​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I Think I Hate This President—and I Think I’m Okay With That

​​Stop Tone Policing My Outrage at this President

​Will Trump's lows ever hit rock bottom?

Nope!    We've just hit a new presidential low

Good People Don’t Defend A Bad Man

Yes, I Know I’m Angry. I Wish You Were.

The Irreconcilable Differences of This Presidency

Trump’s America Would be a Living Hell for Jesus

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How Trump won the presidency with razor-thin margins in swing states

62 Million Reasons I’m Not the Same Anymore

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gallup Daily: Trump Job Approval​      http://smartdissent.com/

​How unpopular is Donald Trump?

Tracking Trump       investigaterussia.org      Trump-Russia investigation

Normalizing Trump: An incredibly brief explainer

Why I Went Negative In My Campaign

​​My Friends Doubt my Trump Not Paying Bills Posts on Facebook....


​​​​​Another Trump Lie:


Now?   Trump refuses to commit to Mueller interview

If You Voted for Him                HUNDREDS OF CAMPAIGN PLEDGES. 10 MAJOR GOALS.

Trumpocracy: Tracking the Creeping Authoritarianism of the 45th President

All the President's Profiting       Trump Charities           Tracking Trump's nominations

A HUGE Lie:  Trump promised over and over to 'save' Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Will he?

Another one:  Donald Trump Endorses Universal Healthcare, "The Government's Gonna Pay For It"

and  ​Trump On Healthcare: Republican Debate NH   and   Donald Trump shifts position on Obamacare in 60 Minutes interview  BUT  Trump: Repealing Obamacare Is Going to Be ‘So Easy’

T r u m p ’ s   L i e s             ​​"When one makes a bed of lies,  it is difficult to remember how to fold the sheet of falsehoods" - David Limbaugh 2017               When Your Leaders are Liars

The complete list of every false claim Donald Trump has made  and  When Your Leaders are Liars  and  Six months of spelling mistakes from the Trump White House: Analysis

Stelter: This is how Trump shades the truth        I study liars. I’ve never seen one like President Trump.

My Fourth of July, 2017 twitter thread  Trump has lied before: TRUMP: A TRUE STORY


President Trump’s first 100 days: The fact check tally but Trump kept on lying after 100 day mark, 

In 355 days, President Trump has made 2,001 false or misleading claims

PolitiFact: Trump's Russia claim is 'Lie of the Year'           All False statements involving Donald Trump 

Trump Is on Track to Insult 650 People, Places and Things by the End of His First Term

The 382 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

http://www.trumptwitterarchive.com  - A Must See! And Everything President Trump has tweeted (and what it was about)

Trump's Promises       Trump Promise Tracker        Trump Job Tracker     Donald Trump's file     

Who plays more golf: Donald Trump or Barack Obama? 

Donald Trump has spent more than 21 percent of his days as president at golf clubs

Tracking President Trump’s Visits to Trump Properties       http://trumpgolfcount.com

All of Trump’s Russia Ties, in 7 Charts           The definitive Trump-Russia timeline of events

Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump

The Moscow Project

HUGE LIE:  Self Funding - Donald J Trump 2016       Donald Trump (R) WINNER Contributors

250 donors shelled out $100k or more for Trump’s inauguration, providing 91% of funds

Obama's Crowd WAS bigger:  

Park Service behaved appropriately regarding Trump crowd reports, watchdog finds


A Time Magazine with Trump on the cover hangs in his golf clubs. It’s fake.

2014: TRUMP SAYS HE WILL RELEASE TAX RETURNS       Why seeing Trump’s tax returns really matters   

Here is Trump lying - ask where Carried Interest is in his Tax Plan now?

When is Trump Lying and When is he Telling the Truth here?

The 141 Stances Donald Trump Took During His White House Bid

THE TRUMP EFFECT - Tracking the impact of the president’s policies

​​My Trump Presidency predictions:

  1 - Mexico is never paying for 'A Wall' to be built.


​      Nailed it!  White House seeks $18B to extend border wall over next 10 years

​                         Kelly calls some of Trump’s campaign pledges on immigration, wall ‘uninformed,’

                         meeting attendees say

  2 - The VA will not be fixed.  


      A promise not kept:   What happens when you call White House's new hotline for veterans

  3 - The National Debt will continue to rise.

​      http://www.limbaughlooper2016.com/national-debt.html

  4 - Trump will stand trial of Trump University AND Trump Charity.  Well, Trump settled the lawsuit             on Trump University: 

        Trump Defends Decision to Settle Trump University Lawsuits

       Charity? 'Washington Post' Reporter Searches For Proof Of Trump's Charitable Giving and

​       How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business

  5-  There will be a growing groundswell of support for something I have tried to get done for 30+                 years - abolish the Electoral College.

​      I want to abolish the Electoral College - you may or may not want to.....

  6 - People will question his staff and cabinet appointments because he will have a problem finding           the best and brightest our nation has to offer because not a lot of those people want to work                 with him. ​    MEET THE BILLIONAIRES WHO RUN TRUMP'S GOVERNMENT


  ​7 -  EPA will not be only one to have a problem, NASA had better back off their Climate Change                   stance or he may slash their budget?

         EPA removes climate change page from website

​      http://www.limbaughlooper2016.com/environment.html  

  8 -  He did not come up with the idea of "Drain The Swamp", that came out after 'The Video'.

      Trump's #DrainTheSwamp Plan is not a plan, it is a Hail Mary without a football.

​       https://stateoftheswamp.com/   and  http://draintheswamp.gop/ and 

       https://www.opensecrets.org/trump/appointee-giving  and fast forward 5 months: 

​       Ex-lobbyists swarm Trump administration, despite 'drain the swamp' pledge

      Ethics Pledge Waivers Released by the White House

      This is NOT Draining The Swamp!    Contractor Inauguration Contributions and Awards


​​  9 - Trump will break promises and gut Medicare and Medicaid


10 - Trump will search out current civil servants who differ from him and punish/fire them, 

​        Yep, 

        Energy Dept. rejects Trump’s request to name climate-change workers, who remain worried

        EPA fires members of science advisory board

11 - I forgot to add - Trump Will NEVER release his Income Taxes, Audit was never the issue.

​        Donald Trump Won’t Release Tax Returns, Aide Says

12 - New - the VP will never investigate 3 million illegal voters

        Nailed It!    Trump signs order disbanding election fraud commission after states

                              buck information requests

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Russia: We told US where in Syria they could not bomb

Friday, April 20, 2018

Oh My!    Democratic Party sues Russia, Trump campaign and WikiLeaks alleging 2016 campaign conspiracy


Michael Cohen Has Said He Would Take a Bullet for Trump. Maybe Not Anymore.

The leaked Comey memos just blew up in Trump’s face

I'm a lifelong conservative and I support Robert Mueller's Russia investigation

Ex-Forbes reporter says Trump posed as executive, lied to him to crack Forbes 400 list

Trump lied to me about his wealth to get onto the Forbes 400. Here are the tapes.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s Gelatin Presidency

Dem senators demand Trump explain ties to Koch brothers

Big banks saved $3.6B in taxes last quarter under new law


EPA chief Scott Pruitt had penchant for travel before recent woes

‘A factory of bad ideas’: How Scott Pruitt undermined his mission at EPA


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Manafort Suspected of Serving as ‘Back Channel’ to Russia, DOJ Says

Trump Lawyer Cohen Drops Suits Against BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS

Trump allies worry Cohen will flip

Republicans are actively interfering in the Mueller probe to protect Trump

Republicans Push Bill To Protect Mueller, Without McConnell's Support

Trump declared he's running again. Many Republicans aren't ready to back him.

Pittsburgh police carrying riot gear in case Trump fires Mueller

Trump leaves open possibility of bailing on meeting with Kim Jong Un

Trumpism Without Trump

Appeals court rules against Trump administration over ‘sanctuary cities’

Upstate NY farmer says ICE officers stormed his farm without a warrant, cuffed him, threw his phone

SAD!   Trump may invoke Defense Act to boost coal plants

Sad II!   Trump’s NASA Nominee, Jim Bridenstine, Confirmed by Senate on Party-Line Vote

Scary!   What’s inside made-in-China electronics should worry federal customers, study says

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

America’s debt time bomb has a short fuse [Opinion]

The eternal themes of the Trump era

Trump and the rest of the world offer little hope for Syrian refugees

Trump, contradicting his own words, denies firing Comey over Russia probe

We have the Lester Holt tape  -  President Donald Trump On His Firing Of James Comey (Extended Exclusive) | NBC Nightly News

Trump, in Another Reversal, Says Trans-Pacific Trade Pact Has ‘Too Many Contingencies’

The world learns to ignore Trump

Across Midwest, Farmers Warn of G.O.P. Losses Over Trump’s Trade Policy

Trump sidesteps question on firing Mueller or Rosenstein: 'They're still here'

Smearing Robert Mueller

As GOP balks, McConnell shuts down bill to protect Mueller

Mitch McConnell is inviting a constitutional crisis

The G.O.P. Is Bowing and Scraping Its Way to Disaster

Head budget official says office will open probe into Scott Pruitt's spending

How Trump’s NASA Nominee Used a Nonprofit He Ran to Benefit Himself

America Continues to Ignore the Risks of Election Hacking

Sad!  ‘People don’t realize’: Trump and the historical facts he wants you to know


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Supreme Court strikes down as vague part of immigration law

Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp.’ So what’s happening with his Cabinet?

WH response to Russia sanctions confusion: Blame Nikki Haley

Trump letting Haley take heat despite signing off on sanctions

Sanctions Flap Erupts Into Open Conflict Between Haley and White House

Haley punches back at White House over sanctions: ‘I don’t get confused’

McConnell shoots down White House plan to pare back spending bill that Trump signed

Pruitt upgraded to a larger, customized SUV with bullet-resistant seat covers

Ryan Zinke refers to himself as a geologist. That's a job he's never held.

Ajit Pai’s former FCC broadband advisor arrested on $250 million fraud charges


Monday, April 16, 2018

Trump breaks his tax returns promise — for the third year in a row

GOP tax cuts have gotten less popular with voters, new NBC/WSJ poll says

Trump now faces Comey's moral assault

Just How Dangerous Is Donald Trump?

