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"1.Basic and usually permanent framework which supports a superstructure and is supported by a substructure.

2.Relatively permanent and foundational capital investment of a country, firm, or project that underlies and makes possible all its economic activity. It includes administrative, telecommunications, transportation, utilities, and waste removal and processing facilities. Some definitions also include education, health care, research and development, and training facilities."

American Infrastructure: Big Ideas From Visionary Thinkers

Water?  Water in House Office Building Too Dangerous to Drink and Lead taints drinking water in hundreds of schools, day cares across USA.  Of Course, you probably have heard about Flint, Michigan's fiasco, Lead-Laced Water In Flint: A Step-By-Step Look At The Makings Of A Crisis.

​Lead: (Some foul language:)


What grade does out current water infrastructure get?  D+ Drinking Water

Our overall infrastructure grade?  Not a very good GPA!​   We HAVE TO FIX this!  Dams?  Alabama has 0 inspectors!​   Some foul language but some great information:

Deficient Bridge Report

Here in Tennessee we have some bridges in poor shape: 

​Report: More than 998 Tennessee bridges structurally deficient:

Why is this important?

Friday Marks 7 Years Since I-35W Bridge Collapse

Some states have more problems than others:

Crumbling America: 10 states with the worst infrastructure

​​There’s a third-world America that no one notices

​​In Mississippi, closed bridges and crumbling infrastructure threaten lives and livelihoods