President Trump - You made some terrible Cabinet choices

by David Limbaugh

Some of the POTUS's Cabinet choices are really terrible for our nation.

How did you choose some of these candidates with a straight face? Did Stephen Bannon, Roger Stone or FOXNews put you up to it?  Have you read my Betsy Devos tome to Senator Lamar Alexander? Senator Alexander has not answered my emails or tweets for some reason? Watch the videos in it? Compare her qualifications to previous Secretaries of Education? Have a clue how her school choice plan works? In her plan, per-profit schools pick the students they want, the parents/kids are not the ones making the choice - it is a Koch Brothers plan to make education a lot cheaper so taxes will be a lot lower so they can keep more of their money.

Lets talk about your other cabinet picks - Tillerson - Exxon.  On the campaign trail You were telling coal miners - More Coal - More Jobs! - but telling Oil People - More Oil - More Money!  Hey coal miners, more fracking and pipelines means ... LESS coal! Focus!

Tillerson isn't in the coal business coal miners - huge clue? State Department? Working with other Coal or Oil countries/companies?

Sessions - I grew up in Alabama in the 1960s - enough said? Do some research ;-) Can we say rejected before?

Both DeVos and Sessions are ANTI-Special Education!

Website On Disabilities Act That Tripped Up Betsy DeVos Disappears

If Betsy DeVos on Special Education Bothers You, You Should Be Watching Jeff Sessions, Too

Sessions Discretion - During a speech on the Senate floor in 2000, Sessions claimed a federal law that integrates disabled children into mainstream classrooms caused chaos.

Price - forget the stock trades - that is bad enough - but investigate who gives to his leadership PAC - wait for it - maybe the same people he buys stock in?

Leadership Pacs?

Oh! That video is in my DeVos tome Senator Alexander didn't bother to read.

You railed against Hillary's connections with Goldman Sachs the entire campaign - remind me again where Mnuchin worked? And five other Goldman Sachs hires? Wait! I think I heard somewhere where Mnuchin lied?

Trump treasury pick Mnuchin misled Senate on foreclosures, Ohio cases show

Why not replace MIT scientist or a Nobel Prize physicist with Rick Perry - then brag about highest cabinet IQ in history, and Puzder?

Puzder? Editorial: Andrew Puzder, local boy made good, has no business being labor secretary He is a Koch Disciple, eliminate the minimum wage and make people fight for jobs at low wages.   UPDATE:  Puzder pulled his name out of consideration. 

Koch Brothers Ad

Saddest thing? DeVos is bad and rest are bad or worse.  And I didn't even get to Perry or Pruitt.

I am keeping track:

Thank You,

David Limbaugh



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