Pop Quiz - Since 2011, who has created more jobs per year?  [A]  Obama  or [B] Trump?

The answer is ......  A! Obama! 

President Trump's First Year Of Job Growth Was Below President Obama's Last Four Years

White House Falsely Says Trump Beat Obama on Black Employment

Blacks in the labor force                                         What Kind Of 'Jobs President' Has Obama Been — In 8 Charts            

I heard from Trump supporters that this is Fake News. No, it isn't  - Primary Source:  https://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000000 - Bureau of Labor and Statistics:


Jobs?  American Companies Keep Sending Thousands of Jobs Overseas  Not winning!  Plant closing puts many workers in dark place  Old Trump tweets are the Nostradamus of irony - https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/563049029484167168   Too Funny!  Carrier? Blue collar betrayal: Carrier worker feels ‘forgotten’ by Trump    Some states -  Weak job and wage growth weigh on these Trump states  Fewer Jobs, not more, since Tax Cut Scam -  U.S. job growth slows in July, unemployment rate drops

Walmart bonuses?  The truth about Walmart’s new bonuses  More Walmart Layoffs,  Another round of Wal-Mart corporate, store layoffs expected  and After bonus announcement, Walmart fires thousands of co-managers, replaces them with cheaper workers and Walmart is cutting thousands of store co-managers after raising wages

Coal Miners? President Trump has yet to save the struggling coal industry, numbers show hmm.... 

Biggest coal-burning power plant in the West is most likely shutting down I told everyone Trump was lying to coal miners during the campaign, US coal industry saw little growth in 2017 despite White House push  Regulations have nothing to do with this, fracking, ethanol and green energy does, Once and for all: Obama didn’t crush US coal, and Trump can’t save it so Mine closing wipes out many of Trump's coal job gains

Steel Workers? A Pennsylvania steel town waits for Trump's promises to come true  Layoffs instead of jobs,  Trump Promised to Protect Steel. Layoffs Are Coming Instead.  So?  Steelworkers union president ‘disappointed’ and ‘frustrated’ with Trump

Pennsylvania? After Trump's first year, coal, steel, manufacturing still struggling in Pennsylvania and  
Southwestern Pa. lost thousands of manufacturing jobs in 2017

AT&T?  As AT&T hails tax cut with bonuses for some workers, it hands pink slips to others


Automotive jobs? Trump, tweets couldn't save U.S. auto jobs in 2017  and US auto industry jobs down under Trump

Motorcycles? Harley-Davidson shuts plant as woes worsen for Trump's model manufacturer and Harley-Davidson still to close Kansas City plant despite Missouri delegation plea Not WInning -  Hurting from low sales and Trump tariffs, Harley Davidson will close its Kansas City plant so Harley-Davidson workers say plant closure after tax cut is like a bad dream​​

Promises not Kept!    Trump is failing to bring back American jobs

​Trump Job Tracker

Blacks in the labor force

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