I Think I Hate This President—and I Think I’m Okay With That

USA Today Seems to agree with me...

​Will Trump's lows ever hit rock bottom?

Yes, I Know I’m Angry. I Wish You Were.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​How Trump won the presidency with razor-thin margins in swing states

62 Million Reasons I’m Not the Same Anymore

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gallup Daily: Trump Job Approval​

​How unpopular is Donald Trump?

Tracking Trump            investigaterussia.org

Normalizing Trump: An incredibly brief explainer

Why I Went Negative In My Campaign

​​My Friends Doubt my Trump Not Paying Bills Posts on Facebook....




                    If You Voted for Him


Trumpocracy: Tracking the Creeping Authoritarianism of the 45th President

All the President's Profiting       Trump Charities           Tracking Trump's nominations

A HUGE Lie:  Trump promised over and over to 'save' Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Will he?

Another one:  Donald Trump Endorses Universal Healthcare, "The Government's Gonna Pay For It"

and  ​Trump On Healthcare: Republican Debate NH   and   Donald Trump shifts position on Obamacare in 60 Minutes interview  BUT  Trump: Repealing Obamacare Is Going to Be ‘So Easy’

​​"When one makes a bed of lies,  it is difficult to remember how to fold the sheet of falsehoods" - David Limbaugh 2017 


The complete list of every false claim Donald Trump has made and Six months of spelling mistakes from the Trump White House: Analysis     

Stelter: This is how Trump shades the truth        I study liars. I’ve never seen one like President Trump.

My Fourth of July, 2017 twitter thread  Trump has lied before: TRUMP: A TRUE STORY


President Trump’s first 100 days: The fact check tally but Trump kept on lying after 100 day mark,  In 298 days, President Trump has made 1,628 false and misleading claims

All False statements involving Donald Trump                                T r u m p ’ s   L i e s

Trump Is on Track to Insult 650 People, Places and Things by the End of His First Term

The 382 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

http://www.trumptwitterarchive.com  - A Must See! And Everything President Trump has tweeted (and what it was about)

Trump's Promises       Trump Promise Tracker        Trump Job Tracker     Donald Trump's file     

Who plays more golf: Donald Trump or Barack Obama? 

Donald Trump has spent more than 21 percent of his days as president at golf clubs

Tracking President Trump’s Visits to Trump Properties       http://trumpgolfcount.com

All of Trump’s Russia Ties, in 7 Charts           The definitive Trump-Russia timeline of events

HUGE LIE:  Self Funding - Donald J Trump 2016       Donald Trump (R) WINNER Contributors

250 donors shelled out $100k or more for Trump’s inauguration, providing 91% of funds

Obama's Crowd WAS bigger:  

Park Service behaved appropriately regarding Trump crowd reports, watchdog finds


A Time Magazine with Trump on the cover hangs in his golf clubs. It’s fake.

2014: TRUMP SAYS HE WILL RELEASE TAX RETURNS       Why seeing Trump’s tax returns really matters   

Here is Trump lying - ask where Carried Interest is in his Tax Plan now?

When is Trump Lying and When is he Telling the Truth here?

The 141 Stances Donald Trump Took During His White House Bid

THE TRUMP EFFECT - Tracking the impact of the president’s policies

​​My Trump Presidency predictions:

  1 - Mexico is never paying for 'A Wall' to be built.


  2 - The VA will not be fixed.  


      A promise not kept:   What happens when you call White House's new hotline for veterans

  3 - The National Debt will continue to rise.

​      http://www.limbaughlooper2016.com/national-debt.html

  4 - Trump will stand trial of Trump University AND Trump Charity.  Well, Trump settled the lawsuit             on Trump University: 

        Trump Defends Decision to Settle Trump University Lawsuits

       Charity? 'Washington Post' Reporter Searches For Proof Of Trump's Charitable Giving and

​       How Donald Trump Shifted Kids-Cancer Charity Money Into His Business

  5-  There will be a growing groundswell of support for something I have tried to get done for 30+                 years - abolish the Electoral College.

​      I want to abolish the Electoral College - you may or may not want to.....

  6 - People will question his staff and cabinet appointments because he will have a problem finding           the best and brightest our nation has to offer because not a lot of those people want to work                 with him. ​    MEET THE BILLIONAIRES WHO RUN TRUMP'S GOVERNMENT


  ​7 -  EPA will not be only one to have a problem, NASA had better back off their Climate Change                   stance or he may slash their budget?

         EPA removes climate change page from website

​      http://www.limbaughlooper2016.com/environment.html  

  8 -  He did not come up with the idea of "Drain The Swamp", that came out after 'The Video'.

      Trump's #DrainTheSwamp Plan is not a plan, it is a Hail Mary without a football.

​       https://stateoftheswamp.com/   and  http://draintheswamp.gop/ and 

       https://www.opensecrets.org/trump/appointee-giving  and fast forward 5 months: 

​       Ex-lobbyists swarm Trump administration, despite 'drain the swamp' pledge

      Ethics Pledge Waivers Released by the White House


​​  9 - Trump will break promises and gut Medicare and Medicaid


10 - Trump will search out current civil servants who differ from him and punish/fire them, 

​        Yep, 

        Energy Dept. rejects Trump’s request to name climate-change workers, who remain worried

        EPA fires members of science advisory board

11 - I forgot to add - Trump Will NEVER release his Income Taxes, Audit was never the issue.

​        Donald Trump Won’t Release Tax Returns, Aide Says

12 - New - the VP will never investigate 3 million illegal voters

​        Add your name: demand that Trump back up unlawful voting claims

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Must See!   Stelter: The Trump-Fox News feedback loop

Trump says he won’t fire Mueller, as campaign to discredit Russia probe heats up

Tax Bill: John Cornyn Says Tax Cut Potentially Benefiting Bob Corker Was Part Of Effort To Secure Votes For Passage

If only Corker read the bill,   Corker asks how real-estate provision ended up in tax bill

Swamping the Drain with Senator Bob Corker and the Republican Tax Bill

The Internet is HOPPING TONIGHT!   ‘Corker Kickback’ sends Republicans scrambling in advance of tax vote

Steven Mnuchin: Tax plan helps middle class (full interview)

A Tax Plan to Turbocharge Inequality, in 3 Charts

​My Twitter #StopGOPTaxScam Thread -  https://twitter.com/Limbaugh2016/status/942538642555330562

E.P.A. Employees Spoke Out. Then Came Scrutiny of Their Email.

Government paying private firm $297 million to help hire 5,000 Border Patrol agents

​Saturday, December 16, 2017

Poll: Trump's approval rating makes him least popular first-year president on record

How unpopular is Donald Trump?

Poll: 52 percent say country worse off under President Trump

Special counsel obtains thousands of Trump transition emails

​Someone is really worried for some reason?   The Trump Campaign Claims A Federal Office Illegally Turned Over Transition Emails To The Special Counsel

How Putin's proxies helped funnel millions into GOP campaigns

How Fox News and President Trump create an anti-Mueller 'feedback loop'

Trump officials decline to extend ObamaCare sign-up deadline

Corker says he hasn't read tax bill after saying he'd vote for it: IB Times

Here is the GOP 'simplified' tax plan, all 1097 pages of it,  TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT

Key features of the Republicans’ final tax bill

The Winners and Losers in the Tax Bill

Buried in 503-page tax bill, a new provision that personally benefits Trump

Why Republicans shouldn’t be so optimistic their tax bill will be a big win

7 banned CDC words stoke derision, fear on Twitter

Trump administration bans selected words at health agencies: paper

Jeff Sessions Isn’t Giving up on Weed. He’s Doubling Down.

​Life Without Power

Thousands of Puerto Ricans still in the dark, three months after Hurricane Maria

Friday, December 15, 2017

House plans to vote on tax bill Tuesday, NBC reports

Highlights of GOP compromise bill to overhaul tax code

Does the GOP Realize they are hurting their base?   Congress Agrees on a Tax Bill - Many older Americans would see their taxes — and health care premiums — go up

Here are the new tax brackets under the final Republican bill

U.S. lawmakers are redistributing income from the poor to the rich, according to massive new study

The Latest: GOP tax bill opens Alaska refuge to oil drilling

Here’s What Oil Drilling Looks Like in the Arctic Refuge, 30 Years Later

Republicans release their final tax bill ahead of key vote next week

Here’s Where the GOP Tax Plan Stands Right Now

Everything You Need to Know About the GOP Tax Bill

Final CTC Changes Don’t Alter Tax Bill Basics: 10 Million Working Family Children Get Little or Nothing

Rep. Tom Cole doesn't trust the economists on GOP tax plan: 'There are about as many economists as there are opinions.'

With Billions at Stake in Tax Debate, Lobbyists Played Hardball

​​A feast for regulatory parasites

GOP wins Rubio’s and Corker’s votes on tax bill after last-minute changes

Donald Trump And GOP Leaders Could Be Enriched By Last Minute Tax Break Inserted Into Final Bill

​​Newtonian physics will crush the GOP

Schumer on tax plan: GOP ‘will rue the day they pass this’

Welfare reform moving to center of Republican agenda

Trump claims he’s fighting for coal miners, but he’s reevaluating the rule protecting them from black lung

The EPA Hired a Major Republican Opposition Research Firm to Track Press Activity

Trump lets off steam on a cloudy Friday in DC

Ex diplomat: Trump and Tillerson hurting US ability to 'avert disasters'

This story on Trump's Russia paranoia is terrifying

Trump praises police after blasting ‘sad,’ ‘disgraceful’ FBI

DOJ inspector general says department did not consult him before releasing FBI agents' texts

Senator openly mocks Trump judicial nominee

Sen. Kennedy on Trump's judge nominee: I hope they pull him down

5 things Trump did this week while you weren't looking

Some things you can not make up,  CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity

So they give the CDC a list of words they can't use any more and now this,

E.P.A. Contractor Has Spent Past Year Scouring the Agency for Anti-Trump Officials

These are dangerous times....


