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Poetry from a Twitter Friend @peacemomma67

By Peacemomma 
October 18, 2016

Fences are barriers that hold us back.
Focus on blessings, not what we lack.
Fences surround us every day.
Like cloud storms when skies are grey.

Fences protect us, yet hold us in.
If life knocks you down get back up again.
What are the fences in your life?
Why do you allow them to cause you strife?

Is it a pain that you do not want to face?
What keeps you from moving from this place?
Is it an attitude that locks you inside?
Lack of confidence, or human pride?

The way we view others, or situations?
Are you locked in a prison of your own creation?
Do you feel despondent and lost?
Keeping the world out at any cost?

Have your dreams in life become muddy?
There's so much out in the world to see;
Experiences to have and adventures to live.
Love to share, laughter and joy to give.

Why not open the gate. Set yourself free?
Discover a new life of peace and tranquility.

Peace, love and Joy ✌🏼

If the shoe fits
By Peacemomma 

Ruminating all the time 
on the nightmares in your mind.
Ignorance and hate divides but love it binds.

Mauling hands assault  the skin.
The victim’s psyche burns it in.

You can do anything when you're a star?
Don't touch my body You're bizarre!

Vile words blast like a weapon and extirpate.
Seeking the fabric of peace and unity to annihilate.

Making others feel so small. What’s the meaning of it all?

So much pain you inflict.
My skin crawls. Makes me sick. 

You control, dictate, fabricate, scream and shout.
If people don't "fall in line" you throw them out.

You walk around like you're all that.
Get in the ring. Step up to bat.

Flip the script I'm here to say. 
Peacemomma will light the way.

Pain and destruction wherever you go.
Is that the image you want to show?

Are you as mighty as you believe?
What's the legacy 
you want to leave?

Face the fire storms in life.
Quit causing devastation, division and strife.

Explosive abuse blows up and strikes the soul.
Like a slug to the heart, leaves an eternal toll.

You're up all night always tweeting that bunk ass shit.
Don't like this rhyme? Too damn bad if the shoe fits.

The only fake news are the atrocious words that you  spout.
Chips will fall. Man up and face the fallout.

No heart, no honor, constant streams of bullying Twitter fits.

Stand up and lead! You ain’t legit. 

So full of maniacal and  monumentous pride.
What are you running from  inside?

Think smoke screens and lies cover your back?
You're not that smart, get on track!

You'll soon discover that the truth will come about.
Face the consequences while justice is meted out.

Cruel, vicious, no honor, you blame and backbite.
Try growing values and ethics and do what's right.

Peacemomma stands for others, yeah that's true.
I have to when there are people like you.

Are you tough as you believe?
Start spreading love and  plant the seeds.

My message is simple, uncomplicated and clear.
Open your heart, your mind and ears.

Show some respect, don't lie and don't steal.
Love one another and for God's sake be REAL!!

Peace, love #BeTheChange Peacemomma