Federal judge denies Trump's bid to review records seized in FBI raid

Judge Rejects Trump’s Request to Review Seized Cohen Materials

Judge OKs Cohen's request for review of documents seized in raid

Wow, Karma has a way of being Karma  -  Fox News star Sean Hannity revealed to be Michael Cohen's mysterious 3rd client — along with Trump and a man who paid off a former Playboy model

Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s mystery legal client: Fox News commentator Sean Hannity

The unbelievable story of Michael Cohen and Sean Hannity

Stelter: Sean Hannity has few rules, and now Fox News has a problem

Shep Smith addresses 'elephant in the room' that Hannity is Cohen's third client

Sean Hannity’s Ethical Mess

Trump's attorneys: FBI 'took everything' in Cohen raids

6 big questions in the Michael Cohen saga

The many things Trump didn’t accomplish in the latest Syria strike

G.O.P. Pollster Withdraws From Role Advising Both Pence and Haley

Conway and CNN's Cuomo in another heated exchange: 'Don't poison people minds'

Scott Pruitt’s $43,000 soundproof phone booth violated spending laws, federal watchdog finds

Putin told Trump not to do it  -   Trump puts the brakes on new Russian sanctions, reversing Haley’s announcement

Donald Trump makes 11 false claims to rural lawmakers he invited to White House

NIMBY  -  Ryan Zinke Is Opening Up Public Lands. Just Not at Home.

Zinke failed to disclose campaign ties to speech host, IG says

​Russian reporter Borodin dead after mystery fall

US, UK issue joint warning on Russian hackers


Sunday, April 15, 2018

In Interview, Comey Calls Trump ‘Morally Unfit’ and a ‘Stain’ on All Around Him

Comey talks about his first time meeting Trump in bombshell interview

James Comey's first interview since his firing

James Comey Says Collusion Is Not the Issue

Transcript: James Comey's interview with ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos

James Comey’s Interview on ABC’s ‘20/20’: Annotated Excerpts

The Comey Interview Is Already A Total Disaster For Trump

Comey says Trump ‘morally unfit to be president,’ possibly susceptible to Russian blackmail

Trump slams James Comey as 'slippery' in new Twitter tirade

‘They have broken Trump’: Alex Jones and the Trump Internet’s fractured response to the Syria strikes

Makes it easier to gerrymander if you just don't count people.  GOP attorneys general support citizenship question on census

In the era of Donald Trump, New England’s biggest GOP donor is funding Democrats

Donald Trump's campaign raises $10 million, spends big on legal bills

Eyeing 2020, Trump Fund-Raisers Return to Familiar Well: Small Donors


Hundreds of ex-DOJ officials now urging Congress to ‘forcefully respond’ if Trump fires Mueller

Trump is SCARED!     BREAKING: President Trump Files in Court to Intervene in Michael Cohen FBI Raid Case

Cohen used same company to make payments to two women: report

Michael Cohen’s Catch 22

Without mentioning Mueller, Trump lawyers urge high court to bolster his power to fire executive officials

Trump, a reluctant hawk, has battled his top aides on Russia and lost

Trump sought to block Pence pick for key national security post: report

Led by Fox News, pro-Trump media fuels false narrative to accuse Facebook of censorship

Turkey’s president is holding Americans hostage. Why aren’t we doing anything about it?

Another white collar lawyer turns down Trump

Pence Hire Withdraws After Report Trump Objected to Appointment

Must read!   Catherine Rampell: A balanced-budget amendment is always stupid. Right now, it's a joke.

On The Deficit, GOP Has Been Playing Us All For Suckers

The Democrats Are the Party of Fiscal Responsibility

Trump job approval slips 4 points to 39 percent in NBC poll

The blue Muslim wave: American Muslims launch political campaigns, hope to deliver ‘sweet justice’ to Trump


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Why Donald Trump's 'Mission Accomplished' tweet is so tone deaf

Trump strikes Syria — but Assad’s war crimes continue

Trump tries to appear strong in Syria even as he plans to withdraw

Trump sought advice on Syria from legal team defending him in Russia probe: report

‘Big price to pay’: Inside Trump’s decision to bomb Syria

Russia responds to airstrike with harsh words but no fire

The Real Investigation

Prosecutors: Cohen raid is red flag for Trump

Unashamed Stormy Daniels gives the shameless president legal and political problems

Report about Michael Cohen’s secret trip to Prague corroborates key Steele dossier claim

What should scare Trump most isn't the Deep State — it's the Regular State

Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency

Trump's Campaign Chief Pushes to Raise Amazon Shipping Rates

Paul Ryan’s pathetic legacy

Trump order targets wide swath of public assistance programs

Federal judge keeps hold on Trump transgender troop ban

More popular vote-electoral college splits may be in our future -  ​​I want to abolish the Electoral College

Hidden Figures: How Donald Trump Is Rigging the Census


Friday, April 13, 2018

The US just bombed Syria. What happens next?

The US has all but slammed the door on Syrian refugees

Fox & Friends suggest Trump could bury Comey’s book by bombing Syria

President Trump Talked Tough. But His Strike on Syria Was Restrained.

US, UK and France strike Syria

Mattis says Syria attacks a one-time shot, depending on Assad

Trump’s strikes on Syria risk retaliation, escalation in a war he wants to avoid

Analysis: Trump's strike on Syria has fire and fury — but not the element of surprise

Pro-Assad official says targeted bases were evacuated on Russian warning

The war in Syria, explained

The Syrian War Is Actually Many Wars

As Trump Strikes Assad’s Government in Syria, Five Docs to Watch

The Problem With U.S. Foreign Policy? The Urge to ‘Do Something’

Column: Donald Trump's presidency is collapsing

Trump’s miserable crew has never been so desperate

Kakistocracy, a 374-year-old word that means ‘government by the worst,’ just broke the dictionary


A Former Russian Spy Worked On A Trump Moscow Deal During The Presidential Campaign

Trump Sees Inquiry Into Cohen as Greater Threat Than Mueller

Real or ‘fake news’? Either way, allegations of lewd tape pose challenge for Trump

Trump hires lawyer to shield items seized in FBI raid on Cohen

Exclusive: FBI seized recordings between Trump's lawyer and Stormy Daniels' former lawyer

Cohen ordered to disclose client list by Monday

Comey is exactly right about Trump being like a mob boss

Comey’s rebuke of Trump cuts deep

Mueller can prove Cohen made secret trip to Prague before the election: report

Majorities back investigations of Trump from Russia to alleged hush money (POLL)

EXCLUSIVE: Rosenstein consulted with ethics adviser at DOJ on Russia probe

Wall Street Journal: White House building case to fire Rosenstein

Trump asked source to go on TV to call on him to fire Robert Mueller

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein tells confidants he is prepared to be fired

Trump is calling Comey a liar because to Trump, all criticism is a lie

Tapper asks RNC chief: What gives you 'moral ground' to question Comey's integrity?

Newt Gingrich’s shameless smear of the FBI

HHS official shared post saying 'forefathers' would have 'hung' Obama, Clinton for treason

The party of morality and virtue?   RNC finance official resigns after acknowledging payment to Playboy model

Trump issues pardon for Lewis 'Scooter' Libby

The Daily 202: Trump ‘Scooter’ Libby pardon sends a message to witnesses in Mueller probe

Can't make this stuff up!    Pence’s office advertises meeting with Peruvian president who resigned 3 weeks ago amid scandal

Trump administration abandons crackdown on legal marijuana

Reviving the War on Drugs is Exactly the Wrong Response to the Opioid Crisis

NRA turns against Gov. Scott over gun control

A Trade War Could Leave Investors With Few Places to Hide

Tax cut savings flow to company stockholders, trickle to hourly workers

Gowdy expands probe into EPA’s Pruitt

Donald Trump sold out to Paul Ryan, not the other way around

5 things Trump did this week while you weren't looking

What a Grassroots Campaign looks like:  Luke Mayville and his Medicaid for Idaho campaign are proving us political ‘experts’ wrong

When Children Grow Up Poor, the Nation Pays a Price

A judge pick who won't back landmark Brown case is unacceptable

The Trump administration has officially clipped the wings of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act


Thursday, April 12, 2018

There's a very disturbing pattern of silencing Donald Trump's accusers emerging

Former doorman involved in story of alleged Trump affair speaks

How a Trump ‘love child’ rumor roiled the media

In raid, investigators searched for records of Trump's dealings with National Enquirer parent company

Before Learning of Raid, Trump’s Legal Team Convened to Discuss Mueller Interview

Trump, Mueller teams prepare to move forward without presidential interview

White House is prepping an effort to undermine Rosenstein

For many, Christianity and Trumpism are synonymous. These evangelicals are pushing back.

NOT Draining The swamp!    Former coal lobbyist confirmed as No. 2 official at EPA

Lawmakers’ Letter Claims Further Spending Abuses by the E.P.A. Head, Scott Pruitt

Trump orders review of Postal Service’s business model

John Kelly’s diminished standing in the Trump administration, in one photo

Hired and Fired: the Unprecedented Turnover of the Trump Administration

Cory Booker grills Mike Pompeo on whether he believes being gay is a ‘perversion’

The U.S. Has Accepted Only 11 Syrian Refugees This Year  -  I thought Christians were supposed to honor and witness for Christ?

Member of Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission Sued for Voter Intimidation

Trump’s Next Crisis Could Be With His Asian Bankers

I told you so!   Corporations, not workers, are receiving the greatest benefits from GOP tax bill

Too Funny!    Trump Proposes Rejoining Trans-Pacific Partnership

NOT Funny!    In Pennsylvania, It’s Open Season on Undocumented Immigrants

Sad  -   The Tragedy of Paul Ryan


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Federal investigators sought Trump’s communications with his lawyer about ‘Access Hollywood’ tape

Investigators Focus on Another Trump Ally: The National Enquirer

Why Trump Is Panicking

As Trump vents anger over Russia probe, some senators propose protecting Mueller from getting fired

How Trump broke Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Personifies the Devil's Bargain the GOP Struck With Trump

Paul Ryan's retirement deals another blow to GOP in tough midterm year

DOJ gives Nunes access to document that launched FBI's Russia probe

This does not work, states that have tried it have dropped it as a waste of money.  Trump administration weighing drug testing for food stamps

NRA accepted donations from 20 Russian-linked contributors

Is President Trump draining the swamp?  NO!    Trump's #DrainTheSwamp Plan is not a plan, it is a Hail Mary without a football. (I was right)

Nothing to see here  ...   Trump nominee for federal judgeship had rejected Texas lawsuit against Trump University

Meet the wealthy donors pouring millions into the 2018 elections

Deputy national security adviser Nadia Schadlow resigns

CBO Warns Lawmakers That Interest Payments Will Outpace Military Spending by 2023

Drug companies get tax windfall, but they're not reducing prescription prices


The U.S. Has Troops in Syria. So Do the Russians and Iranians. Here’s Where.