Thursday, December 14, 2017

5 years after Sandy Hook, the victims have not been forgotten

After Sandy Hook we said never again. And then we let 1,576 mass shootings happen.

Sanders was asked what Trump is doing to prevent the next Sandy Hook. Her response was a mess

Elections have consequences,  The FCC just killed net neutrality

Democrats warn: 'There is going to be a political price to pay for taking net neutrality away from the American people'

Here's a List of the Members of Congress Who Just Told Ajit Pai to Repeal Net Neutrality

The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them

Net neutrality activists to Ajit Pai: See you in court

Net neutrality repeal gives Democrats fresh way to reach millennials

Doubting the intelligence, Trump pursues Putin and leaves a Russian threat unchecked

Why is Trump so insistent that Russia didn’t interfere in the election?

The Russia facts are hiding in plain sight

Latest US sanctions against Russia a work in progress

Trump allies say Tillerson has ‘not learned his lesson’ and cannot continue in job for long

The Latest: Trump Jr. finishes 9-hour interview in Senate

Voters Think Trump Should Resign Over Harassment Allegations

In shift, DOJ now says early release of FBI agents' private texts to reporters was 'not authorized'

FBI Agent ‘Scandal’ Revealed to Be Even More Stupid Than Previously Known

President Trump to visit FBI National Academy following comments that bureau is in 'tatters'

Trump’s Lies vs. Obama’s

Fans of Trump’s friendliest news network are turning on him

Trump Boasts of Bringing a ‘Screeching’ Halt to Growth of Regulations

Trump wants to cut federal regulations ‘below the 1960 level.’ Here is what that would look like.

That giant stack of paper Trump stood next to? A little too giant.

More than 700 employees have left the EPA since Scott Pruitt took over

The Daily 202: The suburban revolt against Trump continued in Alabama

​Comparing the ‘Trump economy’ to the ‘Obama economy’

House to vote on spending bill that Senate won't pass, rekindling shutdown showdown

Republicans Hunt for Ways to Pay for Tax Cuts

Republicans Despise the Working Class

Commentary: The elephant in the room is what the tax bill will do to the national debt

Marco Rubio Makes His Move

Rubio defection threatens GOP’s slim majority on tax bill

Ten Super PAC Donors Could Save $150 Million with Tax-Deductible Contributions Through ‘Johnson Amendment’ Repeal

Paul Ryan And Top Republican Lawmakers Could Reap Personal Windfall From New Real Estate Tax Breaks

Tug Of War Over Tips Looms As Trump Administration Proposes Rule Change

Homeland Security senior adviser promoted birtherism, said Obama knew 'nothing about the black American experience'

Watchdog: Trump DOT violated anti-lobbying laws with retweet

White House aims to sway opinion on immigration overhaul

Omarosa’s departure raises questions about White House diversity

After Trump and Moore, some evangelicals are finding their own label too toxic to use

Twitter:  MUST WATCH: Republican @SenJohnKennedy asks one of @realDonaldTrump’s US District Judge nominees basic questions of law & he can’t answer a single one. Hoo-boy.​​​​​​​​​​

​​Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A reoccurring story,  Trump’s job approval rating stuck at low point: poll

Iowa Poll: 60 percent of Iowans disapprove of Donald Trump's job performance

Andrew Jackson is no longer the worst president in U.S. history

A response to concerns on editorial on Trump, Gillibrand

Fox News and congressional Republicans are laying the groundwork for Trump to fire Mueller

In 'highly unusual' move, DOJ secretly invited reporters to view texts sent by ousted FBI agents

Justice Dept. Official Defends Mueller as Republicans Try to Discredit Him

Trump Is Going Ballistic Against Journalists. What Is He So Afraid Of?

David Cameron to Trump: Your ‘fake news’ act is ‘dangerous’

Analysis: Trump bets on Moore and suffers stinging defeat

Trump: ‘I Said Roy Moore Will Not Be Able to Win’ in Alabama

‘I would have won Alabama’: Trump spreads blame for Moore’s loss

Inside Trump’s White House: Fallout from Alabama’s Senate race

‘I was right!’ Being Donald Trump means never saying you were wrong

Trump’s Moore endorsement sunk the presidency to unplumbed depths

OnPolitics Today: Moore's no more. And now Trump and the GOP could pay.

8 numbers out of Alabama that should terrify Republicans

Republican civil war erupts anew

A G.O.P. Tragedy in Four Acts

‘We dodged that bullet’: In Washington, a bipartisan sigh of relief over the Doug Jones win.

Trump judge nominee withdraws after criticism over White House ties

Two controversial federal judge nominees will not be confirmed, Senate Republican says

WINNING!   Trump's controversial pick to lead EPA chemicals office withdraws nomination

Trump’s E.P.A. Chemical Safety Nominee Withdraws

Watchdog to investigate EPA chief’s $25000 ‘secure phone booth’

Why Trump's 'giant' middle class tax cut is less than advertised

Poll: Majority oppose GOP tax bill

Republican Tax Bill Overhauls Rules Many Were Counting On

Yellen Isn’t Buying Trump’s Talk of an Economic Miracle From Tax Cuts

Scam I Am: Why is the G.O.P. Rushing This Tax Abomination?

Column: Tax reform could be the GOP’s Obamacare



Debt Relief For Defrauded Students Has Stalled, Inspector General Says

Sad news,   Congressman announces cancer diagnosis months after characterizing illness as a personal failing

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Trump attacks Gillibrand in tweet critics say is sexually suggestive and demeaning

Will Trump's lows ever hit rock bottom?

A running list of the eyewitnesses who prove Trump’s innocence on sexual misconduct

2017 Lie of the Year: Russian election interference is a 'made-up story'

Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and President Trump

Donald Trump Jr. demands leak investigation

Donald Trump got 3 things wrong in 1 tweet this morning

Footage shows Trump with some accusers after he claimed he ‘never met’ women

6 words got Trump into big trouble today

This reminds me of an interview I did during my campaign for president,  Poll: 'Idiot' most common word used to describe Trump My interview, Limbaugh for president  "Trump's not a Republican. Trump's just an idiot wanting to be president. And I don't want an idiot to be my president," he says.  

Tax Bill: John Cornyn’s Fossil Fuel Provision Would Personally Enrich Republican Lawmakers

Major financial institutions rebuke the Trump agenda, announce big steps away from fossil fuels

Republican leaders still hammering out differences on tax bill, with final votes expected next week

Crucial details of Republican tax plan in flux as deal deadline looms

In letter to Congress, Hickenlooper and other governors say CHIP should be “the one thing we can all agree on”

Imperfecto: Trump objects to Russia provisions as he signs $700 billion defense bill

White House responds to Tillerson: Trump’s position on North Korea hasn’t changed

Some of us have been complaining about Brett Talley since he was nominated,  

Trump has finally gone too far for Chuck Grassley

The 11 weirdest moments at Roy Moore's final campaign rally

Check out question #19 - WOW!    December 12, 2017 - American Voters Have Few Kind Words For Trump, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Expel Moore If He Wins, Voters Say Almost 2-1

More incredibly embarrassing, possibly criminal, news about our Commerce Secretary

European Parliament Report Accuses Wilbur Ross of Insider Trading

YEAH!   Democrat Doug Jones wins stunning upset victory in Alabama Senate race

Roy Moore Loses, Sanity Reigns

The Republican Party’s reality problem — and ours

Doug Jones’s victory scrambles the Republican congressional agenda

Reports of Voter Suppression Tactics Pour In From Alabama Election

NOAA nominee’s financial conflicts, efforts to curb agency’s role draw rare criticism from former chiefs

Betsy DeVos is forcing scammed students to repay loans for meaningless degrees

Net neutrality repeal means you're going to hate your cable company even more


Monday, December 11, 2017

As Russia probes progress, one name is missing: Bannon's

Focus on Flynn, Trump timeline suggests obstruction is on Mueller’s mind

America Is Heading for an Unprecedented Constitutional Crisis

The Partisan, Nihilist Case Against Robert Mueller

Trump Will Have A Hard Time Stopping The Russia Investigation — Even If He Fires Mueller

She's the poster child for estate tax repeal, but her sad family saga doesn't add up

Treasury Department releases analysis of GOP tax plan. It’s only one page long.

Mr. Mnuchin’s Magical Math on Taxes

Treasury Department admits Senate tax plan won’t pay for itself


Kudlow: How the Republicans' tax plan takes a quirky swipe at the little guys

Tax overhaul could mean major changes to your paycheck

Republicans fret over tax bill's unpopularity

GOP lawmakers struggle to close gaps in tax plan

Reversal on Graduate Lending

Behind Trump’s plan to target the federal safety net

Sanders goes off on the media at White House press briefing

Sarah Sanders just made a hugely offensive allegation against the media

White House briefing room descends into chaos over ‘fake news’

The White House’s audacious new lie about the women accusing the president of sexual abuse

Cooper: Trump's witnesses problematic

As Trump’s accusers step up, Democrats call on him to resign. They have a point.

Trump’s harassment accusers are back—and coming for the president

Female accusers of Trump call for Congressional investigation into misconduct

What if Trump apologized for his, ahem, mistakes, just like the 'fake' news media?

