​​​​​​​​​​​My reply to the 'real' David Limbaugh's Roseanne Townhall.com column


I have known THE David Limbaugh since email was invented and Rush Limbaugh’s show went nationwide. 1988 or so. I would get the occasional “Can you get me Rush’s Autograph?” or “How do I get a message to Rush?” David began writing columns for http://www.jewishworldreview.com/david/limbaugh.archives.asp and https://townhall.com/columnists/davidlimbaugh/ and others.  I started getting emails for Rush and David from time to time and David and I became ‘friends’.  When I ran for State Senate in the GOP primary in 2000  David gave me advice before I went to speak at various organizations. We discussed the issues the Bar Association or Farm Bureau or NAACP or local AMA or Teachers were concerned with. Between Rich Galen teaching our candidate school and David’s awesome advice, we shocked some people. We were running against biggest realtor in the state and former local GOP chairman and we spent $1,500 ($50 limit per donor) and he spent $100,000 in a two-county race. How did we do? 1,994 (31%) votes to 4,386 (69%).  We received more votes than dollars spent. Rich Galen found this to be amazing.   David and I have agreed to disagree about Trump.  I realize that David has to stay loyal to GOP and be against HRC and the Democrats.  I am a non-practicing GOPer disgusted with my party and with Trump.  I ran for POTUS because I was not about to vote for HRC or Trump. We met face to face in 2001 (Wow, it has been that long?) when David came to Nashville for a book signing and asked me to come get a book from him.  Since David has been an author, every now and then I get an email or tweet asking me  a question about one of his books. I explain to them I am not 'The' David Limbaugh but I will forward it to him.  He has several books to choose from on Amazon.com

His  Column in Question? “Roseanne, Trump and the Myth of

Conservatives' Racism” dated June 1, 2018 in TownHall.com  

I asked David for permission to  use  it and offer my rebuttal

and he readily agreed.

Here we go... 

The David Limbaugh: “Roseanne Barr posted what many

are convinced was a racist tweet, and ABC summarily

canceled her sitcom. As Roseanne is considered a Donald

Trump supporter and Trump is widely accused of racism,

people are loosely smearing Trump as responsible for her,

however indirectly.”

Me:  I know Roseanne Barr’s long history of racism and ugly words. A lot of people do. Trump is the one that commented about Roseanne’s show's success when it first came on the air.  I don’t call Trump a racist because of that. I call Trump a racist because I know his long history of racism and more recent occurrences of said racism. I am not loosely smearing Trump as responsible for her actions and words one iota. I do wonder why he could not condemn her actions?  Hmmm…..  (Maybe some of us know? Hint, he never seems to question racists’ actions?)

TDL:   "Maybe I'm defensive about loose charges of racism, but if so, I've acquired my defensiveness honestly, because racism has become the left's favorite categorical smear of conservatives and Republicans. It's not something I'm imagining. I've written about it many times, basing it on my observations of leftists and Democrats in action.”

Me: I have never been a ‘leftist’ or a Democrat. I grew up in Alabama in the 1960s so well-versed on racism. Sadly, both sides have some racist (very, very few, they just get the media coverage).  I can point out NRA’sTed Nugent and just-pardoned Dinesh D’Souza as bigots on the right. It doesn't help when Rudy Giuliani says "Lynch Mob".   Birtherism was not a Democratic movement. It was a Trump movement (remember those P.I.s going to Hawaii?)

TDL:“I don't believe that Democrats are racists, but I do believe they cynically exploit racial smears against Republicans as part of their strategy to retain a disproportionate percentage of African-American and other minority voters, without which they would be reduced to a permanent minority party. Considering the closeness of so many national elections, can you imagine the electoral impact of even a small percentage of African-American voters leaving the Democratic Party and voting Republican? Trust me, Democratic apparatchiks believe it -- and act accordingly. Their fear leads to such baseless, disgraceful claims as the one about how George W. Bush purposely left blacks stranded on rooftops in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina because they were black and Republicans don't care about blacks.”