Biggest coal-burning power plant in the West is most likely shutting down

​​Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Law Is Coming, Mr. Trump

FBI Raid on Michael Cohen Is the Most Dangerous Day of Donald Trump’s Life

Raids on Trump’s Lawyer Sought Records of Payments to Women

​​'The end of his presidency,' 'suicide': Some GOP senators warn Trump on firing Mueller

Trump says attorney-client privilege is ‘dead’ in wake of FBI raid targeting his attorney

What about attorney-client privilege? How the FBI can obtain a warrant for Cohen's office

There's a sharp divide in how Trump's staunchest allies are covering the Cohen raid

Michael Cohen could eventually be called to testify against Trump — and that could be a big problem for the president

Trump lawyer now claims his statements about Stormy Daniels were just hyperbole

The White House just let slip a big secret about firing Robert Mueller

White House puts Mueller on notice after raids

Trump's homeland security adviser Bossert resigns on Bolton's request

Trump's homeland security adviser unexpectedly resigning

Trump's Takeover

A Condo Deal Like Pruitt’s Would Get Other EPA Staff in Trouble

Climate Change Denialists Say Polar Bears Are Fine. Scientists Are Pushing Back.

Institute of Politics Spring 2018 Youth Poll

Medicaid expansion created 19,000 new jobs in Louisiana, according to study

Trying to be conservative:    Trump executive order strengthens work requirements for neediest Americans

Not being conservative!    Why trillion-dollar budget deficits may be on a fast track to $2 trillion

They got what they paid for -  Meet the wealthy donors pouring millions into the 2018 elections


Monday, April 9, 2018

FBI raids Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's office, seizes Stormy Daniels documents, bank records

Trump attorney Cohen is being investigated for possible bank fraud, campaign finance violations

F.B.I. Raids Office of Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Michael Cohen; Trump Calls It ‘Disgraceful’

Minute by minute from a stormy day in Trump’s Washington

Trump's Assault on the Rule of Law

Preet Bharara: Cohen raid approved by people 'handpicked by Donald Trump'

A great twitter thread  -   https://twitter.com/renato_mariotti/status/983468444212482048

‘A bomb on Trump’s front porch’: FBI’s Cohen raids hit home for the president

Fox News explains exactly why the Michael Cohen raid should terrify Donald Trump

Twitter users mock Trump lawyer after FBI raid by resurfacing 2015 tweet on Clinton

Mueller Investigating Ukrainian’s $150,000 Payment for a Trump Appearance

Directly contradicting White House lawyers, Trump says he’s considering firing Mueller

Trump’s company is now threatening the president of Panama

An Internal Email Contradicts Scott Pruitt's Account of Controversial Raises

Top government ethics official demands EPA probe Pruitt’s ethics controversies

​Scott Pruitt’s Civilization-Threatening Lie

Interior Official Compared Parkland Students To Nazis, Promoted Conspiracies

Defending Trump, Sanders Claims ‘Large Number’ Of Reported Voter Fraud Incidents

Tax cuts, spending to raise deficit to $1 trillion by 2019

Federal Budget Deficit Projected to Soar to Over $1 Trillion in 2020

The GOP tax plan means short-term gains for the economy, but federal debt is primed to explode, CBO analysis says

Republican tax cuts to fuel historic U.S. deficits: CBO

The winners in Trump’s trade war? This Indiana family. The losers? The same family.

Let’s pay Trump to leave office

Exclusive: As elections near, many older, educated, white voters shift away from Trump's party

The NRA May Have More Russian Contributors Than It First Said

Fox News host: Graphic posted at wrong point of show

In Syria, Trump Faces the Limits of Bluster

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Syria war: At least 70 killed in suspected chemical attack in Douma

Dozens killed in apparent chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria, rescue workers say

Trump issues vague threat on Twitter after chemical attack in Syria

The latest chemical attack in Syria reveals the bankruptcy of Trump’s policies toward Assad

US, other nations call emergency UN Security Council meeting on chemical attack in Syria

​​Farmers who propelled Trump to presidency fear becoming pawns in trade war

US-China trade battle: Catch up here

Trump Trillion-Dollar Budget Deficits Officially Begin This Week

For President, all about the base on immigration, trade and the EPA

CNN host: Trump's 'addiction' to Fox News leads to 'impulsive actions'

Horror of Being Governed by ‘Fox & Friends’

Baquet says Trump attacks are 'out of control'

New York Times top editor on journalism's 'biggest crisis'

How Trump thrives in ‘news deserts’

Jared Kushner’s $1.2 billion miracle


Saturday, April 7, 2018

President Trump and truth: Another difficult week

Farmers’ Anger at Trump Tariffs Puts Republican Candidates in a Bind

Tariff fight could hit GOP in key Senate states

Dow returns in first 444 days of presidential administrations

Trump's freak-out moment

‘When you lose that power’: How John Kelly faded as White House disciplinarian

WaPo: John Kelly's influence diminishing in White House

John Kelly reportedly threatened to quit because he was so fed up with Trump

Trump's high-priced headache: Lavish spending by his Cabinet

AP sources: EPA chief spent millions on security and travel

The Divine Paranoia of Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt is unfit to serve

Pruitt faces renewed questions over cost of security detail

Scott Pruitt’s bizarre condo scandal and mounting ethics questions, explained

Tribalism put Scott Pruitt in power. It may not be enough to save him.

The Myth of Scott Pruitt’s EPA Rollback

In His Haste to Roll Back Rules, Scott Pruitt, E.P.A. Chief, Risks His Agenda

House panel investigating Pruitt's condo rental

Exclusive: Trump adviser played key role in pursuit of possible Clinton emails from dark web before election

What happened when Bush, Obama sent troops to Mexico border

The migrant caravan shelters in Mexico, doctors treating fevers, chills and other ailments

Richest 1% on target to own two-thirds of all wealth by 2030

FCC won't release emails on Pai's 'Harlem Shake' video

How a Koch-backed veterans group gained influence in Trump’s Washington

Is Trump lying about the hush money?

Friday, April 6, 2018

Will We Stop Trump Before It’s Too Late?

Is there a 'red line' for Trump supporters? Northwest Indiana residents weigh in

Federal court approves $25 million Trump University settlement

Donald Trump Actually Thinks He’s Popular

Hmmm...   Mueller has evidence that Trump supporter's meeting with Putin ally may not have been a chance encounter: Sources

Exclusive: Trump begins informal prep for potential Mueller interview

Why Can’t Trump Find Legal Help?

Trump's lawyer referred a client to Stormy Daniels' former lawyer, raising new questions about collaboration

Evangelical leaders planning sit down with Trump over Stormy Daniels

Treasury Designates Russian Oligarchs, Officials, and Entities in Response to Worldwide Malign Activity


What’s Driving Trump’s Attacks on Amazon? It’s Personal

Amazon just filed an under-the-radar protest hinting that it's ready for a battle with Trump over a multibillion-dollar contract

The Last Generation

3 environmental regulations Scott Pruitt has been dismantling amid his scandals

Pruitt met with fossil fuel reps 25 times more than environmentalists in first seven months

Automakers Went to Incredible Lengths to Convince the EPA to Roll Back Fuel Standards

Scott Pruitt wants to roll back the EPA's requirements for clean vehicles. It's going to be a fight.

Inside the EPA: ‘It’s just a slow-motion train wreck’

EPA chief Scott Pruitt spent millions on security and travel, according to sources, documents

Did Scott Pruitt falsely deny knowledge of his aides’ pay raises?

Oversight chairman probes Pruitt's $50-a-night condo deal

Alabama congressman admits he pays no attention to oversight

Chief of Staff Advised a Resistant Trump to Fire the E.P.A. Chief

Donald Trump needs to fire EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, not promote him

White House has some serious legal questions to answer about Pruitt’s scandals

Scott Pruitt's landlord in controversial deal wasn't allowed to rent out room: Officials

Lobbyist couple had to change the locks on Pruitt

How “Effective” Is Scott Pruitt, Really?

Trump Just Jeopardized America’s Biggest Asset in the Syria War, U.S. Officials Say

In less than 30 days, Trump has risked a trade war with China and alienated U.S allies. Here's how we got here

Trump threatens China with new $100 billion tariff plan

​Dow drops 572 points as stocks close with losses amid trade war fears

Kudlow just learned of Trump’s latest tariffs move last night

The Architect of Trump’s Threatened China Trade War

Conservative Koch brothers network breaks with Trump over brewing trade war with China

Farmers to Trump: No trade war, please

Iowa farmers say they have a lot to lose in a trade war with China

Trump says trade war is "already lost," and he "probably won't" attend White House Correspondents Dinner

Ivanka Trump’s clothing company will be spared from tariffs, thanks to her dad

Trump’s plan for National Guard at the border needs state governors

Donald Trump ignores reality, plays politics with National Guard border deployment

Trump is so obsessed with his wall he’s giving up on the real war

How Fox serves as 'a briefing for the president'


Federal judge upholds Massachusetts assault weapons ban

Trump has some bad memories from the WHCA Dinner,   Correspondents' Association head didn't know Trump would be announcing dinner decision Friday  The bad memories?  Inside the Night President Obama Took On Donald Trump | The Choice 2016 | FRONTLINE

The Diversity Of Black Political Views

Why Anti-Semitism Is Thriving in the Era of President Trump

Can democracy survive information overload?

Sad  - Trump asked CIA official why drone strike didn’t also kill target’s family: report

Sad 2 -  NRA’s Ted Nugent compares Democrats to "rabid coyotes": "Keep your gun handy, and every time you see one, you shoot one"

Sad 3 - 1984 -  Department Of Homeland Security Compiling Database Of Journalists And 'Media Influencers'


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Donald Trump’s divisive decision to skip Opening Day

They voted for Donald Trump. Now soybean farmers could get slammed by the trade war he started.

Trump, China escalate trade dispute as markets tumble

Republicans Warn Trump a Trade War Risks Party’s Chances in November

The Note: When Trump’s words confound his own government

1984  -  Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists, Bloggers 

After one year of Trump, Obamacare is actually doing fine

Americans, it’s time for some extreme vetting

The War on Science Is Over. The Republicans Won.

Pruitt and allies launch campaign to save his job

Pruitt’s troubles deepen

Scott Pruitt’s defenses are crumbling

Pruitt's EPA should not have paid for busted condo door, congresswoman says

E.P.A. Officials Sidelined After Questioning Scott Pruitt

With mounting scandals, expect Scott Pruitt to hear ‘you’re fired’

An ethics mess is dragging down Scott Pruitt. Will John Bolton be next?

Mulvaney gives big pay bumps to his hires at consumer agency

Why Trump went after Bezos: Two billionaires across a cultural divide

Caravan won't end in Mexico. Some migrants will risk trip to US border

ICE is moving to deport a veteran after Mattis assured that would not happen

​Trump’s Middle East policy reaches new levels of incoherence

Death Sentences Are Down. Jeff Sessions Has a Plan to Change That.

The amount Robert Mercer spent on politics in 2016 probably topped $30 million

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Mercer backed a secretive group that worked with Facebook, Google to target anti-Muslim ads at swing voters

Shell also knew

Lives Lost in Three Decades of School Shootings

Fox's Brian Kilmeade defends Ben Carson's purchase of a $31,000 dining set

For Mueller, a Feared Weakness Becomes a Strength

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Exclusive: Mueller's team questioning Russian oligarchs

Perks await those who cooperate with Mueller’s Russia probe

Trump campaign adviser brought alleged Clinton emails from ‘dark web’ to FBI

It is the economy, right?     White House sees 'short-term pain' as Trump stokes China trade war

Why Trump's China spat has 2018 consequences

Analysis: Wall Street’s patience with Trump has its limits

Sad!  -  Trump’s daily briefing (a.k.a. ‘Fox & Friends’) warns him not to pull out of Syria

An airing of grievances: Trump spends days issuing a torrent of complaints against foes

Chamber of Commerce after Trump's Amazon attacks: ‘Inappropriate’ for officials to attack an American company

Inside a White House in tumult, John Kelly’s clout dwindles

Not even Fox News is buying Scott Pruitt’s excuse for pay raise scandal

Everything we know about Scott Pruitt’s infamous Capitol Hill apartment

EPA ethics official says he didn't have all the facts on Pruitt's lease

Dogged By Scandal, EPA's Pruitt Turns To Damage Control

Trump's pick to oversee wildlife policy has history of opposing Endangered Species Act

​​Trump's top infrastructure aide is departing White House

Someone is tracking all of the people leaving Trump or fired by tweet from Trump.   


​​Outgoing White House emails not protected by verification system

How the House Intelligence Committee Broke

Inside an Immigrant Caravan: Women and Children, Fleeing Violence

On the Road With the Caravan of Refugees Targeted by Trump

These are the Central American migrants in Trump's crosshairs

The whiteness of Trump's White House interns is absurd ... and speaks volumes

An Orlando resident and former Sinclair employee is being sued by the company for quitting

Why are evangelicals sticking with Trump despite Stormy Daniels allegations?


Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Mueller told Trump’s attorneys the president remains under investigation but is not currently a criminal target

Trump heats up rhetoric on border, immigration as some supporters grow impatient

Can we say Smoot-Hawley?   White House Unveils Tariffs on 1,300 Chinese Products

U.S. escalates China trade showdown with tariffs on $50 billion in imports

Scott Pruitt Bypassed the White House to Give Big Raises to Favorite Aides

How EPA's Scott Pruitt avoided tough questions on Tuesday

Senator: Pruitt security included Disneyland, Rose Bowl trips

Sinclair Chairman Claims Entire Print Media Has ‘No Credibility’

Trump appointee at Defense Department resigns after CNN reveals birther postings

These 3 women are suing Trump and his associates. Here's where the cases stand

Researchers say fake news had 'substantial impact' on 2016 election

Fox News’ Shepard Smith Slams Trump Over Attack on Amazon: ‘None of That Was True’

With Sinclair, We Have Trump TV. America Doesn’t Need More.

The definitive -- and updated! -- rankings of Donald Trump's nicknames for his political enemies

Don’t let big and dark money ‘drown out the truth and drown out your voice’


Monday, April 2, 2018

Not Winning!  -  The Stock Market Is Having its Worst Second Quarter Since the Great Depression


Who is Trump’s recent anti-immigrant rhetoric meant to convince?

‘Fake News’ Threat to Media; Editorial Decisions, Outside Actors at Fault

White House considers plan to slash spending from budget bill

Ex Veterans Affairs Secretary Shulkin: Trump Fired Me Over Twitter

David Shulkin wants to tell his side of the story -- and he's doing it everywhere

​On The Bill Press Show, Matt Gertz describes how Sinclair uses must-run segments to push propaganda through local news

Scott Pruitt’s Dirty Politics

Scott Pruitt says emissions standards for cars, light trucks should be revised

White House looking into Scott Pruitt's housing situation

Jill McCabe: The president attacked my reputation. It’s time to set the record straight.

John Oliver rips Sinclair media bias message: Anchors 'like members of a brainwashed cult'

Justice Department rolls out case quotas for immigration judges  -  Must Watch (some dirty words, HBO) Immigration Courts: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

US military discussing sending more troops to Syria as Trump calls for withdrawal


Americans tell Interior to take a hike over proposed national park fee increase​

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Trump Goes To Church On Easter And It’s An Unhinged Disaster

On Easter Sunday, Trump threatens to end DACA and 'stop' NAFTA

There was never going to be a DACA deal - Trump's base will not allow it to happen  -  Trump says 'NO MORE' on deal for 'Dreamer' immigrants

‘No more DACA deal,’ Trump says as he threatens to ‘stop’ NAFTA if Mexico doesn’t better secure border

Must Watch!  (Some Dirty Words - HBO)  -   Immigration Courts: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

China announces it's imposing new tariffs on 128 US products

Smoot-Hawley II just to try to win PA 18 race - sad  -   Trade war escalates as China says it will impose tariffs on 128 U.S. exports, including pork and fruit

This Trump legal defeat may force Trump to decide: His presidency or his businesses?

501 Days in Swampland

Even Republicans Have Used the ‘I’ Word, but Would Firing Mueller Get Trump Impeached?

A Great twitter thread on Russia and Trump -  https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/980502526486286337

Trump's thinly veiled attack on Wash Post

Trump vs. Amazon: Let's set the record straight

Too Funny!     CBS: Trump presidential campaign spent more than $150,000 on Amazon

'I don’t know how you survive this one': Chris Christie on Pruitt’s condo deal

Trump's fire alarm presidency

The Kushners Saw Redemption in the White House. It Was a Mirage.

Sinclair tells stations to air media-bashing promos - and the criticism goes viral

Nearly 2,000 people were stopped in 9 days under Trump's travel ban — and almost all of them were legal US residents

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Trump attacks Amazon, again, over U.S. postal rates

Trump accuses Amazon of ‘Post Office scam,’ falsely says The Post is company’s lobbyist

Is President Trump right about Amazon? Here's a reality check

Does the post office actually lose money on Amazon?

​​How America's Largest Local TV Owner Turned Its News Anchors Into Soldiers In Trump's War On The Media

This is SCARY!     Sinclair Broadcasting Enlists Journalists To Wage Trump's War On 'Fake News'

Must See - has some dirty words (HBO) but must see  -  Sinclair Broadcast Group: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

NOT WInning  -  Q1 Ended the Dow’s 9-Quarter Winning Streak; Can Q2 Bring It Back?

‘Tired of the wait game’: White House stabilizers gone, Trump calling his own shots

WaPo: Left alone, Trump is now 'calling his own shots'

Sad!    Kentucky Lawmakers Limit Black Lung Claims Reviews Despite Epidemic

Friday, March 30, 2018

From Mueller to Stormy to ‘emoluments,’ Trump’s business is under siege

The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant

EXCLUSIVE: EPA chief Pruitt joined by family in condo tied to lobbyist 'power couple'

Pruitt arranged condo deal through energy lobbyist, source says

EPA Chief’s $50-a-Night Rental Raises White House Angst

Dem Senator: Pruitt took taxpayer-funded security detail to Disneyland, Rose Bowl game

Behind the chaos: Office that vets Trump appointees plagued by inexperience

In Syria, we ‘took the oil.’ Now Trump wants to give it to Iran.

Poll shows young people believe Trump is unfit for office

This Is What You Call a Conservative Budget?

Local TV forced to denounce ‘one-sided news’ by America’s largest media company

Burnett: Where's the line for you on Trump?


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mueller probing Russia contacts at Republican convention: sources

The Shadowy Operative at the Center of the Russia Scandal

Source: Mueller pushed for Gates' help on collusion

Sessions: No special counsel to probe alleged FBI political bias, but U.S. attorney investigating

MUST READ!   Minute by minute at Donald Trump’s rambling Ohio ‘infrastructure’ speech

After being pent up for days, Trump lets ’er rip

Trump accuses Amazon of not paying fair share of taxes

Trump vs. Amazon: The sequel

Ronny Jackson’s Disturbing Lack of Independence

Trump’s pick to head veterans department faces skepticism over his experience

Trump wants to reframe the census to fit his definition of America, not protect Americans

How Trump got to ‘yes’ on the biggest purge of Russian spies in U.S. history

Trump tells aides not to talk publicly about Russia policy moves

Trump bids farewell to close aide Hope Hicks

A list of officials who have left the Trump administration

NOT WINNING!      Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq: How have they performed in 1Q?

​"By Thursday's close, the Dow lost 616.11 points or 2.3% this quarter. Most of the losses were suffered in March, with the index falling about 3.5%. The Dow and S&P posted their first back-to-back monthly drops since October 2016. All three major indexes recorded their worst March in 17 years."

Final Q1 Session Dawns With S&P 500 On Pace For First Quarterly Loss Since 2015

Typical Trump Lie - Trump posts misleading tweet on border wall

E.P.A. Prepares to Roll Back Rules Requiring Cars to Be Cleaner and More Efficient

​NOT Draining the Swamp - EXCLUSIVE: More Cabinet trouble for Trump? EPA chief lived in condo tied to lobbyist 'power couple'

Conservative attacks on March for Our Lives leaders are getting very personal

Fox News host Laura Ingraham apologizes for mocking David Hogg

The Fraudulence of ‘Pro-life, Christians’ Bullies

Wooing Saudi Business, Tabloid Mogul Had a Powerful Friend: Trump

​We can hope!   More than half of Americans think Trump will lose in 2020. But that hasn't doomed past presidents from getting reelected.

