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President Donald Trump is largely correct on illegal immigration: Opposing view

Anthony Scaramucci: Democrats have the real credibility problem

"In the wake of the child separation fiasco, President Donald Trump doesn’t have a credibility problem — but his chief of staff and the Democrats do."

No, all  @realDonaldTrump  , Sessions and @WhiteHouse are doing is

a) Breaking the Law 

and B) Lying

"In March 2017, then-Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly appeared on television promoting child separation as a powerful deterrent to illegal immigration. However, as details emerged about the border situation, his close confidant and successor at DHS, Kirstjen Nielsen, claimed there was no such policy. The messaging was as incompetent and dishonest as the policy was cruel and immoral, and people should be held accountable."

Deterrent = Breaking the Law   Taking Migrant Children From Parents Is Illegal, U.N. Tells U.S.

@secnielsen lies too  -

"Because President Trump was largely correct on the issue, he doesn’t face a credibility problem. There is no clean executive solution to border enforcement, and Congress is to blame for the ongoing illegal immigration crisis."

Trump is no where remotely correct on the issue.  What IS the issue? Where?

​El Paso's Republican mayor slams Trump on Mexico

​​​GOP mayor of El Paso says claims of a border security crisis ‘just hyperbole that’s misplaced’



"Within 48 hours of gaining a full understanding of the situation, the president issued an executive order bringing families back together. However, that order is unlikely to pass legal muster. The 1997 Flores settlement says the government cannot detain immigrant families for more than 20 days. Due to a backlog of tens of thousands of immigration cases, the remaining options are immediate deportation without due process, which is illegal, or “catch and release,” which is ineffectual and unfair to law abiding American citizens."

The Executive Order did NOTHING. The Law is still being broken and parents and kids are still separated.

Democrats? Obama?  Catch and Release? We are talking misdemeanor.   

YOU seem to know that NO Due Process is illegal.  14th Amendment.  Trump doesn’t seem to –  This Obama-era pilot program kept asylum-seeking migrant families together. Trump canceled it.

Trump tweets:

"Congress offers the best hope for a solution. President Trump is open to compromising on “zero tolerance” enforcement and providing a path to citizenship for “Dreamers” — immigrants brought into the country illegally as children — in exchange for border security funding, but Democrats see it more politically expedient to obstruct."

Trump said “Bring me something to sign” and when they brought him something to sign?”  We know how that went!    Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as 'shithole' countries

 "America must balance its role as a haven for the world’s huddled masses with law, order and security. The president wants to find common ground, but the “resistance” is peddling false narratives to avoid making a deal. The Democrats, not the president, have the real credibility problem."

We had a balance.  Not as MUCH of a balance as we SHOULD have.  We HAVE Immigration Laws on the books!

How the United States Immigration System Works

HOW does the Democrats have real credibility problem? They have been consistent on #DACA. They brought Trump a plan he promised to sign and HE didn't sign it.  Credibility? Trump is the biggest liar of all time!

Sad thing?  

The U.S. Has Accepted Only 11 Syrian Refugees This Year

 Sadly  -  The group least likely to think the U.S. has a responsibility to accept refugees? Evangelicals.

"Anthony Scaramucci, the founder and co-managing partner of SkyBridge Capital, was President Trump’s White House director of communications."

David Limbaugh, member of IrGA Hall of Fame, Mensa and high school teacher, was a 2016 Candidate for POTUS and garnered over 60 votes. 

Trump is LYING about Immigrants and Crime!