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My Immigration Plan                     9 Things the Bible Says You Should Do for Refugees

Someone  on twitter asked "And you think that we should have a legal immigration policy that remains static rather than adapt to the times and needs of America? "

My response:

​Great question! Take my friend from Ethiopia. How do you judge his ability to come here? Poverty. Has a Family. He has been at my old firm for 20+ years now. Titan's ticket holder. Passed Citizenship Test on first try. I ran for @potus as an attempt to coach people up on the issues - like immigration - 

I never professed to having ALL the answers - but I planned on having a competent cabinet to help me find the answers -   I know a WALL is NOT the answer (airplanes, tunnels, boats). I know immigration is a benefit to our nation's economy and culture, not a detriment. 

I know I was an immigrant once, to the Netherlands, and had to get my permit to live and my permit to work. My daughter was born there. She has dual citizenship. I know my country has a statue that used to mean something. My first shot at a solution until my experts tell me how right or wrong I am? Take in more than 11 refugees! … I know they are just looking for a better life - … I don't call them names or tweet about them 

I will base my decisions on FACTS - … and not just create numbers out of thin air. I will give #DACA kids a path to citizenship - In college one assignment is write a paper on your philosophy of teaching - I wrote one sentence... "Kids can't pick their parents." I will add to that no one chooses their initial station in life.

We don't choose our race,  and we don't choose our parents. I was born and raised poor in a cotton mill village,  Daddy had some issues with depression but was an awesome man, loved by everyone, … and after he passed away from cancer when I was 12 mom did an amazing job taking care of her dad with no legs and my two younger sisters and me - 

Why do I share this? Because I grew up with a Papa that served under Black Jack Pershing and taught me history every day, a loving dad and a hard working, loving mom, during an era of ugly bigotry and hatred. … I learned at an early age that hate is ugly. Love is the answer.

​​My immigration policy will be based on the premise the vast majority of people are good, not evil. Every person is a person. Every person wants to have as awesome of a life as possible. I am not talking open borders (neither is the Democrats!) My immigration law? I need to write that and add it to my page.  (This is it!)

It will include citizenship path for #DACA kids, … … … … and an orderly, compassionate, organized way for people to try to live their American Dream. If you are seeking asylum from Syria, Congo or Triangle of Central America, write me, tell me your story. Don't make that trek to just be turned away. Can't wait, afraid of dying? Then DO make the trip, come make your case.

​I DO hire enough judges and build enough courtrooms to keep up. I don't have 3 year olds defending themselves with no attorney! (some dirty words, HBO) - … I do get with business leaders and others on what their immigration thoughts and ideas are. I dare you to read 

In closing, we need immigrants to maintain our economy. We need an organized, well-thought-out plan to help refugees and immigrants. We need to remember that not all immigrants come here to live forever, over my career I have worked with people from India to Greece. I was a temporary immigrant to Holland (Ik Bestellen Kip Sate met Pinda Saus Austalieft - and always put mayo on your french fries!) Immigration is a touchy subject. 

An Immigrants life is a lot tougher. We need to keep that in mind.