This madness will pass. Conservatives can’t give up.

The Deeply Underdeveloped Worldview of John Bolton


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Your Tax Cut Isn’t Likely to Be Made Permanent Any Time Soon

Poll: Majority of Americans say they are not seeing change in paychecks due to tax cuts

April 2019 Tax Bills May Catch Some Americans Off Guard

I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so,  https://twitter.com/Limbaugh2016/status/942538642555330562

Republicans now want to balance the federal budget after passing $1 trillion tax cut

The GOP Mantra is you should not pick winner and losers in the marketplace.   Amazon shares plunge on report of possible Trump clampdown

Trump Is ‘Obsessed’ With Amazon Because He Wants to Crush the Washington Post

Judge allows lawsuit alleging Trump took illegal foreign gifts

​​D.C., Maryland can proceed with lawsuit alleging Trump violated emoluments clauses

Trump’s Lawyer Raised Prospect of Pardons for Flynn and Manafort as Special Counsel Closed In

Another shoe just dropped in the Mueller probe

Mueller: Trump campaign's Gates knew he was speaking to Russian intel agent

The Very Male Trump Administration

Trump proposal would penalize immigrants who use tax credits and other benefits

Stormy Daniels' lawyer files motion to depose Trump, lawyer Michael Cohen

Stormy Daniels’ media-savvy lawyer is Trump’s newest nemesis

GOP lawmaker says party is being 'pretty damn silent' on Stormy Daniels controversy

‘I did misspeak’: Santorum backpedals on CPR comment

Rick Santorum: ‘I did misspeak’ in telling kids to learn CPR instead of marching for gun control

The Parkland kids have triggered conservative snowflakes

Fox News host mocks Parkland survivor for college rejections

Donations to the NRA tripled after the Parkland shooting

​​Kansas considers making schools liable for not arming staff

Editorial: The GOP's war on the liberal arts

The Supreme Court must step in: Both major parties are testing American democracy by gerrymandering

Ethics experts say Jared Kushner's 'very, very bad judgment' got him into hot water once again

How Facebook keeps making the same promises on data privacy

Veterans Affairs Secretary Is Latest to Go as Trump Shakes Up Cabinet

Trump ousts Veterans Affairs chief Shulkin, nominates personal physician to replace him


Trump’s Cabinet, ranked by how likely they are to get fired

Spending bill addresses crushing backlog of federal disability claims

The Uber accident that killed a woman in Arizona is a tragic lesson about self regulation that companies had better pay attention to

A mining firm executive griped to Zinke about federal pollution rules. The secretary apologized.


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

New Gates tie alleged in special counsel filing on van der Zwaan sentencing

Devin Nunes Is Raising Money Off His Shoddy Trump-Russia Investigation

Trump with No Wall in 2020 means No Trump reelection and he knows it.   Trump privately presses for military to pay for border wall

Fight fire with fire: opponents borrow from Trump’s playbook

Trump talks tough. But his toughness is phony, just like everything else about him.

Historian Meacham: GOP 'sold their soul for power and the check bounced'

‘He brings out the dark side of human beings’: Gregg Popovich calls out President Trump

A Low-Profile Trump Travels to Virginia to Meet With Donors

White House fumes at reporters' focus on Stormy Daniels

White House: Don’t Worry, Trump Will Get Back To Tweeting Soon

Read the letter Robert Kraft wrote to the Parkland students and families

Vermont House Gives Final Approval to Landmark Gun Bill

The sliming of Parkland students shows the spreading stain of media polarization

5 fake stories about the Parkland student activists

I Tried to Befriend Nikolas Cruz. He Still Killed My Friends.

NRA confirms that it accepts foreign donations

The US' 2020 Census will ask about citizenship at the Department of Justice's request

Decision to add citizenship question to census draws fire

Sarah Sanders lies about Census citizenship question

How Trump favored Texas over Puerto Rico

Not being conservative:    The US needs to borrow almost $300 billion this week

​​Shock poll: Majority of Americans don’t see Trump tax cuts in paychecks

Most people aren't seeing or noticing the Trump tax cuts yet, new poll finds

A debt crisis is on the horizon        The GOP Tax Cut gave billions to corporations and big donors. 

BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC. 2017 ANNUAL REPORT    "Berkshire’s gain in net worth during 2017 was $65.3 billion, which increased the per-share book value of both our Class A and Class B stock by 23%. Over the last 53 years (that is, since present management took over), per share book value has grown from $19 to $211,750, a rate of 19.1% compounded annually.* The format of that opening paragraph has been standard for 30 years. But 2017 was far from standard: A large portion of our gain did not come from anything we accomplished at Berkshire. The $65 billion gain is nonetheless real – rest assured of that. But only $36 billion came from Berkshire’s operations. The remaining $29 billion was delivered to us in December when Congress rewrote the U.S. Tax Code."

Monday, March 26, 2018

Steve King's campaign criticizes Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez

Never mind Emma González’s olive green jacket. Listen to her and her generation.

Stormy Daniels accuses Trump attorney of defamation

There are now multiple legal questions surrounding attempts to hide alleged Trump relationships

Trump's Legal Threats Backfire

Trump’s legal team is in shambles. The timing is terrible.

It's getting tougher for Trump to find new lawyers to join his defense team in the Russia investigation

Dan Webb and Tom Buchanan Latest Lawyers to Decline to Join Trump’s Legal Team

Trump's Russia paradox: Why he is loath to call out Putin

Trump has played his supporters for suckers

NOT Draining The swamp!    Watchdog group files ethics complaints against lobbyists who joined Trump administration

Suburban voters angry with Trump threaten GOP’s grip on House

People who say they’re most eager to vote strongly disapprove of Trump in a new poll

Russia probe descends on Nunes’ re-election, threatens to upend midterms

Being ‘Trump’s stooge’ could come back to haunt Devin Nunes in a big way

Why I changed my mind about John Bolton

Blizzard of ethics complaints filed against Trump administration by Public Citizen​

Trump tweets about increase in 'Fake News' after following CNN on Twitter for an hour

Trump is striving — but struggling — to control the narrative

Best signs from March for Our Lives

Record GOP congressional retirements as 2018 midterms loom

Democrats Would Need to Trounce Republicans to Overcome Gerrymandering and Take the House

Doctors rip Santorum for saying students should learn CPR instead of protesting gun violence

Parkland Students to Rick Santorum: CPR ‘Won't Save You’ When You’ve Been Shot in the Head

​​Trump Talks of Bringing Back Rob Porter, Aide Accused of Spousal Abuse

Editorial: Too many Trump Cabinet members are extravagant in their spending

Citizenship question on 2020 census may result in undercount

So you vote for Trump, then get mad when he does what he promised to do?  Worried by talks of deportation, farmers defend immigrant workforce


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Yesterday, we Parkland students made history. And we're not going anywhere

Keep shouting, don't become anesthetized, pope tells young people

March for Our Lives could be the biggest single-day protest in D.C.'s history

‘This One’s Different’

Protest marches mark a seismic shift in U.S. gun politics

Trump's mistake: Choosing golf club over America's children

Gun Marches Keep Republicans on Defense in Midterm Races

Santorum: Instead of calling for gun laws, kids should take CPR classes

Some people are scared!   People Are Sharing Fake Photos of Emma González Tearing Up the Constitution

Report alleges the House Intelligence Committee failed to investigate a stunning number of leads before closing its Russia investigation

In another blow to Trump’s efforts to combat Russia probe, diGenova will no longer join legal team

Trump Won’t Hire 2 Lawyers Whose Appointments Were Announced Days Ago

At a Crucial Juncture, Trump’s Legal Defense Is Largely a One-Man Operation

Panel: Which is more important, Gun Protests or Stormy Daniels?

There’s no plan!

Why the Stormy Daniels story matters, in one paragraph

Stormy Daniels: Porn work prepped her for media storm surrounding 60 Minutes interview

The key players in the Stormy Daniels scandal

How to watch: Stormy Daniels’s 60 Minutes interview

Why the Stormy Daniels story matters

Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump and '60 Minutes': Shame is so over

Trump friend says president told him to expect one or two more major personnel changes

Trump is staffing _ or casting_ from Fox

​Cloak and Data: The Real Story Behind Cambridge Analytica’s Rise and Fall

Congress gives police in other countries easier access to U.S. data, raising privacy concerns

17 Senate Dems broke their contracts with their voters

When the Elderly Call for Help, a ‘Chain’ Immigrant Often Answers

America’s Warped Elections

Pence secretly drafted Trump’s latest transgender military ban

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Powerful Silence of the March for Our Lives

There has been, on average, 1 school shooting every week this year

‘Never again!’ Students demand action against gun violence in nation’s capital'

Emma Gonzalez Is Responsible for the Loudest Silence in the History of US Social Protest

Stop Everything and Listen to this Knockout March for Our Lives Speech by an 11-Year-Old Girl

March for Our Lives: Live updates

Photos From the March for Our Lives

Seven most memorable moments from 'March for Our Lives'

‘March for Our Lives’ crowd in DC visible from space

March for Our Lives crowd tops Trump inauguration, according to organizer estimates

Sad!   NRA host criticizes Parkland students ahead of 'March For Our Lives'

Stop Shielding Gun Makers

AP-NORC Poll: Support soars for stricter gun control laws

GOP lawmaker: Trump's 'lack of impulse control' concerning

How Trumpism has come to define the Republican Party

Turns out the Trump campaign’s ‘coffee boy’ had a bigger role than everyone thought

Apple's Tim Cook in China: 'Exceptional' countries embrace trade

‘Stormy Will Eat You Alive’: How a Porn Star is Making Trump World’s Lives Hell

The definitive guide to the Stormy Daniels scandal

Friday, March 23, 2018

This White House just keeps not telling the truth over and over and over again

All of this stuff really happened in one day

China plans to hit US with tariffs following Trump trade sanctions

China targets $3 billion of U.S. goods in tariff spat

​Trump’s Spending Bill Veto Threat Is A Freak Out Over New Russia Sanctions

Despite Trump Threat, N.E.A and N.E.H Are Spared in Spending Bill

​​Sen. Mark Warner: Trump's Inaction on Russia Is an 'Embarassment'

Guccifer 2.0 is a Russian Intelligence Officer. Does That Mean Trump Team Colluded?

