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Eliminate the Federal Department of Education - The United States Constitution does not give the Federal Government the power to run public education. Equal Protection clause of the 14th Amendment covered Civil Rights and Integration, but not LOCAL commitment to Education.

Someone Agrees with Me: Republican Proposes Eliminating Department of Education. Here Are 7 Reasons That's A Great Idea.

​​​Should Congress dismantle U.S. Department of Education and embrace full local control of schools?

​​​​​​Do What is Right.  Raise taxes on the One Percenters - Not to Redistribute Wealth, but to FIX our Nation.   Research the entire tax code for fairness and equity.


Manage our Money as if it really is OUR Money. Pay our Bills. Reduce our Debt. We need to repair our infrastructure Get Citizens United V FEC​ Reversed! 

I just need the right 22%:

After we get elected, we plan to do the following:   Propose the 28th Amendment - Abolish the Electoral College. We are in the 21st Century.  YOUR Vote should count!   If you live in a RED state your vote counts no more than if you live in a BLUE state.  With our current system, a handful of states determine YOUR President​ 

I wrote a paper to share my views on the Electoral College

​Someone agrees with me on this, Richard Dawkins: Electoral College Is Viciously, Unnecessarily Undemocratic

I have my 11 electors: