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Justice and Prison Reform                                                   

We must address our Justice System and our Prisons!

Strike at an immigration detention center strengthens the national prison strike movement

Poll Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Support Prison, Sentencing Reforms

I will be using videos and news stories to illustrate what the issues are as well as research material.

Justice Reform you ask? Prison reform?

​This is a PROBLEM!   85 people held for 4 years in Louisiana jails without a trial, sheriffs say

Four years? For what it costs to house and feed them we could have used to put them through college or trade school!

This is flat out WRONG!   New Orleans man locked up nearly 8 years awaiting trial, then drug case gets tossed

​We have to change our prison sentencing for casual drug users!   Drug War Facts

What is the driving force behind putting people in prison for drug use?  MONEY!

When I get elected, there will be no 'phasing out' of using Private Prisons for Federal Prisoners. The day I am in office we stop using Private Prisons for Federal Prisoners. We transfer them to US prisons if they need to remain prisoners and if they deserve clemency or their sentences shortened we will do that.

September 12, 2018  -   Detention of Migrant Children Has Skyrocketed to Highest Levels Ever

September 11, 2018  -  Trump administration to triple size of Texas tent camp for migrant children

September 6, 2018  -  Trump administration to circumvent court limits on detention of child migrants

August 29, 2018  -   Federal Official Boosted Use of Private Prisons; Now He Has a Top Job at One

​August 8, 2016  -  Obama administration to end use of private prisons

February 23, 2017 - Private Prisons Back In Mix For Federal Inmates As Sessions Rescinds Order

January 20, 2021 - David Limbaugh removes all Federal prisoners from Private Prisons

Money you ask?


​​250 donors shelled out $100k or more for Trump’s inauguration, providing 91% of funds

​"Private prison companies GEO Corrections Holdings Inc. and CCA of Tennessee (Corrections Corp of America, now rebranded as CoreCivic) each gave $250,000 to the cause; GEO also gave $225,000 to a pro-Trump super PAC before the election. Both companies stand to benefit from Trump’s immigration plans., and in February the Justice Department rescinded an Obama-era order to end the use of private prison contracts by the Bureau of Prisons."

Private Prisons:
  Here's Why Sessions' Memo Matters

Who has most to gain from Trump’s immigration policies? Private prisons.

​​Big Money As Private Immigrant Jails Boom

CoreCivic and GEO will not bother to donate a dime to our campaign because they know they day I get elected they are losing a lot of their inventory. Sadly, that is how they view human beings, as inventory.

​"ICE spends more than $2 billion a year on immigrant detention through private jails like this one.

The Corley facility is owned by GEO Group, the nation's largest private prison company.

ICE and the U.S. Marshals Service pay GEO $32 million a year to house, feed and provide medical care for a thousand detainees."

​GEO?   Boca-based Geo Group poised to profit from Trump order for illegal immigrant beds  and 

Sessions' Pot Crackdown Is Great for South Florida's Giant Private-Prison Company

Bryan Stevenson will be working with our administration helping us get this fixed:                  

                                                                            We will address a lot of issues that impact people heading to prison,                                                                                    from education to mandatory minimums.

                                                                            ​Let's start with Municipal Fines - a HUGE Racket that sinisterly keeps                                                                                  poor  people poor!

                                                                            Here is where I start using  John Oliver  videos.  He is on HBO and uses                                                                              dirty words, and I apologize for that be has an unique way to illustrate                                                                                and educate people on the issues.

Municipal Fines you ask?   Nashville Judge Strikes Down Law That Has Revoked Thousands Of Tennessee Driver's Licenses

Warning - All of the John Oliver Videos Rated R (Dirty Words - HBO)

Municipal Fines?  You HAVE TO WATCH THIS!  

The fines begins this cycle of using money

for fines and fees instead of rent, food and


                                                                    We will return the  CFPB  to its mandate - Protect Consumers!  Sadly, the 

                                                                    Trump administration has gutted this agency! 

                                                                    Sorry, Mr. President. You can’t make Mulvaney ‘acting’ head of the                                                                                        Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


He did!   Battle over CFPB leadership ends as Mulvaney challenger resigns   This was a bad day for Consumers, the "C" in Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as Mulvaney removed Protection from the equation!

What You Need to Know About the CFPB

The Harding Administration at least made an attempt to hide their corruption!

​​Trump Financial Regulator Mulvaney Pushed CFPB To Back Off Industry That Bankrolled Him

CFPB Drops Investigation Into Payday Lender That Contributed To Mick Mulvaney's Campaigns

Trump Conflict Of Interest: CFPB Pick Mulvaney Linked To Lobbyist For Bank Facing Possible CFPB Sanctions

Mick Mulvaney fires all 25 members of consumer watchdog’s advisory board

Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s rumored next chief of staff, admits he sold access to lobbyists while in Congress

Mick Mulvaney personifies pay-to-play

Mulvaney could at least feel some shame

Mulvaney, Watchdog Bureau’s Leader, Advises Bankers on Ways to Curtail Agency

I don't see a lot of concern for Consumers in those stories!    So you have not been able to to pay your fines and fees AND pay back that PayDay loan you took out.  What about your car?  Your car you ask?