Great twitter thread - Unrolled thread from @SethAbramson

Andrew McCabe: Not in my worst nightmares did I dream my FBI career would end this way

Trump signs spending bill after earlier veto threat


Trump Takes Hawkish Turn Picking Bolton as Top Security Aide


How the world is reacting to Trump’s appointment of John Bolton

Bolton Was Early Beneficiary of Cambridge Analytica’s Facebook Data

John Bolton's super PAC paid more than $800,000 to Cambridge Analytica

The real reason Trump’s choice of John Bolton should terrify you

Bush-era diplomat tweets that you should be scared, very scared

John Bolton’s appointment is a fitting coda to conservatism’s failures

Sam Nunberg Is Still Talking

‘You should do it’: Trump officials encouraged George Papadopoulos’s foreign outreach, documents show


This is how we save lives from gun violence

Pa. school district stocks classrooms with rocks to combat school shooters

New data show the NRA increased online ad spending aggressively after Parkland shooting

New England Patriots lend team plane to take Parkland students, families to Washington for March for Our Lives rally

NOT Draining the Swamp!   Exclusive: Trump official quietly drops payday loan case, mulls others - sources

The Arctic had a scarily low amount of ice this past winter

​Khizr Khan makes personal appeal to Supreme Court on travel ban

Extreme Gerrymandering & the 2018 Midterm


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Warm coats, dress shoes and messages to lawmakers: Parkland students head to D.C. for gun-control march

The scary truth that Cambridge Analytica understands

​​House probe overlooked most Trump-Russia contacts, report claims

Trump’s Lawyer Resigns as President Adopts Aggressive Approach in Russia Inquiry


​Why Trump's tariffs on China are a big deal

Why Donald Trump's China tariffs are likely to be a bad thing for him

​2,322 reasons to hate Congress

"Massive measure was released the night before the vote, so members didn’t have time to read it"

House Passes $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill, Starting Process to Avert Shutdown

​McMaster to Resign as National Security Adviser, and Will Be Replaced by John Bolton

Add another zealot to the White House

Trump Is Bringing In Loyalists And Getting Rid Of Critics

​This is what the high-turnover White House looks like


Trump and Biden are both openly fantasizing about who would win in a fistfight

Trump's Tax Records?   Stormy Daniels lawyer plans to subpoena Trump Org and bank records: report

​Imagining Trump’s Evangelicals in King David’s Time

More anti-Muslim, conspiratorial tweets emerge from Trump's pick for top UN migration job


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scarred by school shootings

Congressional negotiators reach deal on $1.3 trillion spending bill ahead of Friday government shutdown deadline

The 2,232 page omnibus spending bill, explained in less than 1000 words

What's in – and what's out – of the $1.3 trillion spending bill

This was a major cause of the Great Depression. Smoot-Hawley,  Trump Plans to Slap Stiff Tariffs and Investment Restrictions on China

Trump's talk of possible Putin meeting caught advisers off guard: report

While Putin Meddles, Trump Congratulates Him

EXCLUSIVE: Fired FBI official authorized criminal probe of Sessions, sources say


NYC agency investigating more than a dozen Kushner buildings

Trump golf club in New York asks to hire more foreign workers

GOP congresswoman blames the ‘deep state’ for Ben Carson’s outlandishly expensive dining set

Nearly 70 percent say Trump is a bad role model for children: poll

The Irreconcilable Differences of This Presidency

Trump Hacked the Media Right Before Our Eyes

EPA Turns Over Pruitt Travel Records Showing Higher Expenses Than Initially Disclosed


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Trump’s national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway.

Trump congratulated Putin after his national security team told him not to: report

Trump congratulates Putin, gets backtalk from Republicans

As DeVos Faces Congress, Officials Say She Hid Plans to Overhaul Department

DeVos faces withering criticism in House hearing

Kris Kobach Just Got Humiliated in Federal Court

Cambridge Analytica execs boast of role in getting Trump elected

Where Is Mark Zuckerberg?

“They’re not on the same team”: why Trump’s lawyers keep clashing over the Russia probe

Judge rules defamation case against Trump may proceed

Trump, deemed not 'above the law,' must face defamation lawsuit

Former GOP White House official: Evangelicals' mulligan defense of Trump is 'complete hypocrisy'

Ben Carson suggests wife made decision to purchase $31,000 dining set

Before facts are in, NRA exploits the deadly Great Mills High School shooting

Still waiting for power: Six months after Hurricane Maria, frustrated Puerto Ricans rally in D.C.

Immigration and border wall caught up in government funding showdown

Both sides mischaracterize sanctuary cities

Monday, March 19, 2018

Trump’s lawyers have turned over documents to Mueller with hopes of limiting interview scope

Rancorous week looms with Trump untamed

Robert Reich: Donald Trump Has Become The Mad King

Trump tweets 'WITCH HUNT' following his attacks on Mueller

Trump Hires Lawyer Who Has Pushed Theory That Justice Dept. Framed the President

Trump Considers Reshuffling Legal Team as He Takes On Mueller More Aggressively

‘I Thought There Would Be More Jeff Flakes, More John McCains, More Bob Corkers’

Why McConnell hasn't said anything on Trump's Mueller attacks

McConnell says he has confidence in Mueller

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower says company worked with Corey Lewandowski, Steve Bannon

Whistleblower: Cambridge Analytica met with Lewandowski before Trump campaign launch

Cambridge Analytica and Russian Bots Used the Same Strategy

Cambridge Analytica Offered to Blackmail Politicians With Prostitutes

Is your data safe on Facebook? Not really

Facebook Executive Planning to Leave Company Amid Disinformation Backlash

WOW!   Revealed: Trump’s election consultants filmed saying they use bribes and sex workers to entrap politicians

That story about Trudeau was just one of Trump’s 15 false claims in fundraiser speech

Weirdly, Jeff Flake could be Donald Trump's worst nightmare

Opioid Death Penalty Plan is Misguided

Trump Organization’s real estate partner in India accused of $147 million fraud

'Just the tip of a very dirty iceberg': Kushner Companies is under investigation for falsifying documents about dozens of New York City properties

Kushner Companies confirms meeting with Qatar on financing

Congress quietly preserves ability to pay sexual harassment settlements with taxpayer money

What Pennsylvania’s new congressional map means for 2018

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Trump Assails Mueller, Drawing Rebukes From Republicans

What authoritarians do: Attack the apolitical administration of justice

​​As Trump lashes out at Mueller, Congress at standstill on shielding special counsel

Team Trump: Expect Trump to Attack Mueller More Directly

Donald Trump sure looks like he is planning to fire Robert Mueller

Newly Emboldened, Trump Says What He Really Feels

Trump just accused Comey of lying under oath. (He misquoted ‘Fox & Friends’ to do it.)

Republicans warn Trump

Congress must draw 'red line' to protect Mueller, warn Trump against firing and pardons: Mark Warner

One of the reasons for Trump's recent tweets?   Sources contradict Sessions' testimony he opposed Russia outreach

Conaway walks back comment after saying House Intel didn't probe collusion

CNN’s Stelter: Sessions Gave ‘A Win to the Hannitys of the World’ With McCabe Firing

Trump made senior staff sign nondisclosure agreements. They’re supposed to last beyond his presidency.

What Hope Hicks Knows

Why Trump Slayed His Own Masters of the Universe

Trump campaign consultant took data about millions of users without their knowledge

Massachusetts AG to investigate Facebook, Cambridge Analytica

Facebook investigating employee's links to Cambridge Analytica

How your Facebook 'likes' helped Trump steal the 2016 election | Will Bunch

​Mueller now has memos McCabe kept on Trump dealings

Mueller's team interviewed McCabe, asked about Comey's firing

McCabe's Firing Wasn't Political. Until Trump Made It Political.

Jeff Sessions may have just been caught committing perjury for the second time

AP Exclusive: Kushner Cos. filed false NYC housing paperwork

Britain Says It Has Proof Russia Stockpiled Lethal Nerve Agent

Industry Kills Nearly 40 Million Birds Per Year. The Trump Administration Doesn’t Think That’s Enough.

Curtain rises in New Hampshire with president’s appearance

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Not being very conservative,  Under Trump's watch, national debt tops $21 trillion for first time ever

AP FACT CHECK: Trump wrong on Russia collusion question

Russia investigation may turn to Ivanka Trump as Mueller examines empire

Ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is fired -- and fires back

After McCabe firing, Trump attacks FBI, and his lawyer says Russia probe must end

Trump’s lawyer reveals that McCabe was fired to discredit Mueller

I stand with Andrew McCabe

Andrew McCabe was just offered a job by a congressman so he can get his full retirement. And it just might work.

How Trump could give the Pentagon a McMaster problem

Chris Hayes: What ‘Law and Order’ Means to Trump

Trump and the Truth: A President Tests His Own Credibility

Trouble for Trump if Mueller meets Stormy

Trump-linked data analysis firm taps 50M Facebook profile

How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions

Data Firm Tied to Trump Campaign Talked Business With Russians

Kris Kobach’s Voting Sham Gets Exposed in Court

Friday, March 16, 2018

'I Think We Have a Leadership Problem'

Burn It Down, Rex

Karma on display!   Beleaguered Leslie Gibson abandons state House race, seeks ‘peace and quiet’

History won’t be kind, Republicans

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization, Demanding Documents About Russia

Trump says he made up trade claims in meeting with Trudeau

Donald Trump's fib to Justin Trudeau is totally predictable -- and scary

Trump accuses Japan of using 'bowling ball test' on cars; White House says he was joking

Trump decides to remove national security adviser, and others may follow

Kris Kobach’s ‘expert’ witnesses undercut his argument on voter fraud

Shepard Smith: Fox News opinion hosts 'don't really have rules'

Voters May Be Wising Up

Is Your County Elections Clerk Ready for Russian Hackers?

Mnuchin family has $1 million more things to be “super duper sorry” about

US housing department adviser quits amid questions of fraud and inflated biography

FEMA Drops 'Climate Change' From Its Strategic Plan

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The ‘Enthusiasm Gap’ Could Turn A Democratic Wave Into A Tsunami

Republicans seek answer to Trump drag after special-election setback in Pa.