Even without Roy Moore, the GOP is in a downward spiral

President Trump 'on trial' in Alabama's Senate election

How Trump came around to an accused child molester

A lot of Americans spent 2017 bailing on the Republican Party

​A sudden change in Ryan Zinke’s travel plans cost taxpayers nearly $2,000, documents show

Congress should block FCC's net neutrality vote, Internet experts say

Trump Takes Credit for Killing Hundreds of Regulations That Were Already Dead

The Trump economy is nothing special

France awards climate grants to U.S.-based scientists on summit eve


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Trump accusers to unite for first time, demand congressional investigation into allegations

Two-thirds of youth fearful about America’s future, prefer Democratic control of Congress, Harvard youth poll finds

The campaign to delegitimize the Russia probe is well under way

The attacks on Mueller push us closer to the precipice

Schiff: Evidence of coordination between Trump campaign and Russia ‘pretty damning’

For Trump adviser at center of Russia probe, a rapid rise and dramatic fall in his ancestral land

​Bernstein: Fox hosts are abetting a cover-up

Under Trump, E.P.A. Has Slowed Actions Against Polluters, and Put Limits on Enforcement Officers

Tax cuts the GOP will regret

Poll: Most Americans doubt GOP bill will cut their taxes or boost the economy

As businesses rush to exploit GOP tax cuts, government revenue may shrink more than expected

Data: Republican Party ID drops after Trump election

Precision sacrificed for speed as GOP rushes ahead on taxes

Susan Collins and the Duping of Centrists

GOP Sen. Susan Collins: Not sure if I will support tax reform plan

Conservative economists rail against the GOP tax plan

To understand the tax reform bill, use good old math and history

In federal tax debate, advocates fear harm to universities, including UW-Madison

My (used to be) GOP supports this man for US Senate,  Roy Moore in 2011: Getting rid of amendments after 10th would 'eliminate many problems'

Trump jumps into Alabama Senate race, but it’s all about Moore — on both sides

​Why Democrats win even if they lose in Alabama

Saturday, December 9, 2017


​​​Trump's 41 most eye-popping lines from his Pensacola speech

AP FACT CHECK: Trump off on black homeownership, trade

President Trump calls for Washington Post reporter who apologized for inaccurate tweet to be fired

This is against the law!  ​​​  18 U.S. Code § 227


On the economy, Trump needs to get his statistics straight

Tax Plans May Give Your Co-Worker a Better Deal Than You

GOP tax plan diverges wildly from Trump’s promises to the middle class

Joseph Sabino Mistick: Old Scrooge arrives early

How Arctic Drilling, Stymied for Decades, Made Surprise Return in Tax Bill

Trump administration has yet to fill many US ambassador posts in Europe

Tracking how many key positions Trump has filled so far - 249 of 618 NO NOMINEE

FCC Head Ajit Pai Jokes About Being Verizon’s 'Puppet' Ahead of Net Neutrality Rollback

Why Lie?   Zinke calls reports on helicopter use a 'wild departure from reality'


In Alabama, no good outcomes for the Republican Party

Why I Can No Longer Call Myself an Evangelical Republican

U.S. Diplomat’s Resignation Signals Wider Exodus From State Department

Civil rights and community leaders: Trump doesn't deserve to attend museum opening

Friday, December 8, 2017

This is how nuclear war with North Korea would unfold

I study liars. I’ve never seen one like President Trump.

How low can Trump go?

The Party of Unapologetic Misogyny

5 things Trump did this week while you weren't looking

Email pointed Trump campaign to WikiLeaks documents

Email pointed Trump campaign to WikiLeaks documents that were already public

Trump's long and winding history with Deutsche Bank could now be at the center of Robert Mueller's investigation



Trumpocalypse: The End Game


The Deaths That Come When an Industry's Left to Regulate Itself

NOT Draining the Swamp!    Trump Financial Regulator Mulvaney Pushed CFPB To Back Off Industry That Bankrolled Him

The GOP’s all-out assault on justice

No, the FBI Isn’t the KGB

The Mueller Investigation Is in Mortal Danger

CEO of Trump Campaign Data Firm Will Testify to House Panel in Russia Probe

Mueller has 400K docs in Manafort, Gates case

F.B.I. Warned Hope Hicks About Emails From Russian Operatives

Democrats ask Treasury for docs on financial dealings with Russia

Is Trump's base fraying?

Judges in travel ban case concerned about Trump tweets

Uranium firm urged Trump officials to shrink Bears Ears National Monument

Bears Ears Is Here to Stay

Roy Moore is the last straw, you can now call me a Democrat

Trump lifts refugee ban, but admissions still plummet, data shows

Partisan Gerrymandering Fight Expanded by U.S. Supreme Court

Here's what Trump's tax plan means for people making between $300,000 and $10 million a year

Trump’s casual tax comments scald his Hill allies, again

The Republican tax plan leaves a $1.5 trillion bill for the middle class to pay

Brady Announces Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Conference Meeting

College students: Here's why you could pay more in the Republican tax bill

What we learned from Reagan’s tax cut  Recession of 1981–82

GOP lawmakers reconsider proposal to shrink corporate tax cut

Tax Bill Could Offer New Way To Funnel Political Cash — And Make It Tax-Deductible

How states that carried Trump to victory avoid one sticky part of the tax bill

Why these researchers think most Americans could end up losing under the GOP tax plan

As “Climate Change” Fades from Government Sites, a Struggle to Archive Data

Official Toll in Puerto Rico: 62.  Actual Deaths May Be 1,052.

GOP bill would allow colleges to delay sexual assault investigations at police request

Thursday, December 7, 2017

What if Mueller catches Trump — and it isn’t enough?

Trump Jr. ‘Doesn’t Recall’ Much About Infamous Russia Meeting

Stelter: Fox's pro-Trump hosts are working overtime to discredit Robert Mueller?

Trump and his base are reshaping partisanship

Trump's approval rating at 32%

Pew poll: Trump's approval rating hits new low

Stark Partisan Divisions Over Russia Probe, Including Its Importance to the Nation

"Currently, 32% of the public approves of the way Trump is handling his job as president, while 63% disapprove."

This number is bad news for Republicans in the midterms

The GOP tax bill is huge for the US oil and gas industry

Analysis: Apple poised for $47 billion windfall from GOP tax bill

After cutting taxes, Trump looking to localities to raise revenue for infrastructure

As Republicans iron out their tax bill, expect a sweeter deal for corporations

David Hawkings’ Whiteboard: How Two Bills Become One Law

Trump’s richest friends are asking for changes to the GOP tax plan, and he’s listening

The Republican War on Children

The Closing of the Republican Mind

Trump After Dark: A Long December edition

Rules Requiring Airlines to Disclose Fees Killed by Trump's DOT

Exclusive: Wells Fargo sanctions are on ice under Trump official - sources

Trump's Jerusalem move: Anger in Ramallah and Israeli delight

Commentary: The terrible cost of Trump's Jerusalem decision

Spread the swamp? Trump administration wants to move government offices out of Washington

Sad,   James O’Keefe, Practitioner of the Sting, Has an Ally in Trump

LUPICA: Two more kids dead in latest gun violence, but where’s the outrage in Congress?

Roy Moore allegations cause major corporation to rethink its financial support of GOP


'You Need to Think About It Like a War'

The G.O.P. Is Rotting

The 19 Women Who Accused President Trump of Sexual Misconduct

Democrats Ask Kushner If He Sought Help Abroad for Family Tower

Zinke booked government helicopters to attend D.C. events

God’s Plan for Mike Pence

​​Wednesday, December 6, 2017

VA cuts program for homeless vets after touting Trump's commitment


OOPS!  We got caught!  Sorry!  -  VA tried to reallocate $460 million earmarked for homeless veterans. Now it says that won’t happen.

Ryan says Republicans to target welfare, Medicare, Medicaid spending in 2018

Another Trump Lie!    Trump promised over and over to 'save' Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Will he?

Paul Ryan says GOP plans to work on entitlement reform in 2018

Republican officials say targeting welfare programs will help spur economic growth

Corporate rate cut in tax bill could change as GOP hunts for votes

'Holy crap': Experts find tax plan riddled with glitches

Experts are starting to find massive errors in the GOP tax bill after it went through Congress at lightning speed

GOP Senate Tax Plan          GOP House Tax Plan

Coal CEO: Senate tax plan 'wipes us out'

The GOP Tax Plan Would Make America’s Housing Shortage Even Worse

Trump Jr. says he communicated first with Hope Hicks, not his father, about Trump Tower response

Trump Jr. cites attorney-client privilege in not answering panel's questions about discussions with his father

A 'serious case of amnesia': House Intel Democrat says Trump Jr. was 'pretty non-responsive' in 8-hour interview

Whistleblower: Flynn told ex-partner Russia sanctions would be ripped up

Trump had for months been determined to move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

Defending Trump's Jerusalem move is a lonely role for Tillerson

​​Adelson, miffed at Trump over embassy about-face, said to shut spigot  

Top Individual Contributors: All Federal Contributions

Is Media Driving Americans Apart?

Embracing Depravity

Here’s how Trump, Moore and Bannon have transformed the GOP

The Environmental Scandal in Scott Pruitt’s Backyard

Patagonia CEO: This Is Why We're Suing President Trump

Trump's Best Words: The Daily Show

This nativity scene makes a statement about gun violence

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Poll: 31% of Republicans want a different presidential nominee in 2020

Half of voters believe Trump campaign colluded with Russia

Trump Isn't Above the Law

POLL: Trump's Opposition Firmer Than His Support

Trump and GOP promised America an anti-Washington party. Where is it?

​​Quinnipiac: Only 29% of Americans approve of GOP tax plan

Two new polls suggest the Republican tax bill is horribly unpopular

If you back Trump for his tax plan, you have to own his racism, misogyny and amorality too

Tax Bill Provision From Texas Senator Would Enrich Pipeline Giants

The GOP isn't getting a political payoff from its tax plan

​​Tax cuts: Broken promises

‘Death to Democrats’: How the GOP Tax Bill Whacks Liberal Tenets

Susan Collins Wanted to ‘Get to Yes’ on Tax Bill So Badly She Accepted Promises Written in Vanishing Ink

​​House tax positions begin to emerge ahead of talks with Senate

Yes, Every Mueller Document Is Rife With Clues

Mueller issues subpoena to Deutsche Bank in Russia probe

Donald Trump Is Guilty

Donald Trump Jr. asked Russian lawyer for info on Clinton Foundation

Donald Trump Jr. Due to Testify Before the House Intelligence Panel This Week

Firing Mueller would be hard for Trump — and Congress should make it impossible

​The Republican rationalization of Roy Moore is now complete

Trump’s Endorsement of Roy Moore Points Up a G.O.P. Problem: Chaos

Too Funny!   Graham contradicts himself on Trump 'kook' jab

Trump forges ahead on Jerusalem-as-capital despite warnings

White House's planned voter database could be hacking target, experts warn

Navajo Nation is suing Trump for stealing its land

Trump tries little-known legal tactic to protect controversial executive orders from the courts

The White House press briefing, always a spin zone, is now approaching uselessness

Monday, December 4, 2017

The list of "what Russia contact?" Oh! "That Russia contact!" keeps growing,  McFarland Contradicted Herself on Russia Contacts, Congressional Testimony Shows

The Evidence Is Damning: What Team Trump Knew and When

Trump’s lawyer: the president can’t obstruct justice. 13 legal experts: yes, he can.