                                                                                 And that personal loan you took last year for back-to-school clothes                                                                                     and school supplies for your kids?​

So you get a warrant issued for your arrest for failure

to pay your fines and fees - now you need bail.  Wait! 

You don't have any money for bail! If you did, you would

have paid your fines and not lost your car, drivers license 

and your job that might have helped pay your fines!


                                                                             You made some stupid mistakes in your youth so you are labeled a                                                                                       repeat offender.

Now you find yourself in jail waiting for your trial. 

Worried about going to prison, a prison that needs


This Is How Private Prison Companies Make Millions Even When Crime Rates Fall

"But what made CCA’s pitch to those governors so audacious and shocking was that it included a so-called occupancy requirement, a clause demanding the state keep those newly privatized prisons at least 90 percent full at all times, regardless of whether crime was rising or falling."

That's right!  The Justice System HAS to find them prisoners!   

So now you are stuck in jail, with no money for an attorney, so the court is going to appoint you an attorney per the 6th Amendment and Gideon v Wainright. Right?

The Assistant District Attorney sits down with your court-appointed attorney and you and tells you that the DA has agreed to give you a deal.  Plead guilty and you will only have to serve two years.  Go to court, and you are looking at 20 to life. You look at him and say "I am innocent, I didn't do it!" but your court-appointed attorney says you are better off taking the deal instead of risking the longer sentence. You turn to him and say "But I have done nothing wrong!" and he asks, "Do you want to risk not seeing your son graduate high school?" so, even though you are innocent, you take the plea deal.  Mr. Limbaugh, this doesn't really happen!  Sadly, it happens every day!!!!  

Ask yourself why ICE is raiding buses in New Hampshire?

The 'Immigration Crisis'?

Not a crisis,  a prisoner generator!   Private Prison Stocks Are Soaring Amid the Trump Administration’s Immigration Crisis

‘Zero-tolerance’ immigration policy is big money for contractors, nonprofits

The Billion-Dollar Business of Operating Shelters for Migrant Children


We are talking PEOPLE here, not Widgets! 

"There are a variety of ways that private prisons maintain profits.  One specific clause that many of the contracts between private prisons and federal and state governments include is a minimum occupancy clause.[5]  These clauses state that the government contracting with a prison must maintain a specific percentage of occupancy at that prison.  A version of this clause used by prisons is a per-diem rate clause, which establishes high, fixed per diem rates per person housed in the prison up to a specified percentage of prison occupancy, then a lower, fixed per diem rate for every individual past that threshold percentage.[6]

Minimum occupancy clauses are a prominent feature of private prison contracts because they help guarantee profits and alleviate the risk of revenue fluctuation.[7]  One study found that approximately sixty-five percent of contracts between private prisons and federal or state governments contained a form of minimum occupancy clause.[8]  Private prison companies and federal and state governments have added these clauses through contracts for new facilities and through amendments in renegotiations of contracts.[9]

Many of the minimum occupancy clauses guarantee private prison companies over ninety percent occupancy, or payment for ninety percent occupancy, for their facilities.[10]  A good example of a minimum occupancy clause is the clause from the Bay Correctional Facility in Florida.[11]  The clause reads, “Regardless of the number of inmates incarcerated at the Facility, CONTRACTOR is guaranteed an amount equal to 90% occupancy (887 inmates) times the 90% Per Diem Rate subject to legislative appropriations.”[12]  In this case, Florida pays the company $43,046.11 per day to house inmates.[13]  Likely the highest minimum occupancy clauses exist in Arizona, where the Arizona State Prison – Florence West, Arizona State Prison – Phoenix West, and the Marana Community Correctional Treatment Facility, the first two run by GEO Corp and the latter run by Management and Training Corporation (MTC).[14]  These minimum occupancy clauses all guarantee 100% occupancy payments.[15]  Arizona renewed the Arizona State Prison – Florence West minimum occupancy clause through June 30, 2018 on April 21, 2017.[16]  The renewal also guarantees an additional ninety-five percent occupancy payment for emergency beds.[17]

In my state of Tennessee:  Tennessee Republican files bill aimed at ending private prison usage in state

The bill has no chance of being passed!

​​Private Prisons: Public Safety v. Profit Motive

So you end up in Prison:                     And when you get out of Prison?                                      Voting? 

We have to FIX this!!!                         American Slavery, Reinvented

Let's start by fixing this - The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Time to Shut it Down

Remember - Kids Can't Pick Their Parents!  No kid chooses their station in life. We CAN choose how we help ALL kids become better adults. 

My plan?

Address the terrible cycle of poverty forced on people by making them pay fines and fees they can not afford or need to pay.  Repeal Mandatory Minimums.  Eliminate Private Prisons. Fund Public Defenders. Focus Education on the KIDS. Get with Bryan Stevenson and others and FIX THIS!

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