Did Trump’s visit stave off a rout in Pennsylvania? The Republican post-loss spin, analyzed

In fundraising speech, Trump says he made up trade claims in meeting with Justin Trudeau

So Far Trump's Re-election Campaign Looks Like a Bankruptcy

​Secretary Carson's wife aware of $31K dining set selection: Emails

First on CNN: Emails show Ben, Candy Carson selected $31,000 dining set

Trump Cabinet members accused of living large at taxpayer expense

National School Walkout Day in photos, from Parkland to London

Students demand action on gun violence with nationwide walkout

Governor calls student walkout 'shameful'

NRA posts mocking tweet in response to National School Walkout Day

Not Draining the Swamp!  Oil group to lobby president after stay at Trump hotel

Beware of Devin Nunes’s Next Move

“Commander” Zinke Cannot Help Himself from Screwing Over Veterans

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trump’s presidency is becoming ‘The Purge’

Trump remakes America in his own image: Angry, hateful, afraid

Trump ousts Tillerson, will replace him as secretary of state with CIA chief Pompeo

Trump Fires Rex Tillerson and Will Replace Him With C.I.A. Chief Pompeo

​The Rise and Fall of Rex Tillerson: A Timeline​

Who has left the Trump administration?

​Trump Eyes Replacing His Veterans Affairs Secretary With His Energy Chief

The Koch Brothers Get Their Very Own Secretary of State

ICE Spokesman Resigns, Saying He Could No Longer Spread Falsehoods for Trump Administration

NRA drops last-minute money for GOP candidate into Pennsylvania special election

Longtime Trump aide fired over financial crime investigation

Gowdy breaks from GOP committee, says Russia worked to undermine Clinton

Intel panel Republicans seem to back away from finding that Russia was not trying to help Trump

​Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s controversial 60 Minutes interview, explained

Monday, March 12, 2018

House Republicans break with intelligence community on Russia

​Sad!  GOP Congressman had no desire to get to the truth,  Republicans find no evidence of collusion or Russian preference for Trump

White House defends its walkback on gun law proposals

Why Donald Trump Blinked on Guns

Who’s afraid of the NRA? Trump.

White House officials alarmed at education secretary's '60 Minutes' performance

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stumbles during pointed ‘60 Minutes’ interview

​Betsy DeVos’s botched ’60 Minutes’ interview, annotated

Hmm....    My Response to Senator Lamar Alexander on Betsy DeVos's Confirmation to the U.S. Department of Education Secretary

Sunday, March 11, 2018

In 50 years we have gone from  The Greatest Speech Ever - Robert F Kennedy Announcing The Death Of Martin Luther King to  Trump turns rally for Rick Saccone into a rally against media

The 64 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's untethered Pennsylvania speech

Trump's speech proves why he is GOP's worst enemy

White House official says Trump was just having fun by smearing Maxine Waters

How Chuck Todd responded to Trump's vulgar insult

Trump 'unleashed' and 'feeling good' at campaign rally, Chuck Todd says

‘Fake news’ smear takes hold among politicians at all levels

Trump Disputes Times Report on His Legal Team

No, Trump cannot do whatever he wants with the Justice Department

Trump’s steel tariffs are hated by almost every US industry

The world turns on Trump over tariffs

White Evangelical Women, Core Supporters of Trump, Begin Tiptoeing Away

As ‘60 Minutes’ Prepares Stormy Daniels Interview, Lawyers Battle

​​Melania Knew

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke accused of mixing politics with government business

The Last Temptation

White House vows to help arm teachers and backs off raising age for buying guns

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Trade War Prospect Shakes Part of Trump Base: Midwest Farmers

Trump's infrastructure push hits wall in Congress

NRA sues Florida for passing gun reforms following Parkland shooting

Former Trump aide speaks to Mueller, believes Russia probe is 'not a witch hunt'

Trump didn't hire a Witch Hunt expert,  NY Times: Trump looking at adding impeachment lawyer to WH team

‘Is There Anything More Fun Than a Trump Rally?’

HUH? Narcissism is tough to watch,  Trump: Without me 'Olympics would have been a total failure'

Trump detours from focus of Pennsylvania rally to slam media and call for drug dealer executions

Trump lashes out at media, Democrats, drug dealers, Oprah in rambunctious speech in Pennsylvania

Trump insults Chuck Todd again

Trump rips NBC's Chuck Todd: 'He's a sleeping son of a bitch'

President Trump mocks being presidential

‘Brutal’ Canada has ‘outsmarted our politicians for decades,’ Trump says

‘Keep America Great’: After year in office, Trump unveils 2020 campaign slogan

How does this help the addicts? Trump promised their familes he would help them during the campaign,  

​​Trump doubles down on calls to execute drug dealers

At Pennsylvania rally, Trump again calls for the death penalty for drug dealers

Trump's tax cuts are taking a backseat in critical Pennsylvania election

The GOP’s messages don’t seem to be working in Pennsylvania. Is that a warning sign?

Pentagon okays Trump’s parade, but without the big guns he was hoping for

Out of Public View, Trumps and Kushners Are Talking Business

Democrats turn up the heat on Carl Icahn

GOP touts women in Trump cabinet -- but the number lags behind Obama, Clinton

Friday, March 9, 2018

In a personal letter, Trump invited Putin to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant


​​Trump wants new authority over polling places. Top election officials say no

Planning Begins for Kim Jong-un Meeting Some Trump Aides Believe Will Never Happen

Stormy Daniels Is About To Unleash Holy Hell On Donald Trump

​​The Stormy Daniels Scandal Gets Serious

Michael Cohen used Trump company email in Stormy Daniels arrangements

Cohen says Stormy Daniels payment was transferred from his home equity line

New evidence the Stormy Daniels payment may have violated election law

I don’t care if Trump had an affair. I care about the hush money.

Trump lawyer's payment to porn star draws comparisons to John Edwards case

Damage control at White House to reverse Trump’s stunning blunder

Pro-Trump pastor: Stormy Daniels allegations 'totally irrelevant' to evangelical support for Trump

A Quiet Exodus: Why Black Worshipers Are Leaving White Evangelical Churches

White Evangelicals, This is Why People Are Through With You

The NRA Has Granted Schools Over $7 Million. Florida’s Broward County Just Turned the Money Away

Investors pressure gun industry but there are limits

Trade groups say Trump’s tariffs on aluminum and steel will hurt a broad A broad swath of America’s industries

Tariffs vs. Tax Cuts: Trump’s Rollercoaster Relationship With Corporate America

America's last keg maker, American Keg Co. of Pottstown, may get tapped out by new tariffs

In this depressed Pennsylvania steel town, Trump’s tariffs meet deep skepticism — and almost no one wants to hit Canada

Builders say U.S. construction jobs will be lost from steel tariffs

Scold?    White House scolds Cabinet officials after embarrassing ethics reports

‘It’s killing the agency’: Ugly power struggle paralyzes Trump’s plan to fix veterans’ care


Trump's Military Parade Is Set For Veterans Day

Trump Org says it donated $151,470 in profits to US Treasury

Numbers do not add up,  EXCLUSIVE: Trump's hotel group wrote $151,470 check to the U.S. Treasury as it handed over all 2017 profits from business with foreign governments

Outgoing US ambassador to Panama blasts Trump

Why I could no longer serve this president

A top U.S. diplomat in Latin America leaves in protest, swelling an exodus under Trump

Trump administration studies seeking the death penalty for drug dealers

Thursday, March 8, 2018

US not effectively countering Russia cyberthreat, top general says

Trade is the Republican Party’s last stand

Trump Authorizes Tariffs, Defying Allies at Home and Abroad

The Daily 202: Trump reversal of elephant trophy ban underscores the need to watch what he does, not what he says

No resolution on DACA or guns, but Congress naming lots of post offices

Amid renewed scrutiny, Erik Prince to host fundraiser for Russia-friendly congressman

Trump upset with Sanders over Stormy Daniels response

Hmm???   Five Days After Trump Lawyer Paid Adult Film Star $130,000, Trump Org Billed Trump Campaign $129,999.72

Trump's legal team adds 'pit bull' NYC lawyer to fight porn star

Stormy Daniels beat Trump at his own game

Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Opens Door to Further Trouble for Trump

Prominent evangelicals still seem to be giving Trump a pass on Stormy Daniels

Trump's meeting on video game violence could prove contentious

80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in video games, researcher says

Trump's legal team: No #MAGA at the White House

Energy Secretary Rick Perry says moving from fossil fuels to renewables is ‘immoral’

The EPA’s New Environmental Justice Adviser Has a Plutonium Problem

Trump didn't defeat ISIS in 30 days -  Under Trump, U.S. Launched 8 Airstrikes Against ISIS in Libya. It Disclosed 4.

It’s True: False News Spreads Faster and Wider. And Humans Are to Blame.

I tried to warn people that tariffs are bad (See Smoot-Hawley, Great Depression)  Trump's tariffs proposal leaves U.S. keg factory owner 'horrified'

America’s Voting Machines at Risk – An Update

Trump keeps talking about how long he'll be in office


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

35 and counting: The list of senior officials who have left the Trump administration (so far)

Opinion: Trump is juggling chainsaws

Trump Spoke to Witnesses About Matters They Discussed With Special Counsel

Uh Oh!!!  Mueller gathers evidence that 2017 Seychelles meeting was effort to establish back channel to Kremlin

Stormy Daniels is just one reason Donald Trump couldn't work in his own White House

Trump Lawyer Obtained Restraining Order to Silence Stormy Daniels

Oops! White House accidentally confirms Trump’s involvement in Stormy Daniels hush payment

​Republicans flee the storm over Stormy Daniels and President Trump

Ex-White House ethics lawyers: Trump would fail background check

107 House Republicans express 'deep concern' about Trump tariffs

This is too funny!  Charles Koch complaining about what Koch brothers have been doing for years - 

Corporate leaders must reject Trump’s tariffs

Trump to authorize tariffs as White House opens way for more exemptions

Carl Icahn denies he knew about Trump’s steel tariff announcement before dumping stocks

‘The whole system is guilty’: Frustration mounts as Trump, Democrats play blame-game on immigration

Why a white town paid for a class called ‘Hispanics 101’

Generic Dem tops Trump by 8 points in new poll

​The NRA Says It Has 5 Million Members. Its Magazines Tell Another Story.


This is scary (and wrong!)  -  Ex-Russian spy and daughter were targeted with nerve agent: Officials

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Gary Cohn Said He Will Resign as Trump’s Top Economic Adviser

Top economic adviser Gary Cohn leaves White House in wake of tariff rift

How the Washington establishment is losing out to little-known Trump advisers on trade

Pittsburgh-area companies already lining up for relief from Trump tariffs

Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum could slow Utah’s growth, critics say

WHY?    Trump complicit with Scaramucci attacks on Kelly

Donald Trump is producing the greatest reality show ever

Yes, Sam Nunberg sounded unhinged. Yes, that’s newsworthy.

