​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Trump and the White House are creating a bigoted, xenophobic LIE about immigration and crime!

From Mollie Tibbetts' father: Don't distort her death to advance racist views

America’s Greatest Threat Isn’t Coming Across Its Borders

Kris Kobach’s Lucrative Trail of Courtroom Defeats

After reunification deadline, some separated children and 'missing parents' remain

How to mislead with statistics, DHS Secretary Nielsen edition

​America is changing. Bigoted slurs, immigration bans and racist rallies can't change that

UPDATE:  DOJ Says No Law Requiring Family Separation at Border Exists

‘Zero-tolerance’ immigration policy is big money for contractors, nonprofits

Trump administration admits they’ve lost track of roughly 20 percent of toddlers’ parents

​​A migrant child was returned to his mother covered in lice, according to a new lawsuit

​​Rachel Maddow is right. There was no plan for reuniting families split at border

​Federal government is spending $1 billion to keep immigrant kids detained, new report finds

Judge blasts HHS official's warning of endangering children as 'cover' to Trump admin in key immigration case

The shooter in Annapolis was NOT AN IMMIGRANT!  

​​Say something often enough and people start believing it  @presssec

Words have consequences  @realDonaldTrump 

Video Of Trump Ignoring Questions On The Capital Gazette Shooting Will Stun You

Deadly shooting at Maryland newspaper

  #AnnapolisShooting             #AnnapolisStrong                   #Annapolis

Wow!   Trump bows to pressure, 

July 2nd,   Annapolis mayor: Trump declines request to lower US flags after Capital Gazette shootings

so now,  After Delay, Trump Orders Flags At Half-Staff For Annapolis Attack

But irresponsible, juvenile, zero-discipline, bullying, no character whatsoever, immoral, ethically challenged, racist bigot Trump can't help himself!

                                                                                                                                                                   Curb Stomp the Media?​​ 

Sad? July 5th and Trump has NOT STOPPED ATTACKING THE PRESS!

​Trump unleashes in Montana

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Why Are So Many Mass Shootings Committed by Young White Men? (NOT IMMIGRANTS!!!)



Does America face a refugee or an immigration problem?


​​FACT CHECK: Trump, Illegal Immigration And Crime                                While Children Are In Cages

Fact check: More bogus border claims by Trump on immigration                     An Open Letter to Fox News.

Who’s Really Crossing the U.S. Border, and Why They’re Coming

Don’t believe the Trump administration: MS-13 is not ravaging the United States

​​The original source for Trump’s claim of 63,000 immigrant murders? Bad data from Steve King in 2006.



Great Twitter Thread:                      



Have Undocumented Immigrants Killed 63,000

American Citizens Since 11 September 2001?​

"Sixty-three thousand Americans since 9/11 have

been killed by illegal aliens."

From 2002 to 2014 there were a total of 

204,753 Nationwide!!!


America’s Southwest Border Is Not Out of Control

Tom Tancredo muffs illegal immigrant murder stats

El Paso's Republican mayor slams Trump on Mexico

​No President Has Spread Fear Like Donald Trump




 Speaking of Immigrants,                                                                   

 3 Trump properties posted 144 openings for seasonal                                                                                                                   jobs. Only one went to a US worker.

Is the Border in Crisis? ‘We’re Doing Fine, Quite

Frankly,’ a Border City Mayor Says​

Profiles of Every Terrorism Vetting Failure in the Last 30 Years

Trump Administration Rejects Study Showing Positive Impact of Refugees

Why do they want to come to America? (We do have a statue)

Central America’s Violent Northern Triangle

​​For some immigrants, deportation means death

​​When Deportation Is a Death Sentence

​WOW! Trump Calls for Depriving Immigrants Who Illegally Cross Border of Due Process Rights

​Oh!  Yes, illegal aliens have constitutional rights

​This Obama-era pilot program kept asylum-seeking migrant families together. Trump canceled it.

FBI Crime Statistics from 1995-2014                    Fear is a Really Lousy Religion

There is no CRIME PROBLEM in America, much less an IMMIGRANT Crime Problem!

​​I’m from the border. The news is getting it wrong.    

Yes, your ancestors probably did come here legally — because 'illegal' immigration is less than a century old​

The Criminalization of Immigration in the United States

​"Immigrants are Less Likely to be Criminals Than the Native-Born

​Immigrants are Less Likely than the Native-Born to Be Behind Bars

​Immigrants are Less Likely Than the Native-Born to Engage in Criminal Behavior"

Two charts demolish the notion that immigrants here illegally commit more crime

​​Criminal Immigrants in Texas: Illegal Immigrant Conviction and Arrest Rates for Homicide, Sexual Assault, Larceny, and Other Crimes


The homicide conviction rate for illegal immigrants was 25 percent below that of native-born Americans in Texas in 2015. The conviction rates for illegal immigrants were 11.5 percent and 79 percent below that of native-born Americans for the crimes of sexual assault and larceny, respectively. Illegal immigrants were more likely to be convicted of gambling, kidnapping, smuggling, and vagrancy than natives, but those crimes constituted only 0.18 percent of all convictions that year in Texas. For all criminal convictions in Texas in 2015, illegal immigrants had a criminal conviction rate 56 percent below that of native-born Americans. Legal immigrants had a criminal conviction rate 85 percent below that of native-born Americans."