Sessions argued in Clinton impeachment that presidents can obstruct justice

Paul Manafort ghost-wrote draft of op-ed with colleague thought to have ties to Russian intelligence

2016 RNC Delegate: Trump Directed Change To Party Platform On Ukraine Support

​I remember this,   How The Trump Campaign Weakened The Republican Platform On Aid To Ukraine

Explaining the Michael Flynn controversy — A Timeline

Trump shows that a scandal doesn’t have to be secret to be scandalous

2 big holes in Trump lawyer John Dowd’s explanation of that very unhelpful tweet

Why the Trump Team Should Fear the Logan Act

The White House’s latest fallback: Who cares if Trump colluded with Russia?

​​Trump Slashes Size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Monuments

Trump shrinks Utah monuments in historic move

The President Stole Your Land

Trump offers full support for embattled Republican Roy Moore

The Supreme Court just made the travel ban fully operational (for now)

Supreme Court Allows Trump Travel Ban to Take Effect

Trump does not hire the best and brightest,  Trump pick for top UN position praised Milo Yiannopoulos, shared inflammatory memes on Facebook

​Greens, health groups sue Trump EPA over missed Obama smog rule deadline

Life in the camps

Ryan weighed stripping Frelinghuysen of chairmanship

Is the GOP tax plan an unprecedented windfall for the wealthy? We look at 50 years of data to find out.

How the House and Senate tax bills would change America, in one chart

At the core of the GOP tax plan: A huge broken promise by Trump

​The Tax Overhaul is Proof that Money in Politics Affects All of Us

Tips is one the 111 times the word "repeal" occurs in House Tax Plan -  The Trump administration wants restaurant workers to share tips. Opponents fear their bosses will snatch them.    H.R.1 - Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Two quotes from GOP senators explain the GOP tax bill

Two top Republican tax writers reveal their prejudice and their strategy

Chuck Grassley just made the case for class war

Grassley says his ‘booze or women or movies’ comment was taken out of context

Why aren’t you paying the estate tax? Maybe because you bought 311,000 bottles of whisky.

No Wonder Millennials Hate Capitalism

Republicans keep misrepresenting what they did on the debt

Republicans move closer to clearing tax reform

Brady to lead reconciliation of House and Senate tax bills as GOP looks for fast answers

The GOP tax plan is heading for conference committee. What happens next?

Sen. Cornyn rules out DACA fix, setting up government shutdown fight

No, the two people who claim to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have not met yet

NY attorney general asks for net neutrality vote to be put off

ME!  The Republican exodus in the age of Donald Trump

Women Line Up to Run for Office, Harnessing Their Outrage at Trump

Trump likes to take credit for trends that began before his presidency — and we can prove it


Trump always lashes out when he’s cornered. He told me so years ago.

White House spokesman refuses to answer questions on the record from reporters

​This is just sad!   Yikes: Nearly half of Americans believe news media fabricates stories about Trump

For President Trump, the truth is beside the point

Trump may face a reckoning in case brought by female accuser

How Donald Trump needs to exit the White House


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Trump's lawyer says he was behind President's tweet about firing Flynn

Looking for the Linguistic Smoking-Gun in a Trump Tweet

Trump, Defending Himself After Flynn Guilty Plea, Says F.B.I. Is in ‘Tatters’

FBI agents fire back at Trump: Saying FBI isn't dedicated is 'simply false'

Trump's uncontrollable tweeting triggers deeper anxiety among advisers

Trump has given staffers assignments and told them not to tell Kelly: report

Operative Offered Trump Campaign ‘Kremlin Connection’ Using N.R.A. Ties

Justice Dept. offers up key witness in Russia probe as House Intel Chair threatens contempt


With time running out, Congress scrambles to avoid a government shutdown

‘I don’t think it’s going to help’: In a pro-Trump area, many voters are skeptical of GOP tax plan

Democratic governors say GOP tax bill will hurt economy

Lawrence Summers: Yes, the Senate GOP tax plan would cause ‘thousands’ to die

McConnell says it's "impossible" to guarantee tax cut for everyone in middle class

R&D Tax Credit Falls Victim to Republican Vote-Payoff-Orama

GOP Medicaid work rules imperil care for opioid abusers

Trump's military buildup still a mirage

The Senate tax bill would allow oil drilling in Alaskan wilderness

This was a big acting job by Senator Orrin Hatch!   Senators Hatch, Brown Trade Barbs in Tax Debate

​​GOP Senator says it’s hard to fund $14 billion children’s health care program — then advocates for $1 trillion tax cut

US pulls out of Global Compact on Migration

Trump has done nothing to fix the VA.   USA TODAY Investigation: VA knowingly hires doctors with past malpractice claims, discipline for poor care

Billy Bush: Yes, Donald Trump, You Said That

Several Trump Properties Suffer Financially (But Not Ones He Visits Often)

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Senate passes sweeping GOP tax plan in early hours of Saturday morning

Senate passes Republican-backed tax bill along party lines

How the Republicans Broke Congress

Democrats fume over ‘absurd’ GOP tax bill full of last-minute handwritten edits

Winners And Losers Of The Senate Tax Bill

FACT CHECK: How Does Paul Ryan's Case For Tax Cuts Match The Facts?

Senate Passes Major Business, Individual Cuts: Tax Debate Update

Senators' pet projects added at last-minute into tax bill

Despite lawmakers' warnings, few Iowa farmers face estate tax

Heading Toward Tax Victory, Republicans Eye Next Step: Cut Spending

Trump’s campaign: Big Macs, screaming fits and constant rivalries

They Helped Our Troops, Sold Their Homes, Uprooted Their Families. ‘Enhanced Vetting’ Has Left Them in Limbo.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea: 10 Key Takeaways

What Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea Means in Mueller’s Russia Inquiry

Shep Smith: Flynn Plea Deal Shows President Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Ruse ‘Is a Lie’

If Flynn Is Small Fry, Who’s the Bigger Fish in Mueller’s Net?

A Hasty, Hand-Scribbled Tax Bill Sets Off an Outcry

Analysis: More than 6,000 lobbyists have worked on taxes in 2017

Commentary: The Hidden Victim of Trump’s Tax Plan: Your Health Insurance

Read the tax bill the Senate just released — and is about to pass

Republicans are breaking four big promises in the Senate tax bill

Here’s how income tax cuts will affect individual senators (and you)

Debt Concerns, Once a Core Republican Tenet, Take a Back Seat to Tax Cuts


The Senate’s Official Scorekeeper Says the Republican Tax Plan Would Add $1 Trillion to the Deficit

Twitter Changes Reason to Allow Trump's Anti-Muslim Retweets

U.S. Forest Service didn’t call for pulling its land from Bears Ears, USDA nominee tells Senate Democrats

Rasmussen poll: 40% think Fox News should win Trump's 'fake news trophy'

Lindsey Graham changes tune on Trump


​Thursday, November 30, 2017

I’m An American. He Does Not Speak For Me

Merry Christmas and 36 other important things Trump said about taxes

What is in the Senate’s massive tax bill — and what could change

The Senate tax bill has hit a snag, votes to continue Friday

Trump’s Treasury Department is lying about its own analysis of the tax bill

If you’re against the tax plan, you’re a) in the majority, and b) not a congressional Republican

​Treasury's tax analysis still missing ahead of key Senate vote

Ahead of Vote, Promised Treasury Analysis of Tax Bill Proves Elusive

With time running out, Congress scrambles to avoid a government shutdown

​Trump tells confidants that a government shutdown might be good for him

Trump privately saying government shutdown might benefit him: report

Report: Trump pressured Republican lawmakers to end Russia probe

Russian trolls pushed graphic, racist tweets to American voter

​Trump's retweets set off a storm across the pond

​Plans for Donald Trump to visit the UK in January 2018 have reportedly been dropped

​White House readies plan to replace Tillerson with Pompeo, install Cotton at CIA

Graham contradicts himself on Trump 'kook' jab

White House Work Orders Reveal Mice, Roaches, Redecorating

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


This morning Trump attacked my Muslim friends, Downing Street says Donald Trump was 'wrong' to re-tweet anti-Muslim videos from British far-Right group

This may come back to haunt him in the Travel Ban issue?  Trump retweets anti-Muslim videos

Trump tweets "we are doing just fine" at wrong Theresa May

"The Netherlands Embassy, too, also took to Twitter to respond, noting that that video Trump claimed depicted a “Muslim migrant” beating up a Dutch boy was actually a Dutch native. “ Facts do matter, ” the embassy wrote, directing its comments at the president. “The perpetrator of the violent act n this video was born and raised in the Netherlands. He received and completed his sentence under Dutch law.”   Trump retweets inflammatory and unverified anti-Muslim videos

Jake Tapper Rips Trump’s ‘Fundamentally Indecent Behavior’ in Tweets Today: We Can’t Ignore It

Two new reports suggest Trump has come unhinged. The truth is worse.

