Puerto Rico

For starters, I would not have a FEMA Director who would blame the deaths on spousal abuse!

I would not doubt the death toll numbers!

Trump creates political storm with false claim on 

Puerto Rico hurricane death toll

Trump doubles down on Puerto Rico death toll conspiracy

Fact check: Trump's false claim on PR deaths

The Deaths of Hurricane María

FEMA admits it made mistakes:

​​FEMA official says bottled water in Puerto Rico was moved to runway to save money

FEMA admits it was understaffed and underprepared for 2017 hurricanes

​​FEMA Report Acknowledges Failures In Puerto Rico Disaster Response

FEMA Was Sorely Unprepared for Puerto Rico Hurricane, Report Says

​​FEMA admits failures in Puerto Rico disaster response, in after-action report

The Report:    https://www.fema.gov/media-library/assets/documents/167249

​Others say they did as well:    Federal report criticizes FEMA's response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Where are the congressional hearings on Puerto Rico?

What would I have done different (other than having a different FEMA director?)

For starters, I would not take funds AWAY from FEMA for ICE!

​It's not just FEMA: ICE quietly got an extra $200 million

My Puerto Rico plan? 

I would have stationed three Helicopter Carriers offshore, 


to act as hubs for transport to our hospital ship, 


BEFORE the disaster hit I would have coordinated with Puerto Rico authorities on designated staging areas and informed residents to paint their needs on their roofs or make signage using a predetermined code. Make it very easy to identify high-priority rescues (ventilators or other medical devices and no power, diabetics with no access to insulin, etc) from the air via helicopter.   I know ground transportation is NOT an option. 

I would not have stored pallets of water in one location to rot but air-drop water and other supplies at the designated staging areas. 

Churchill was able to get 338,226 troops out of Dunkirk under enemy fire:

This is the battle of Dunkirk — by the numbers

We could have gotten the ones needing medical attention out of Puerto Rico!

The George Washington University study that Trump is attacking:


After Trump’s Criticism, George Washington U. Stands By Study of Puerto Rico Death Toll

Puerto Rico's governor: Victims of Hurricane Maria don't deserve "their pain to be questioned"

Another Study by The New England Journal of Medicine:

​​Mortality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Study: Puerto Rico death toll 4,600 higher post-Maria

Trump a 10? No, Say Puerto Rico's 4,600 Dead

Each life lost due to incompetence or lack of preparation was one life too many!

Puerto Rico: The exodus after Hurricane Maria

We are Better than This!

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