By the way:


​The overriding impact of immigrants is to strengthen and enrich American culture, increase the total output of the economy, and raise the standard of living of American citizens. Immigrants are advantageous to the United States for several reasons: (1) Since they are willing to take a chance in a new land, they are self-selected on the basis on motivation, risk taking, work ethic, and other attributes beneficial to a nation. (2) They tend to come to the United States during their prime working years (the average age is 28), and they contribute to the workforce and make huge net contributions to old-age entitlement programs, primarily Social Security. (3) Immigrants tend to fill niches in the labor market where demand is highest relative to supply, complementing rather than directly competing with American workers. (4) Many immigrants arrive with extremely high skill levels, and virtually all, regardless of skill level, bring a strong desire to work. (5) Their children tend to reach high levels of achievement in American schools and in society at large.

A bigot is going to bigot:   My reply to the 'real' David Limbaugh's Roseanne Townhall.com column

Trump's Judges:  Trump is making terrible choices for Judges! 

​​​Trump keeps lying about his border wall




Will someone PLEASE Teach the Trump and GOP what our Asylum Laws are!  Stop saying "They have to go to a port of entry!"  THEY DON'T!

Asylum 101            It took this mother 55 days to be reunited with her young daughter

Port of Entry reporting is NOT required!  And Illegal Immigrants are covered by Bill of Rights!

My @RepGoodlatte rant - https://twitter.com/Limbaugh2016/status/1011302745352138758

​My @repdavebrat rant - https://twitter.com/Limbaugh2016/status/1009799682061688833

My @SecNielsen rant - https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1008875730673991680.html

My @cortessteve rant - https://twitter.com/Limbaugh2016/status/1009047142055514112

Jeff Sessions is a professional liar!

This is CRIMINAL!                                  What is the problem?                   The Wall is NOT the Answer!

(Some Dirty Words - HBO)

Unless you are Lakota, Navajo, Creek, Cherokee or other NATIVE American, you are an immigrant.

So the GOP is 'Pro-Life', just not 'Pro-Kids'!

​​CBS News poll: Two-thirds of Americans say separating children, parents at border unacceptable

This is BREAKING THE LAW!!!    Trump administration to turn away far more asylum seekers at the border under new guidance    THE LAW -  http://www.limbaughlooper2016.com/asylum-101.html  

Feds won't say if they will reunite kids with deported parents

​"Asked if deported parents would see their kids again, officials from the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Health and Human Services told reporters they are under "no obligation to bring people who have no lawful status in this country back into this country for reunification."

​"Judge Dana Sabraw of the Southern District of California told government attorneys last Friday and again on Monday that deported parents are part of the class represented in the lawsuit and must be reunited with their children by the court's deadline."

The Trump administration kidnapped children. Someone should go to jail.

Trump admin lost track of parents of 38 young migrant children

​​Government: 463 migrant parents may have been deported without their children

'They treated us as though we were animals': Letters from inside an immigration detention facility

‘This is it for you. You’re fu**ed.’: Inside Trump’s abuse of migrant kids at an old Walmart

‘My son is not the same’: New testimony paints bleak picture of family separation

Big Money As Private Immigrant Jails Boom

Who has most to gain from Trump’s immigration policies? Private prisons.

Detaining immigrant kids is now a billion-dollar industry

Undocumented immigrants pay billions of dollars in federal taxes each year

What Life Is Actually Like for Kids in Migrant Detention Centers

Cleaning Toilets, Following Rules: A Migrant Child’s Days in Detention

Trump’s migrant fiasco diverts millions from health programs

Americans are stepping up to show reunited migrant families there’s more to their country than Trump

​​Separated Parents Were "Totally Unaware" They Had Waived Their Right To Be Reunified With Their Children

Immigrant after being reunited with son: 'It was the hardest thing to ever happen'

Immigrant Youth Shelters: “If You’re a Predator, It’s a Gold Mine”

Immigrant girl hides in auto shop after escaping attendants from Florida detention facility

​​A Father and Daughter Reunite, But Trauma Follows Them Home

​​Judge calls Trump administration family reunification efforts 'unacceptable'

We need Immigration:

Undocumented Immigrants’ State & Local Tax Contributions

Real MS-13 Numbers
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