John Kelly’s losing battle with Trump’s Twitter feed

This may have rattled Trump?   Mueller’s Prosecutors Are Said to Have Interviewed Jared Kushner on Russia Meeting


Trump calls Kim Jong Un a 'sick puppy' after missile launch

Trump Businesses to Get Retention Subpoenas in Emoluments Case

Trump the populist? Not when it comes to his tax plan

Joint Committee on Taxation: 60 percent of households will get at least $100 tax cut


​The Senate Is Rushing to Pass Its Tax Bill Because It Stinks

Trump's Tax Promises Undercut by CEO Plans to Help Investors

​​NY Times editorial board tells readers to call senators to oppose GOP tax bill


Put America First?   Trump Winery Again Seeks To Hire Foreign Guest Workers

​Secret Service spent $7,500 on golf carts during Trump's Thanksgiving Mar-a-Lago trip

​Comcast deleted net neutrality pledge the same day FCC announced repeal

FCC Got 444,938 Net-Neutrality Comments From Russian Email Addresses

​Has Trump Made Approval Polls Meaningless?


Tuesday. November 28, 2017

Families of Navajo Code Talkers decry Trump's "Pocahontas" jab

NAJA denounces White House’s use of “Pocahontas” as slur

Michael Flynn's lawyer meets with members of special counsel's team, raising specter of plea deal


Trump's attacks on CNN helped their revenues far more than his praise helped Fox News, new figures suggest

Tax reform: 9 key players and how they could stop the bill

The Senate tax bill had a very good day

The Republican tax plan could end up hurting seniors

What the Tax Bill Would Look Like for 25,000 Middle-Class Families

GOP tax plan rattles higher education

Look at page 10 and see who is getting a tax cut,  https://www.cbo.gov/system/files/115th-congress-2017-2018/costestimate/reconciliationrecommendationssfc.pdf

Trump Foundation funding of James O’Keefe was twice as much as previously reported, per new filings

Uncertainty mounts over timing of Trump’s infrastructure plan

From ‘Access Hollywood’ to Russia, Trump seeks to paint the rosiest picture

Trump's chaotic day ends with key Republican tax win, North Korean missile launch

Monday, November 27, 2017

When you think Trump has gone as low as he can go, he finds a new low, Trump makes "Pocahontas" remark at Navajo code talkers event, referring to Sen. Warren

Gracious Navajo vets sidelined by Trump attacks

National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) President Jefferson Keel Issues Statement on the White House Ceremony Honoring Native American Code Talkers

Dem senator slams Trump's 'moral authority' after 'Pocahontas' remark

Bully in Chief: Donald Trump proves it again with his 'Pocahontas' attack

2 Bosses Show Up to Lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Duel over who runs the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau goes to court

Mulvaney imposes freeze on hiring, new rules at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Why Did Trump Pick The Same Person To Run Two Major Agencies?   Maybe because he can not find enough good people willing to work for him?     Tracking how many key positions Trump has filled so far   253 of 614 have NO NOMINEE!

Trump Paid Over $1 Million in Labor Settlement, Documents Reveal

Michael Flynn's lawyer meets with members of special counsel's team, raising specter of plea deal

Odds Are, Russia Owns Trump

Wavering GOP senators must face three hard truths on tax reform

CBO: Senate tax plan would increase deficit by $1.4T over 10 years

Montana Republican is second to oppose current Senate tax bill

Numerous Senate Republicans demand late changes to tax bill as votes loom

Stelter: Why Trump's media attacks are still shocking


Why Trump loved a column that definitely didn't love him

Trump and Russia Seem to Find Common Foe: The American Press

Sunday, November 26, 2017

When journalists should 'call a lie a lie'

Of Course!  Trump Conflict Of Interest: CFPB Pick Mulvaney Linked To Lobbyist For Bank Facing Possible CFPB Sanctions

From taxes to a spy program, Republicans under pressure as year-end agenda looms

Senate GOP tax bill hurts the poor more than originally thought, CBO finds

6 Possible Hurdles For The GOP Tax Plan  - I replied -  https://twitter.com/Limbaugh2016/status/934926684595335168

Rex Tillerson Is Fiddling With PowerPoint While the World Burns

Ivanka Trump to promote women in India amid questions about garment workers who make her clothes there

Pope criticises politicians for stoking racism over immigration

Native Americans rewrote the playbook for preserving public land — and Trump is trying to erase it

Saturday, November 25, 2017

How Trump is slowly destroying America's national security agencies

Trump recommends reading this insane website

​​​Trump Promotes Antisemitic, Conspiracy Website: I ‘Wish the Fake News Would Report’ Like This

Why Trump Stands by Roy Moore, Even as It Fractures His Party

Trump tweets he 'took a pass' at being named TIME's person of the year

Inside Donald Trump's obsession with being Time's 'Person of the Year'

Week 27: Did Flynn Flip and Did Trump Flip Out?

Mr. Trump’s Paper Towels Aren’t Helping Puerto Rico

Paul Ryan tweeted about the House Tax Plan  https://twitter.com/SpeakerRyan/status/934468160866091012

I replied -  https://twitter.com/Limbaugh2016/status/934470927307460608

The Republican Tax on the Future

Jared Kushner’s Vast Duties, and Visibility in White House, Shrink

The shrinking profile of Jared Kushner

Elitists, crybabies and junky degrees

I tried to warn Senator Alexander,  How a powerful senator schooled Betsy DeVos  He never returned my calls or emails,  My Response to Senator Lamar Alexander on Betsy DeVos's Confirmation to the U.S. Department of Education Secretary

All About the CFPB, Washington's New Flashpoint: QuickTake Q&A

Friday, November 24, 2017

Trump lies A LOT!   Trump tweets he 'took a pass' at being named TIME's person of the year

Trump claims he took himself out of the running for Time’s ‘Person of the Year’

Time fires back at Trump after 'Person of the Year' claim

​​Time Magazine disputes President Trump’s ‘Person of the Year’ claims


States prepare to shut down children’s health programs if Congress doesn’t act

And misses deadlines,  Congress Braces for Russia Sanctions Face-Off With White House as New Deadline Looms

Tax cut for middle class? That's a con job | Moran

When a Tax Cut Costs Millions Their Medical Coverage

The GOP Tax Plan Is Entering Its Make-or-Break Week

GOP deficit hawks fear tax plan is secret budget-buster

Exploiting Veterans for Profit

So No Tax Cut for Middle class AND Coal Miners still out of work?  U.S. Coal Industry Shows No Sign of Comeback

Michael Flynn is the key to the Russia scandal — and he may have just flipped on Trump

If Flynn Is Cooperating With Mueller, Then Case Against Trump Gets Much More Serious

Mueller might be the one who’s ‘draining the swamp’

Diplomats Sound the Alarm as They Are Pushed Out in Droves  Diplomacy is one issue, but helping US citizens abroad is a big issue too,  Get Help in an Emergency


The Departing Consumer-Finance Director Moves to Thwart Trump

Thursday, November 23, 2017 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Trump's Thanksgiving Day message: Be very grateful. To him.

Despite Trump's Promises, Coal Plants Keep Closing

I Hate This President—and I Think I’m Okay With That

How Donald Trump Ruined Thanksgiving


Trump presidency spurs cottage industry of ethics watchdogs

Congress must investigate Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct


Trump tweets response to post on how he treats African-Americans like LaVar Ball

How Do You Survive Family Holidays Post-Election? I’m Asking For a Friend.

Column:  This year on Thanksgiving, think of the Pilgrims in your own family

Thankfully Recommitting to Resistance

As Global Governments Raise Taxes, U.S. Revenues Are Already Falling

Poll: Economists Unanimous That Debt Would Balloon Under GOP Tax Plan

Trump vows to repeal and replace ObamaCare 'disaster'

Surge in ObamaCare signups surprises experts

14K Iowans sign up for Obamacare plans so far


A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller

Flynn’s lawyer shuts down communications with Trump’s team, a sign he may be cooperating with Mueller probe

‘Keep coming at me guys!!!’: Donald Trump Jr. meets Russia scrutiny with defiance

Republicans are repeating a reckless cycle

​Before Net Neutrality, Internet Providers Consistently Abused Their Powers (Brief Timeline)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We can't say the word "Genocide" - that would require action via Lemkin's Law. 

U.S. declares attacks on Burmese Rohingya Muslims as ‘ethnic cleansing’ 

Ethnic Cleansing IS Genocide!

37 of 38 economists said the GOP tax plans would grow the debt. The 38th misread the question.

Yes, Deficits Still Matter

States Warn of Budget Crunch Under Republican Tax Plan

A late change to the Senate GOP tax bill could give big businesses more of a break

The 3 False Promises Of The GOP's Tax Plan

Trump, CNN, and the Corruption of Conservatism

House Republicans have a little-known plan to raise taxes on teachers by $2 billion

The word 'repeal' occurs 111 times in House plan,  H.R.1 - Tax Cuts and Jobs Act  and the Senate plan has 79 occurrences of 'repeal',  https://www.finance.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/11.9.17%20Chairman's%20Mark.pdf

How one GOP senator went from saving Obamacare to being OK with undermining it

Trump just took credit for the stock market again. What happens if the economy turns on him?