Me: Sadly, both sides play the race card. Perhaps some voters, regardless of race, just vote for who they think cares more about their needs? Remember my disgust of my GOP?  The 2016 GOP Platform from Cleveland has been ignored, from Term Limits to Balancing the Budget. The GOP Tax Plan was a gift to corporations and large donors. Some voters know that. Some voters know that over 40% of families are living paycheck to paycheck and their cut of the tax cut was swallowed up by higher insurance premiums thanks to repealing the individual mandate.  Both sides media outlets twist the news to meet their agenda, from emphasis to omission.

Self-Confirmation bias is crushing our country, with people choosing their news source to tell them what they want to hear.

TDL: “It has always particularly frosted me that conservative policies are associated with racism even though our policies, historically, expand opportunity and prosperity for African-Americans and other minorities. Indeed, we aspire to colorblindness rather than the individually degrading identity politics habitually practiced by Democrats. We've recently learned, for example, that African-American and Hispanic unemployment numbers are at historical lows. You would think that after a while, word would get out that Republican actions speak louder than Democratic words and there would be a mass conversion of minorities from the Democratic Party to the GOP. Frankly, I'm surprised it hasn't happened already, not just because of the serial failure of Democratic policies and the success of Republican ones but because of the drippingly patronizing attitude Democratic politicians have toward minorities. Why aren't minorities offended by their being used so conspicuously? My guess is that many don't have much faith in Democrats but they've been convinced that Republicans and conservatives truly are racist.”

Me:In theory, those are great sentiments David. In practice, it is not working. Our public schools are more segregated now than when we desegregated in the 1970s.  For every successful city, there are some not doing so well.  The lies of ‘Top 10 in Poverty Cities are all run by Democrats’ is an example of how fake news spread. I am so happy unemployment rates are down for everyone, of all races. I also know that trend started with Obama and our economy after recovering from the Meltdown. I never voted for Obama so I am just stating that from studying Bureau of Labor and Statistics Data.   When Tucker Carlson goes with his “Their Goes the Neighborhood!” mantra and then someone in GOP leadership is on his show, it might convince some that the GOP might be a tad racist?  When Ann Coulter attacks a US Citizen, Duke student and Olympic athlete on twitter because she is Muslim and is then a guest on a FoxNews show it might convince some the GOP has some bigots.   I write this because the GOP I grew up with and loved, voting for Reagan in 1980 when I was finally old enough to vote, is a shell of what it once was.

TDL: “Think about how outrageous my statement is -- especially if it is true. But I can't imagine a better explanation for African-Americans consistently voting in the 90 percent range for Democrats. The Democrats' slander, by the way, doesn't just hurt the Republican Party and, by extension, the nation; it also hurts African-Americans and other minorities who believe the lie that roughly half the nation (Republicans) is somehow against them. How can it be healthy for minorities to believe such a lie? How could it possibly lead to improved race relations? Democrats constantly preach about diversity and racial harmony, but they do more damage with their vilification than with their destructive policies, and that's saying something.”

Me: Slander from both sides is CRIPPLING our nation. Why can’t people run for office touting what they hope to accomplish and their plans and ideas to achieve those accomplishments.  No, we get MSNBC and CNN covering Trump’s actions and FoxNews and Sinclair still talking about Hillary.  Sad.  Gallup, PEW and other reputable polls have Trump getting around 13% support from black voters.  PEW research will tell you that 13% has not wavered much since 1992. The needle has not been moved in over two decades. I wish my GOP would be more inclusive. Seen the percentage of White judges Trump has appointed? Among Trump's first 87 judicial nominees, only one was African American and one was Hispanic. Five were Asian Americans. Eighty were white. You are an attorney David, is that representative of judges nationwide?     Trump is making terrible choices for Judges! 
(They are mostly white and incompetent!)