Bumbling Trump campaign staffers like Sam Nunberg are haunting the Trump presidency

'Man of mystery' cooperates with Mueller in Russia probe

​Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Received Inside Info From Russia Probe

Congressional Republicans push President Trump to soften approach on tariffs

Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says 'hush agreement' invalid because he never signed

Oregon becomes first state to add new gun law since Parkland shooting

​Ben Carson Is Asked to Acknowledge Wife’s Role in HUD Office Renovation

Office of Special Counsel: Conway violated Hatch Act

This is NOT Draining The Swamp!   Payday lenders, watchdog agency exhibit cozier relationship

The president’s company won’t say how much money it made in ‘foreign profits’ last year. Have you got a guess?

Trump blocks access to puppy mill inspections as Florida weighs dog store legislation

The 17 Democrats selling out on bank regulation is worse than it looks

Congress Lacks Gun Consensus After Trump Retreats From Broad Plan

Meme Falsely Claims We ‘Exposed’ Snopes.com


Monday, March 5, 2018

Mueller is casting a wide net. We now know the target is Trump.

When Your Leaders are Liars

The biblical story the Christian right uses to defend Trump

Christopher Steele, the Man Behind the Trump Dossier

‘He’s not going to do anything’: Sam Nunberg taunts Mueller in wild MSNBC interview

Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg called before grand jury, says he will refuse to go

The 42 craziest quotes from Sam Nunberg's absolutely bonkers CNN interviews

Who is Sam Nunberg?

Not Infrastructure Week -  How Trump’s Hudson Tunnel Feud Threatens the National Economy

Ryan splits with Trump as GOP lawmakers move to block planned tariffs

​Trump Hates the Trade Deficit. Most Economists Don’t.

The Great Depression Lesson About ‘Trade Wars’

What Donald Trump understands about conservatism

This is what an insider trading expert thinks about Carl Icahn’s stock dump

​White House dodges question about whether Trump talked to Icahn before tariff announcement

Don’t blame China, Mr. President. Blame the robots.

Ben Carson on His Vexing Reign at HUD: Brain Surgery Was Easier Than This

Sad!   Trump to consider elephant trophy imports on 'case-by-case' basis

Acosta to Sanders: 'This is the third briefing you have not taken a question from CNN'

Trump Confuses North and South Korea

This is NOT Draining the Swamp!   EPA appointee gets approval to consult for outside clients


​Sunday, March 4, 2018

Tax cuts, spending helping push national debt to historic high, new report says

Special counsel wants documents from Trump, numerous campaign associates

Trump will never 'let it go' that Jeff Sessions' recusal from Russia probe was 'original sin': Priebus

​​Senate Intel member distances from House committee on approach to Russia probe

Former Obama chief of staff said top Senate Republican ‘watered down’ pre-election Russia warning

CNN’s Stelter: Fox News is in denial about Mueller investigation

​​Pro-Trump media's denial about Mueller

What Democrats and Republicans don't get about Robert Mueller

State Dept. Was Granted $120 Million to Fight Russian Meddling. It Has Spent $0.

This should make you mad!    The Trump administration wants to dismantle Ronald Reagan’s ‘infrastructure of democracy’

Trump pokes fun — and makes North Korea news — at Gridiron

Trump's steel tariffs are earning him cheers from Democrats and unions—but giving the GOP shivers

Commerce Sec. Ross: ‘No reason’ to think Trump will reverse tariff plan

Inside the bitter Oval Office tariff fight

Remember  -  Trump's Advisers Claim VAT Is A Trade Barrier, Subsidy - Flat Out Untrue, Simply Wrong

‘Like a pinball machine’: Lawmakers struggle to negotiate with an erratic Trump

Trump: King of Chaos

GOP Panic Spreads to Pennsylvania

GOP fears midterm backlash from Trump’s tariffs

Florida Senate rejects ban on assault weapons, votes to arm teachers

Trump says American workers are hurt by immigration. But after ICE raided this Texas town, they never showed up.

Gratuitous cruelty by Homeland Security: Separating a 7-year-old from her mother

Rep. Devin Nunes Calls Colbert Memo Sketch a ‘Danger’ in the Country


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Term Limits?  22nd Amendment?  Trump on China's Xi consolidating power: 'Maybe we'll give that a shot some day'

Trump’s White House Is a Black Hole

‘Pure madness’: Dark days inside the White House as Trump shocks and rages

Trump repeatedly tells aides he won't be swept up in Russia probe: report

Mueller’s Focus on Adviser to Emirates Suggests Broader Investigation

Trump was angry and ‘unglued’ when he started a trade war, officials say

Trade War, What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing

Kudlow: Mr. President, tariffs are really tax hikes

Republicans ignore Trump’s policy whims _ but not on trade

Holder to Trump: 'I had a president I did not have to protect'

Obama’s attorney general rebukes Trump: ‘I had a president I did not have to protect’

The GOP’s worst ideas for responding to mass shootings

A Trump compromise on guns? Don’t count on it.

Delta, the NRA, and Casey Cagle: His very good week may come with a cost

Only 13 NRA members used Delta’s discount. Ending it cost the airline a $40 million tax break.

Divided Florida Senate narrowly rejects assault weapons ban, advances safety measures

Florida lawmakers punish NRA’s corporate foes

It’s a gusher of candidates due to Trump resistance and frustration with Congress

High seas shell game: How a North Korean shipping ruse makes a mockery of sanctions

Women and young voters will decide the 2018 elections. If they actually vote.

Nunes had a plan!   'Off the rails': House Russia probe hits new low

Friday, March 2, 2018

Remind me again who is a afraid of the NRA President Trump?   WH walks back Trump support for universal gun background checks

Are Recently Proposed Gun Regulations Constitutional?

Delta Just Doubled Down on Its Decision to Cut Ties With the NRA

The number of Delta Air Lines passengers who bought tickets with NRA discount: 13

This major new report on gun deaths should shock us all

There’s an Awful Lot We Still Don’t Know About Guns

President Trump has made 2,436 false or misleading claims so far

The great unraveling: Trump's allies are really worried about him

This Threat of a Trade War Is the Opposite of “Drain the Swamp”

Canada seeks exemption to Trump's steel tariffs, vows retaliation

Electrolux to delay $250M Tennessee investment after Trump tariff announcement

Officials try to contain damage from Trump trade war declaration

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on potential price increases from Trump tariffs: 'No big deal'

Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week

Shortly before Trump announced tariffs, his former adviser dumped millions in steel-related stocks

Watchdog files ethics complaint against House Intel staff over alleged text message leak

Oil Was Central in Decision to Shrink Bears Ears Monument, Emails Show

Old Pruitt recordings show him doubting evolution

NOT Draining The Swamp!    Trump picks Dow Chemical lawyer for key role at EPA

​Days before the election, Stormy Daniels threatened to cancel deal to keep alleged affair with Trump secret

Jared Kushner's shady business dealings evoke the nepotism and corruption of America's Gilded Age


Mueller looking into whether Kushner business ties impacted Trump policy: report

John Kelly Acknowledges He Mishandled Accusations About Rob Porter

Fueling Trump's chaos: Can't fire who he wants, can't keep who he likes

Sen. Orrin Hatch apologizes for calling Obamacare supporters ‘stupidest, dumbass people’

The DACA deadline that wasn't

House Race in Pennsylvania May Turn on Trump Voters’ Regrets

'I know he's watching television because he's calling me 5 minutes after': Republicans go on TV — then they get a call from Trump

Trump rips 'Alex Baldwin' on Twitter, says 'terrible impersonation' was 'agony' to watch​

It’s Time for Paul Ryan to Remove Devin Nunes

Trump's embrace of Russia: The evidence on public display already paints a jarring picture


Thursday, March 1, 2018

The 43 most eye-popping lines from Donald Trump's 'surreal' gathering on guns

Does Trump mean anything he says about guns?

Trump's 'surreal' guns meeting delays White House rollout of policy proposals

For many mass shooters, armed guards aren’t a deterrent, they’re part of the fantasy

When you let a closet Democrat like Trump lead the GOP, this is what you get

NRA official after meeting: Trump supports 'strong due process'

Depth Of Russian Politician's Cultivation Of NRA Ties Revealed

Trump making it known he is not listening to Kelly: report

Trump’s Chaos Theory for the Oval Office Is Taking Its Toll

Never have we seen such chaos and corruption


Trump and McMaster have seemed anxious to part but so far remain together

White House preparing for McMaster exit as early as next month

Jared Kushner’s troubles include an impending $1.2 billion company debt

Jared Kushner Flames Out

‘Every day is a new adventure’: Trump upends Washington and Wall Street with shifts on trade, guns

Trump blasted at home and abroad for plan to impose steel, aluminum tariffs

Energy companies warn about effect of steel tariff on US industry

Stocks fall as Trump announces tariffs on steel, aluminum. Canada and Europe say they’ll retaliate

Trump’s tariffs will hurt all Americans

Trump has announced massive aluminum and steel tariffs. Here are 5 things you need to know.

Trump’s tariff war nudges Cohn toward White House exit

The Smoot-Hawley Tariff and the Great Depression

Senate Intelligence Leaders Say House G.O.P. Leaked a Senator’s Texts

Exclusive: FBI counterintel investigating Ivanka Trump business deal

Read Ben Carson's explanation for the $31,000 dining set

​Ben Carson says he wants to cancel $31,000 dining room furniture order


Commentary: We kissed conservatism goodbye when we let Trump lead the GOP

Morning Bits: High anxiety inside the White House

Mueller eyes charges against Russians who stole, spread Democrats’ emails

Questions linger about how Melania Trump, a Slovenian model, scored ‘the Einstein visa’

Treasury blocks footage of hecklers at Mnuchin interview

Protesting Helps!    DHS offers to drop deportation case against wife of 7th Special Forces Group vet

Federal court deals final blow to Pence's Syrian refugee ban

Trump’s biggest mistake on immigration: his belief that something so complex can be “fixed”

Tudor Jones says US will 'regret' the tax cut

Nunes doesn’t deny leaking private text messages to Fox News, but blames press for reporting it

Trump suggests death penalty to stop opioid epidemic

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