Jared Kushner is worried that Robert Mueller will 'get' Trump

Robert Mueller Zeroes in on Jared Kushner: A Closer Look

Mike Flynn business partner Bijan Kian now subject of Mueller probe

Exclusive: Manafort flight records show deeper Kremlin ties than previously known

By the numbers: The Trump orbit's contacts with Russians

A Russian Journalist Explains How the Kremlin Instructed Him to Cover the 2016 Election

Trump’s name is coming off his SoHo hotel as politics weigh on president’s brand

Trumps Can Never Really Check Out of SoHo Hotel

Top Trump staffers failed to file financial reports on their way out the door

Trump chooses his own version of reality to back Moore

President Trump and accusations of sexual misconduct: The complete list

Trump’s definition of ‘tough on crime’ apparently only includes white victims

RNC, NRSC have no plans to back Moore despite Trump's signal of support

Donald Trump's LaVar Ball tweets cross a line — even for him

Trump calls LaVar Ball an 'ungrateful fool'

Trump picks another fight with a Black sports figure. That’s no coincidence

She has done this before,  Kellyanne Conway’s Attack on Alabama Democrat Draws Legal Complaint

The backlash is building over the plan to gut net neutrality

I'm on the FCC. Please stop us from killing net neutrality

Tim Wu: Why the Courts Will Have to Save Net Neutrality

Education Department mulls over changes to narrow civil rights work

Trump goes golfing after White House demands correction touting full day of 'meetings and phone calls'

50 things Trump tweeted about instead of Roy Moore

​​Tuesday, November 21, 2017

President Trump just endorsed Roy Moore, for all intents and purposes

Trump offers support for Roy Moore in Alabama Senate race despite misconduct allegations

Trump Urges Vote for Roy Moore, Cites Candidate’s Denial of Allegations

Ex-RNC chair: Trump's comments on Roy Moore 'beyond stupid'

We deserve to know what Congress is paying out settlements for

Trump judicial pick apparently wrote 'just shoot' death row inmates: report

Note to Robert Mueller: Hope Hicks Was Part of the Cover-Up

The case against Trump for collusion

He’s a Member of Congress. The Kremlin Likes Him So Much It Gave Him a Code Name.

Koch Lobbyists and Opus Dei — Who’s Dropping in on Trump Budget Czar Mick Mulvaney?

Lies, incoherence and rage on tax cuts

Nobody Knows Nothing In Corporate America

Republicans Are Candid About the True Price of the Tax Bill

Murkowski says she backs Obamacare mandate repeal

Actuaries warn Congress mandate repeal would increase premiums

Tax Returns Identify Dark Money Organization As Source of GOP Supreme Court Attacks

NAFTA talks are in trouble

Donald Trump's science office is a ghost town

How Trump is building a border wall that no one can see

Leading Trump Census pick causes alarm

Elections and appointments have consequences:  FCC plan would give Internet providers power to choose the sites customers see and use

An Open Letter to the FCC:

The FCC just decided to repeal net neutrality. Here’s why that’s really, really bad.

Net Neutrality Repeal: What Could Happen and How It Could Affect You

Washington Has Delivered a Tangled Message on AT&T’s Power

FEC investigates PAC formerly linked to Ryan Zinke for spending issues

'UGH!': Zinke's wife's travel caused headaches for Interior staff

Alex Azar, Trump’s HHS Pick, Has Already Been a Disaster for People With Diabetes

Another federal judge just dealt a big blow to Trump’s ban on transgender military service

Details for Kobach’s fundraiser with Donald Trump Jr. revealed


This Uranium Deal Was No Scandal

Monday, November 20, 2017

FCC plans total repeal of net neutrality rules

Trump promises Americans 'huge tax cut' for Christmas

How the House and Senate Tax Bills Stack Up

Republicans' favorite argument for tax cuts just got demolished by a new analysis

T17-0278 - Major Provisions in Senate Bill: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, As Ordered Reported by the Committee on Finance; Tax Units with a Tax Increase or Tax Cut, by Expanded Cash Income Level, 2027; Baseline: Current Law

The House tax bill unleashes a dangerous avalanche of campaign cash


Duh! Reagan's tax cuts caused a recessions.  Analysis: House GOP tax bill adds $1.3T to the deficit

Trump’s nuclear threats aren’t going over well with military officials

Trump’s recklessness is magnifying the military’s political power — and independence

The Rules for Rulers

Federal judge rules Trump defunding sanctuary cities 'unconstitutional on its face'

Russia probe: Trump's tweets could be evidence against him, legal experts say

Trump Campaign Stops Paying Donald Jr.’s Legal Bills

Remember this interview?   Donald Trump Jr. Interview on State of the Union

He lied - Trump Jr. met with man with close ties to Kremlin

Two months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is still in crisis

Americans haven't forgotten about Puerto Rico, poll finds

We surveyed 112 Puerto Rican funeral homes to check the accuracy of the hurricane death toll. This is what we found.

Donald Trump is shutting down his charitable foundation

Maybe the problem is the messenger?   White House revamping Trump's weekly addresses


GOP Surrenders Cherished IRS Scandal at Last

The Nationalist's Delusion

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Trump: Should have left UCLA players in Chinese jail

Trump tweets he should have left UCLA players in Chinese jail


The Hidden History of Trump’s First Trip to Moscow

‘A long winter’: White House aides divided over scope, risks of Russia probe

Special Counsel sends wide-ranging request for documents to Justice Department

Did Putin get taken for a ride?

Trump tells Republican senators to not 'disappoint the American public' on tax reform

LUPICA: Republicans are asking the middle class to play dead while tax reform walks all over them

Mick Mulvaney defends GOP tax bill (full interview)

​Hmm...   Let's start with Mick Mulvaney interview by agreeing that removing the individual mandate is NOT repealing Obamacare, it is just crippling it. States require drivers to buy car insurance. Their accidents may impact others. People with no health insurance but get ill?  Excuse me Mick Mulvaney but people who make less than $50,000 a year and choose NOT to by health insurance are the ones who's lives are crushed once they are diagnosed with a catastrophic illness or suffer a terrible accident. What? You said this with a straight face and I quote: "The bottom line is the Whitehouse, the POTUS, is not going to sign a bill that raises taxes on the middle class, period, however... " HOWEVER is the problem. Bottom line? In Pocket Money left over - PERIOD.  The biggest scam of government is that tax rate = taxes paid. The issue is the AMOUNT of taxed paid, not the rate. The @housegop Tax Plan has the word "repeal" in it 111 times! https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/1/text#toc-H107D17D4BE4445C893BA5A6D009BF266  Impacting things like ALIMONY, TIPS, MEDICAL EXPENSES, MOVING EXPENSES, STUDENT LOANS. What about this?   The GOP Tax Plan Will Destroy Graduate Education  and  The House Just Voted to Bankrupt Graduate Students  Why the rush to lower Corporate Tax Rate? Wait - we know -  Not in a Million Years: The House’s Proposed Windfall for Donors  Awesome question Jake Tapper on "Why are Corporate Tax Cuts Permanent but Individual Sunsetted?" Mick Mulvaney answer was so on spot, admitting this is a Ponzi scheme and that the Senate GOP is skirting the rules. Sad. We know that DONORS are Driving this. Follow the rules?

Mnuchin: 'I don't know' if individual tax cuts will extend beyond 2025

Opinion House Republicans celebrated after punishing Californians and the poor with their tax bill

GOP Tax Bill Is The End Of All Economic Sanity In Washington   Reagan tax cuts and trickle down economics?

​​Reagan signs Economic Recovery Tax Act (ERTA)   and then  Recession of 1981–82   How did Reagan fix the problems?  He RAISED taxes!  Stephen Colbert brings up Ronald Reagan's tax-raising record in Ted Cruz interview

and  Even Reagan Raised Taxes

Two months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico struggles to regain electricity and thousands flee the island


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Trump still loves polls


Trump begins paying legal bills from own pocket

Week 26: Donald Jr. and WikiLeaks Talk Dirty

Top general would reject 'illegal' nuke order from Trump

Who benefits? Mixed messages on the GOP tax plan

Winners and losers under the Senate tax overhaul proposal

Trump Exaggerates ‘Small Business’ Tax Cuts

Why a Firm Believer in Tax Cuts Could Derail the Senate Tax Cut Plan

Here’s the incredibly unpopular GOP tax reform plan — in one graph

​​The walls are closing in on Jared Kushner

Ivanka’s signature real estate deals were disasters linked to drug cartels and money laundering


Mar-a-Lago’s new winter season: The Red Cross Ball is out, the Trumpettes are in

The Trump Administration Is Making War on Diplomacy

The Plot to Loot America’s Wilderness

Friday, November 17, 2017

We’re With Stupid

Why Putin Keeps Outsmarting Trump

Trump’s ‘Look over there!’ tactics are pathetic. Does he think we’re fools?

Poll: Trump job approval hits new low

Germany supplants US as the country with the best global reputation

You need to get angrier about a guy named Brett Talley

The GOP is not even trying to be subtle,    Private-Jet Owners Spared Tax Hit in Senate GOP Plan



Senate, Like House, Opts to Keep Tax Break for Rich That Trump Vowed to End

JCT Estimates: Amended Senate Tax Bill Skewed to Top, Hurts Many Low- and Middle-Income Americans

This remarkable, angry exchange between senators unmasks the GOP’s tax-cut lies

Trump: The economy is great! Also Trump: Tax reform will make the economy great!

Tapper Rips Trump Tweeting About Franken: ‘People in Glass White Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones’



A Panama tower carries Trump’s name and ties to organized crime

Congressional aides may have answers on pro-Russia GOP platform change

Senate panel interested in Russians' request for Trump meeting during campaign

Top Russian Official Tried to Broker ‘Backdoor’ Meeting Between Trump and Putin

Kushner testified he did not recall any campaign WikiLeaks contact

Kushner failed to disclose outreach from Putin ally to Trump campaign

Kushner received emails from Sergei Millian — an alleged dossier source who was in touch with George Papadopoulos

Trump puts 'hold' on big game trophy decision while he reviews issue


Interior Dept. Watchdog Says Zinke Does Not Keep Proper Travel Records

Doubts surface about key witness in Uranium One probe of Clinton

Thursday, November 16, 2017

“The fish rots from the head”: a historian on the unique corruption of Trump’s White House

House Approves $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut in Mostly Party-Line Vote

​"• In addition to every Democrat, 13 Republicans also voted against the bill."   So 13 GOP House Members realized this impacts THEIR base.

​​The House just passed its big tax bill. Here's what is in it and what deductions vanish.

"What did taxpayers lose in the tax bill passed today by the House? - The deduction for medical expenses - Most tax benefits for college - State and local tax deduction - Deductions for theft or loss of valuables."