Seen the picture of the White House interns?       The whiteness of Trump's White House interns is absurd ... and speaks volumes


I have begged my GOP to be more inclusive for decades.  Attacking Hispanics is not being inclusive. Separating a Congolese mother from her child that are here seeking asylum, not being an illegal immigrant, for four months is not being inclusive. Deporting Veterans after initially promising them citizenship for their service is not inclusive. Calling other nation’s names and attacking who wants to migrate here is not being inclusive.

TDL: “Now back to the alleged connection between Roseanne Barr and Donald Trump. Democrats and Republican never-Trumpers are tweeting and writing that Roseanne's disgraceful Twitter outburst should be expected in the Trump era because Trump has ushered in an era of racism -- soft or hard, racism nevertheless. Plus, Roseanne is a Trump supporter, so her negatives must attach to him.”

Me: I have been a never-Trumper since the day he came down the escalator.  My Hall-of-Fame 30 year career in construction architecture, engineering and construction documentation allowed me to be well-versed on Trumps’ business practices. Trump HAS coarsened our nation. We had a candidate for mayor in Nashville that openly said he supported racial profiling of the local police force in front a large group of voters. Trump has emboldened ugly people to be ugly. I attended a Trump rally in Nashville Tuesday night and of the 8,000 or so there, I bet you there were less than 10 racist people there. Everyone my granddaughter and I met in line and in the arena were good people and we had a great time. Problem is since Trump has been elected, those 10 and others feel braver about being ugly.  I am NOT saying Trump is directly responsible for this. I AM saying he is doing nothing to quell it.  Not denouncing Roseanne’s actions but then tweeting about Samantha Bee’s ugly comment is a huge neon light example of that. Bees' comment is a great example of neither side raising the bar. Sad. I will never say Trump is responsible for what anyone does, but I will say he has done nothing to condemn their actions. Why did it take him so long to acknowledge our local hero here in Nashville from the Waffle House shooting?  Some people notice those things when he applauds others.  How hard would it have been for Trump to acknowledge his actions that day? And condemn Roseanne for her actions, since he had no problem bragging about her show’s success.

TDL: “I think it's a major stretch to call Roseanne a conservative. She clearly is not a social conservative, and I doubt she's much of a conservative otherwise, but let's just assume, for discussion purposes, that she is a Trump-supporting Republican.”

Me: No argument there! I have no clue what Roseanne stands for other than she has constantly spread Alex Jones-level fake news, from PizzaGate to Soros being a Nazi and spouting anti-Muslim slurs and other ugly things.

TDL: “How about the claim that Trump is a racist or has created a climate conducive to racism? Well, the accusers have their talking points, and they can tick them off with the discipline of an A student on exam day, but instead of relitigating those specific statements (or actions, such as Trump's challenging Barack Obama's birth certificate or calling MS-13 gang members "animals"), I'll tell you what I think is at the root of the smear. Trump is now a Republican, and thus he is fair game to be cast as a racist for the reasons already stated. But a bigger point is that Trump's signature policy is immigration enforcement. The left -- and an increasing number of open-borders advocates on the right -- associates that policy with nativism, which is a euphemism for racism, and with outright racism. In addition, many believe that Trump is an alt-right white supremacist or, at the very least, encourages the support of this group through his policies and language.”   

Me: I can provide you with a veritable plethora of examples of Trump being a racist, from lawsuits to comments, quotes to actions.  You can go back 20-30 years for newspaper articles, magazine articles and other sources well-documenting his racism, long before he claimed to be a Republican.  A quick Google search of Trump, Racism and a date filter custom range of 1/1/1980 (Not even http:// … then) to 1/1/2010 will show you thousands of records, from who he hires to do what to his attacks of the Central Park 5.  Again, I am not the left.  I just know Trump’s history. It is the historian in me.  I will never say Trump is an alt-right or white supremacist. I will say, to his face, he is a bigot.  From his comments about Syrian refugees, Central American immigrants, Muslims and others there is zero doubt of that.

