:  Required Electors - Didn't know someone in every district in Texas

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

It appears that you were not on the list of declared write-in candidates for President in Texas. You may view the list here: Only the individuals who filed a valid Declaration of Write-In Candidacy for President and 38 valid Elector Consent forms with our office before the August 22, 2016 filing deadline would appear on the list. A write-in vote for a candidate who did not appear on the list of declared write-in candidates for President would not be counted and, as a result, would not be part of the final tabulation.

We hope this will be helpful to you.


Utah:Where a friend of a friend had to hand-deliver our paperwork

Hi David, 
Write-in votes will be finalized at the statewide canvass held on November 28, 2016 at noon. We will post the results on our website,, after that time. Please let us know if you have any questions. 
Utah Lieutenant Governor's Office


Hi David,

We are still compiling those write-in votes.  The official canvass meeting will happen next Tuesday at 10 am, which is when we will have the final totals. Could you please reach out again at that time and I will let you know.


Virginia: They want me to email every county's election commission

No, contact yours, and they will be able to assist you. NOTE: I emailed them back and told them MINE is in Murfreesboro, TN - waiting for a reply.


When a Washington voter votes for a write-in candidate, that vote is simply counted as a write-in vote. If there are more votes for write-in candidates than there are for the apparent top vote-getter in a race, those votes will then be tallied for individual candidates to see if any of them is the actual winner. Unless there are enough write-in votes to potentially alter the outcome of a race, we don’t split them up by candidate. This is why you see the total number of write-in votes, but not how many of them went to each candidate.

I hope this helps!

Washington, DC - waiting to here back

West Virginia:Where our name was on the wall of every voting precinct.

Mr. Limbaugh,
You received three votes in West Virginia.

Best regards,

SVRS Coordinator
West Virginia Secretary of State

Wisconsin: The elector hurdle got us there too.

Mr. Limbaugh,

The county canvasses are not complete.  However, since you did not register as a write-in candidate for the office of President in Wisconsin, your votes are not counted.


Write-in votes for candidates are considered and collated when they have potential to impact the outcome of the election.  Since there were only 6,896 total write-ins for president, even if all those write-ins were for the same person, it would be impossible to alter the outcome of that election and therefore were not collated for any presidential write-in candidate.  

Thanks for contacting our office..

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