Trump and his family could save more than $1 billion under House tax bill

The GOP tax plan is moving forward. It’s a big scam on Trump’s base.

Senate tax bill would cut taxes of wealthy and increase taxes on families earning less than $75,000 by 2027

Leader of key GOP super PAC warns lawmakers: Oppose tax bill at your peril

​​Republicans only have one plan. Sometimes they call it “tax reform.” Other times “health-care reform.”

Health Care for Millions at Risk as Tax Writers Look for Revenue

​​New analysis undercuts the White House argument that tax reform benefits the middle class

House Republicans pass bill that would raise taxes on middle class families

Senate Republicans’ tax plan raises taxes on families earning less than $75,000

Senate Plan Would Raise Taxes on the Poor, a Report Says

Bill Signals Top Tax Priority of G.O.P. Is to Help Corporations

The House Just Voted to Bankrupt Graduate Students

Larry Summers: Republican tax plan is a 'serious policy error'

Mnuchin Crosses the U.S. Trying to Sell the GOP Tax Plan

The GOP tax plan just passed the House, but the Senate's bill is officially 'in trouble'

Tax overhaul drama moves to Senate as House approves its bill

GOP pushes ahead on tax reform – Senate debate to start after Thanksgiving

Everybody Hates the Trump Tax Plan

The new tax plan CUTS Medicaid,  Budget Process  and Medicare  Republicans’ tax bill could trigger a $25 billion cut to Medicare   So ANOTHER Donald J. Trump lie,  Trump promised over and over to 'save' Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Will he?  NO!   AARP and the GOP Base will remember this.


​A little humor,  Trump Voters Celebrate Massive Tax Cut for Everyone But Them

There's a massive moral vacuum in the country right now

Moral vacuum? Another Trump administration member has resigned,  DHS official resigns over past racial remarks  Why?   Homeland Security's head of community outreach once said blacks turned cities to 'slums' with 'laziness, drug use and sexual promiscuity'

Report: Kushner Got Emails About WikiLeaks, Russia in 2016

Senate Judiciary panel: Kushner had contacts about WikiLeaks, Russian overtures he did not disclose

Trumpland Has 'The Sky Is Green' Problem

Mueller Subpoenaed Trump Campaign for More Documents

Mueller subpoena to Trump campaign officials seeks Russia-related keywords

Russian ambassador says he won't name all the Trump officials he's met with because 'the list is so long'

The G.O.P.’s “Boil the Frog” Strategy to Save Trump

The Russia investigation’s spectacular accumulation of lies

After Shep Smith Fact Checks Uranium One “Scandal,” Fox & Friends Fuels Conspiracy

Watchdog slams Zinke for failing to document travel

Court won't halt judge's demand for details on DACA cancellation decision

Black men sentenced to more time for committing the exact same crime as a white person, study finds

The FCC just repealed a 42-year-old rule blocking broadcast media mergers

Trump administration reverses ban on import of elephant trophies

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Can we just say Trump lied?  Trump’s ‘Tremendous Success’ Abroad Is Overstated

Those stories about Trump cutting our National Debt are lies.   National debt hits $20.5 trillion


New Hatch plan makes host of individual tax cuts temporary

Trump economic adviser appears surprised by CEO tax proposal response

Republicans’ risky attempt to repeal the Obamacare individual mandate with their tax plan

​​The Republican tax plan’s five worst dangers

Many Working and Middle-Class Americans Would See a Tax Increase Under the House GOP Tax Plan

Every Tax Cut and Tax Increase in the House G.O.P. Bill and What It Would Cost

The GOP plan to kill Obamacare’s least popular provision could backfire on some in the middle class

Poll: Voters think Trump will benefit from tax plan

Why the GOP put the individual mandate in its tax plan — and what it means for health care

Healthcare fight consumes Senate tax debate

Republican Tax Plans Mock Conservative Principles

Ron Johnson Opposes Senate Tax Overhaul

Robb: The Senate's idea of tax reform is even worse than the House's

Tax bill teed up for House vote

House Republican says tax cuts always boost the economy. There’s just one problem.

GOP Tax Plan Puts Lawmakers in Bind Over Medicare Spending Cuts

Does GOP not realize their tax plan makes their donors happy but hurts THEIR base?

Republicans are risking the entire 2018 election on this tax bill

WOW!   GOP leaders weigh drastic plan to save Alabama Senate seat

Taxpayers pay legal bill to protect Trump business profits

Among Scores of Trump-Pence's  Anti-LGBTQ Nominees, HRC Spotlights Five Who Represent Greatest Threat

What Donald Trump's UCLA tweet reveals about him

Republicans press U.S.-Russia uranium deal probe despite no wrongdoing findings

Inside the ‘Lewandowski Embassy’

Fox News’s Shepard Smith debunks his network’s favorite Hillary Clinton ‘scandal,’ infuriates viewers

Rep. Steve Cohen introduces articles of impeachment against Trump

Members Introduce Articles of Impeachment

Tillerson: We can't say Myanmar's carnage is ethnic cleansing. World: Yes, we can.   No one remembers Bosnia?

​​Trump admin. to reverse ban on elephant trophies from Africa

House Dems introduce impeachment articles against Trump

Army says USA TODAY story forced it to drop plans for waivers for high-risk recruits

The Border Patrol Doesn’t Know What To Do With The Thousands Of Agents Trump Wants To Hire

Sean Hannity has become the media’s top conspiracy theorist

16,000 scientists sign dire warning to humanity over health of planet

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The GOP Tax Bill Is Bad for Students

Gary Cohn had an awkward moment when CEOs appeared to shoot down one of the biggest arguments for the GOP tax plan

The huge contradiction at the heart of Jeff Sessions' Russia explanation

Jeff Sessions' many denials on Russia, explained

U.S. Hires Company With K.G.B. Link to Guard Moscow Embassy

Donald Trump says something that isn't true 5.5 times a day. Every day.

Trump's job approval inches downward

Trump returns home from Asia with few clear wins

Jeff Sessions: We're investigating 27 leaks of classified information

Legal experts weigh in on Sessions’ call to evaluate Clinton allegations

U.S.D.A. Official’s Emails With Lobbyists Are Sought After Hearing

Top GOP Law Enforcement Chiefs Held Secret Weekend Event At Mar-a-Lago


Monday, November 13, 2017 

WOW!   Trump tweeted about Podesta emails 15 minutes after WikiLeaks asked Trump Jr. to: report

The Secret Correspondence Between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks

Donald Trump Jr. confirms communicating with WikiLeaks

Donald Trump Jr. made senior Trump campaign staff, including Kushner and Bannon, aware that he was in touch with WikiLeaks

"Donald Trump Jr. has released exchanges he had with the WikiLeaks Twitter account via direct messages during the 2016 presidential campaign."   https://twitter.com/AC360/status/930247697298329600

Donald Trump Jr. releases exchanges with WikiLeaks

Counting Trump's shady Russian dealings


Watch Trump Continuously Mention WikiLeaks in Days Leading Up to Election

Pence denies knowing about Trump Jr. WikiLeaks contacts

Trump Judicial Pick Did Not Disclose He Is Married to a White House Lawyer

A Guy Trump Nominated as a Judge Apparently Used to Hunt Ghosts

Donald Trump Has Nominated 480 People So Far in His Presidency. 80% of Them Are Men.

Trump choosing white men as judges, highest rate in decades

Sessions considering second special counsel to investigate Republican concerns, letter shows

Justice Department to Consider Special Counsel for Uranium One Deal

White House coal pitch sparks climate outcry in Bonn

A Wide-Open Door for Pesticide Lobbyists at the Agriculture Department

Hill Republican dilemma: Dash to pass tax reform or face donor backlash

Here’s Where the GOP Tax Plan Stands Right Now

If the tax bill is so great, why does the GOP keep lying about it?

GOP tax plan won't 'unleash' economic growth. It'll make things worse.

Not in a Million Years: The House’s Proposed Windfall for Donors

Bipartisan analysis says Senate bill would hike taxes for 13.8 million moderate-income American households

​​The Future of Coal Remains Bleak One Year After Trump's Election

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Some dirty words (HBO) but explains Trump well,   The Trump Presidency: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

​In Vietnam, Trump blasts critics on Russia as ‘haters and fools’ and appears to call North Korean leader ‘short and fat

After a Disciplined Week in Asia, Trump Unloads on Critics

Trump Backs Intel Agencies After Raising Doubts Over Russian Meddling

Trump's chief of staff: 'I do not follow the tweets

Russia’s mark: A dangerous fool for a president

Siding With the Enemy

Two former intelligence chiefs blast Trump over Russia comments

​All the times members of the Trump campaign interacted with Russians

The Republican tax plan could cut major tax breaks for education

More than 400 millionaires tell Congress: Don't cut our taxes


He has never tried a case, but Trump wants to make him judge for life

The Lineman Got $63 an Hour. The Utility Was Billed $319 an Hour.

Whose freedom is it?

​Saturday, November 11, 2017 - Veterans Day

America owes a debt to its veterans, and so far, we haven't paid up

​Trump and Veterans:  http://www.limbaughlooper2016.com/veterans-affairs.html

President Trump, Please Read the Constitution

'These Are Not The Actions of an Innocent Man'

Trump and Russia (shaking my head)  Trump says he believes Putin's election meddling denials   


Trump Says Putin ‘Means It’ About Not Meddling in U.S. Elections

Trump says Putin sincere in denial of Russian meddling

No words,  Trump: ‘People will die’ because of the Russia investigation

Trump careens off script on Russia after Putin meeting

Full Transcript of Trump’s Remarks on Russia

August 2nd,  Trump signs Russia sanctions bill, Moscow calls it 'trade war' 

​BUT  October 1 came and went,   Russia sanctions still not implemented, despite White House promises

Trump seeks to downplay past skepticism of Russian election meddling

Trump blasts 'haters and fools' on Russia relations, 'short and fat' Kim Jong-Un

CIA director stands by intel community assessment Russia meddled in election

The 29 most eye-popping lines from Donald Trump's press gaggle in Vietnam


Trump’s ‘America first’ looks more and more like ‘America alone’

Puerto Rico’s emergency manager steps down, U.S. army announces end of relief mission

NOT hiring best and brightest Trump,   Trump Nominee for Federal Judgeship Has Never Tried a Case

Trump Is Rapidly Reshaping the Judiciary. Here’s How.