TDL: “I don't believe that Trump is a racist. I reject that his policies, including his immigration policies, are racist, and I don't believe there is a strong alt-right movement in this nation. Call me naive.”

Me: Do that Google Search.  Type in the words Trump Racist – go to Tools – Advanced Search – Custom Date – choose 1/1/1980 to start and 1/1/2010 (long before he was a candidate for POTUS) and look at what comes back.  Read articles from magazines. Newspaper stories of the time.  Get back to me on Trump being a racist, OK?

TDL: “The charge is utterly predictable from leftists, but it is regrettable that people on the right are willing to so carelessly malign Trump as a racist and then blame him for the racially charged climate in this country. I suppose it fits the Trump opponents' narrative that Trump is the worst human being alive, someone with no redeeming character qualities, but it is lazy and reckless.” 

Me: I will never say Trump is the worst human being alive. I will say he is not fit to be our nation’s president and the GOP is being a more than willing accomplice to his destroying our nation, from the terrible GOP Tax Cuts for the donors to his tariffs. Ever heard the words Smoot-Hawley.  Another great example? Telling Rick Perry to prop up coal plants. This is going to upset fracking people. We are about to see a battle of donors. The ‘save the coal plants’ move is right out of “Atlas Shrugged” and flies in the face of the 2016 GOP Platform and the GOP Mantra of a free market place with government not picking winners and losers.  When our utility bills go up people will  notice. 

TDL: “Attempts to blame Trump for Roseanne Barr's ugly statements are the same kind of categorical slur that makes racism a sin. Attempts to denigrate Trump supporters by extension are even more objectionable, and as you can tell, I'm using mild, nonincendiary language here that understates my indignation on this issue.”

It is sad how some have tried to blame Trump for Roseanne’s actions. No argument there whatsoever. What about us conservatives who question why he can not comment on HER actions but can comment on Samantha Bee’s? Double-standard in place.  Like when Sean Hannity had an Obama-Golfer-in-Chief webpage but not a Trump-Golfer-In-Chief one?  I am so disgusted with my own states and news from others I created another website last weekend.  http://tootyourwhistle.com/  My state? I mentioned the candidate for mayor (he lost). You can not make this story up - "Investigators look into racial slurs spray painted on family’s home"

Check out the name of the town!  My state? ​ Report: Hate Crimes Have Increased In Tennessee​ and 

Tennessee tops list of 'Angriest States' 


TDL: “But as racism is probably the worst sin with which to be branded, people ought to be especially careful not to make such claims lightly. Shame on them for trying to shame the rest of us, for we abhor real racism every bit as much as they do -- probably way more, but as I say, my purpose here is not to inflame.

Me:  Sadly, Trump has committed and continues to commit a lot of sins. Can we say adultery? Bearing false witness?  If Trump had never uttered a racist comment or done a racist thing, he is still not qualified to be our president, from his Trump U scam (have you studied that closely? I have – eye-opener!)  He is a habitual liar. How can other nations’ leaders trust a word coming out of his mouth? How can Melania? How can YOU?  What really frustrates me is how the Evangelicals support him. There are some Franklin Graham Facebook Posts and others’ comments when Clinton and Obama were president that are not aging well now. 

Conclusion:  We both have a great love of our country. We are both ex-National Guard men (I was 35-R, Avionics Radar Repair).  We are both conservatives and GOP folks. Sadly, we have a GOP and POTUS that is not being very conservative. Seen our recent borrowing?  Checked on the deficit? Notice that Trump has not tweeted the words “Stock Market” since February 2nd?  Looked at the DJIA from January 26 to now?  Trump's cabinet was chosen with one of two goals. destroy what you are in charge of (see DeVos, Carson and Pruitt) or take advantage of it (See Mulvaney and CFPB).

Thank You for your time and for everything you do.   Just because I feel strongly I am right, with conviction and research to validate my thoughts, does not mean you are wrong. We respect each other’s right to feel we are right.  We can disagree on ice cream flavors (chocolate!), sports teams (Roll Tide! and Go Cubs!) and politics and still be civil.  I wish others realized that. Less screaming at each other. More listening.


June 19, 2018 - Trump goes "Infestation!"   Trump: Democrats want immigrants to 'infest' U.S.

July 2, 2018 - I start noticing a pattern!

A pattern of anti-Muslim and other bigotry.  Trump surrounds himself with people like this, 

Islamophobia Infects the Government As Anti-Muslim Bigotry Becomes Socially Acceptable in Trump's America

​​FBI Fired Sebastian Gorka for Anti-Muslim Diatribes

​Trump pick for top UN migration post apologizes for anti-Muslim tweets

Political appointee at Interior resigns after KFile inquiry into birther, anti-Muslim comments

​Exclusive: Trump appointee guts UN document on racism, says leaders don't have duty to condemn hate speech

Trump nominee for U.N. migration post called Muslims violent, Christians top priority

​​Trump appointee Carl Higbie resigns as public face of agency that runs AmeriCorps after KFile review of racist, sexist, anti-Muslim and anti-LGBT comments on the radio

Carl Higbie, who works at pro-Trump group, says racist comments were 'statistical observation,' 'out of context'





​​Turning Point USA Courts Activist Who Said Jews Want the ‘Destruction of the Black Community’

HHS official who made anti-Muslim comments and spread conspiracy theories resigns

Bolton Installs Anti-Muslim Wingnut As NSC Chief of Staff

National Security Council official has denounced Michigan's Muslims

John Bolton presided over anti-Muslim think tank

And now this story -    Trump Judicial Pick Who Blogged Favorably About the KKK Had to Withdraw. Now He’s at the Justice Department.

That is a lot of bigotry!

Our president is a bigot

Take Care,
The ‘other’ David Limbaugh

UPDATES Since Writing My Tome:

John Bolton's chief of staff out at National Security Council


Trump anti-discrimination official once called most hate crimes hoaxes

Army official won’t get US immigration post after anti-Muslim tirades

Homeland Security staffer with white nationalist ties attended White House policy meetings

Exclusive: here’s the photo of a very white summer intern class the White House didn’t release

The answer to GOP dog whistles? Democrats should talk more about race, not less.

Trump’s White-Nationalist Pipeline

White Privilege, White Fragility, White Supremacy, White House

​​‘Dangerous and poisoned’: Critics blast Trump for endorsing white-nationalist conspiracy theory on South Africa

Kudlow hosted publisher linked to white nationalists at his house

Speechwriter who attended conference with white nationalists in 2016 leaves White House

Kellyanne Conway struggles to name African-Americans in White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s stunning non-denial that Trump used the n-word

Is Trump's Cabinet more white and male than any first cabinet since Reagan?

Documenting Hate: Charlottesville

"Remember his record": CNN's Victor Blackwell reacts to President Trump's latest tweet, after Trump says he condemns "all types of racism"

WOW - A bigot is going to bigot -  Trump: Europe is 'losing its culture' because of immigration

Scotland's national newspaper slams Trump as an 'appalling human being' as he visits UK

Let's drop the euphemisms: Donald Trump is a racist president

Half the country thinks Donald Trump is a racist. HALF.

​​President Trump is racist, 49 percent of voters say in new Quinnipiac University poll

Republicans make Trump’s racist and incendiary language possible

‘No Vacancies’ for Blacks: How Donald Trump Got His Start, and Was First Accused of Bias

NAACP Sees Continued Rise in Hate Crimes Legacy of Trump's Racism


​​Yes, Donald Trump is a White Supremacist.

Black pastors not likely to change black Americans’ low approval of Trump

The Diversity Of Black Political Views

Some dirty words (HBO) but Bill Maher explains the GOP and Russia connection well:

​A great example of Campaign @realDonaldTrump is really the Bigot @potus  @realDonaldTrump ?  Trump has tweeted the letters LGBT twice (2!)     


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