Republicans had a great week on taxes. Or did they?

Social Media and Democracy


Friday, November 10, 2017

I want my old GOP back,  Roy Moore response shows GOP deserves to die: Max Boot

Papadopoulos was in regular contact with Stephen Miller, helped edit Trump speech: report

A London Meeting of an Unlikely Group: How a Trump Adviser Came to Learn of Clinton ‘Dirt’

Investigators probe Trump knowledge of campaign's Russia dealings: sources


Devin Nunes attended a breakfast with Michael Flynn and Turkey's foreign minister just before the inauguration


Trump in the Age of the Strongman

Donald Trump not welcome to speak in Parliament, says Commons Speaker John Bercow

Paul Ryan abandons key boast on Republican tax cut plan

Too Rich for Conflicts? Trump Appointees May Have Many, Seen and Unseen

McConnell 'misspoke' on claim that no one in middle class would get tax increase

The many ways President Trump would benefit from the GOP’s tax plan

GOP Donors To GOP Lawmakers: Yeah. We Will Cut You Off Absent Tax Reform

Whatever happened to the party of fiscal responsibility?

How Corporations and the Wealthy Avoid Taxes (and How to Stop Them)

I predicted that Donald J. Trump would have problems recruiting our nation's best and brightest but wow, this is pretty bad!    Trump judge nominee, 36, who has never tried a case, wins approval of Senate panel

I personally know several judges that are for more qualified!

Trump Nominee Kathleen Hartnett White Ignores Climate Change In Her Own Backyard

Trump Installs Tax-Dodging Expert as the Head of the IRS

State Department to Offer Buyouts in Effort to Cut Staff

5 things Trump did this week while you weren't looking

Voter turnout is the key,   “Trump country” stories help explain our politics, not the next election

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wow! Someone admits why they are rushing to pass tax reform (hint, not constituents!) 

Graham: 'Financial contributions will stop' if GOP doesn't pass tax reform

Graham's Donors?   Sen. Lindsey Graham - South Carolina

Republican Senators fire warnings shots about the new Senate GOP tax bill

No, 'everyone' won't get a tax cut under the House GOP plan

One Tax Loophole Untouched So Far: The Trump Golf-Course Break

Trump promised to close this loophole

He didn't - A Tax Loophole for the Rich That Just Won’t Die

Gary Cohn says the estate tax repeal isn't just about the wealthy. Here's the truth.

Senate Tax Plan Diverges From House Version, Highlighting Political Pressures

Papadopoulos represented Trump campaign at meetings with British officials, Israeli settlers

Report: Mueller Team Interviewed Top White House Aide Stephen Miller

Mueller interviews top White House aide

LOSING!   Senators author bill forcing VA to report more problem medical providers, faster

WINNING!  Trump administration axes nominee who called for ban on all Muslim air travel

LOSING!  Puerto Rico hit by massive new power outage

Losing!  New data shows how the Trump administration is destroying the State Department

Trump Ignores Climate Change. That’s Very Bad for Disaster Planners.

This is truly SAD!   Trump’s nominee to lead his environmental council isn’t sure if water expands as it warms

Fox, facing new competitors, clings tighter to Trump

​​Gallup poll: Majority of Americans now favor more gun laws

SAD!   Military jury convicts Marine drill instructor who targeted Muslims

They voted for Trump in this Washington county. Now their immigrant neighbors are gone


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What the Hell Just Happened in Virginia?   In my humble opinion, non-haters and hate-ees were motivated to vote by all of the hate. The Women's March, the Travel Ban marches and others translated into voters. Women turned out to voice their displeasure with Trump. 

Suburbs Rebel Against Trump, Threatening Republicans in Congress

Exit polls: This was a message to Trump

Younger voters drove historic wins on election night

‘Canary in the coal mine’: Republicans fear Democratic wins mean more losses to come

America Will Survive Trump, but It Won’t Ever Be the Same

How people feel about Trump's America, in charts

Final round of layoffs planned at Carrier plant Trump promised to save

GOP election drubbing scrambles tax reform outlook

Will Trump really pay more with GOP tax bill?

Few believe GOP tax plan means tax cuts for all – or for them

How GOP Tax Plan Will Slam Small Businesses

GOP bill would hike taxes on 31 percent of middle-class Americans by 2027, study finds

House Dem: GOP Tax Bill a 'Direct Assault on the Elderly'

Political panel on GOP tax bill

​Ending Medical Tax Break Could Be a ‘Gut Punch’ to the Middle Class

Wow! Maine's Governor has always been 'out there' but now he is way out there! Last night:  Maine voters approve expanding Medicaid under Obamacare   Today?   Maine governor’s last ditch effort to keep Medicaid from 70,000 people

This is the photo that says everything about Donald Trump's first year as President



One Year After Trump’s Election, Revisiting “Autocracy: Rules for Survival”

Prosecutors Are Examining Carl Icahn’s Role as Trump Adviser

The Strange Pleasure of Seeing Carter Page Set Himself on Fire

Russia investigators probe 2016 GOP platform fight

Flynn worries about son in special counsel probe


I kept bring this story up as a clue,  How The Trump Campaign Weakened The Republican Platform On Aid To Ukraine   Now?   A Trump adviser gave the campaign 'the chance to intervene' in controversial Ukraine platform change — and lawmakers want to know why

​Trump has mentioned the election one out of every five days over the past year

Trump Is Ceding Global Leadership to China

​Top diplomat: State Department being 'depleted at a dizzying speed'  The State Department comes in handy when you are overseas,   Get Help in an Emergency

One of the EPA's newest science experts thinks ‘modern air’ is too clean to breathe

A behind-the-scenes look at Scott Pruitt's dysfunctional EPA

Exclusive: EPA's Pruitt vows to continue rolling back rules despite alarming climate report

Inside Betsy DeVos’s efforts to shrink the Education Department

How Coal Giant Peabody's Ideas Ended Up in Trump's Coal Study

Duterte tells Trump to ‘lay off’ questions about bloody drug war ahead of their meeting


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Donald Trump made 32 false claims last week, 835 since his inauguration

Texas church shooting: How Trump's reactions to mass attacks differ for US-born suspects like Devin Kelley

Trump’s highly dubious claim that more gun control could have left ‘hundreds more dead’ in Texas

Donald Trump literally just made the 'good guy with a gun' argument

Trump adviser sent email describing ‘private conversation’ with Russian official


​Syria Joins Paris Climate Accord, Leaving Only U.S. Opposed

​We are seeing Trump's base slip away day by day,  Poll: More in key counties Trump carried say US worse off


You can't make this stuff up!   Author of Republican tax bill says some middle class families will be ‘better off’ paying more taxes

Republicans thrown on defensive after study shows tax hike

The GOP Tax Plan Will Destroy Graduate Education

​​Trump Tells Democrats He’ll ‘Get Killed’ Financially in GOP Tax Bill

GOP tax bill would end deduction for wildfire and earthquake victims — but not recent hurricane victims

The seven Republican super-donors who keep money in tax havens

GOP lawmaker: Donors are pushing me to get tax reform done   Rep Chris Collins donors?   Open Secrets

Another Trump lie:    Trump’s HHS Unveils Medicaid Overhaul That Will Mean Fewer People Covered

The lie?   Trump promised over and over to 'save' Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Will he?

Monday, November 6, 2017

How to Reduce Shootings

​​Air Force Error Allowed Texas Gunman to Buy Weapons

If Trump’s Blaming Mental Health, Why Did He Gut This Obama Gun-Check Rule?

Trump’s Response to Tragedy Is Marked by Inconsistency

After Texas shooting, Trump and politicians show how mental they are

Congress will likely do the same thing after the Texas massacre it did after Las Vegas: nothing

The gun lobby: See how much your representative gets

Trump’s presidency is not recovering

Here are all the places Trump is losing support


CNN Poll: Trump approval at new low as Russia concerns grow

The Trump administration is up to its neck in Russians

A Timeline: Pence’s Role in the White House’s Russia-Related Mess

Ex-Trump Aide Scrambles to Scrub Russia From Bio

Trump Jr. Hinted at Review of Anti-Russia Law, Moscow Lawyer Says

Jared Kushner Could Be Vulnerable To Charges Based On Federal Filings

Carter Page Coordinated Russia Trip with Top Trump Campaign Officials

Carter Page's testimony is filled with bombshells — and supports key portions of the Steele dossier

Here’s the Problem With the White House’s Story on the Papadopoulos Scandal

Analysis from Trump's alma mater shows the GOP tax plan has a potentially massive math problem


GOP bill projected to hike taxes for many in working class

GOP tax plan overwhelmingly favors the wealthy and might stall in Senate, new analyses show

The Clash of Social Visions

Who wins biggest in the GOP tax plan? The lazy rich.

White House seeks to weaken ACA’s individual mandate, with executive order as backup plan

ObamaCare signups surge in early days to set new record

Our political parties can’t save themselves


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Texas church massacre brings more grief, prayers, questions — and the same failure to act

​​At least 26 dead, 20 injured in shooting at rural Texas church

At least 26 dead in South Texas church shooting, officials say

​​Why Are So Many Mass Shootings Committed by Young White Men?

Among highly developed countries, more guns leads to more gun deaths.

Gun Rights on Open Secrets


Trump's approval rating hits historic low, Washington Post-ABC poll says

Poll: Trump’s performance lags behind even tepid public expectations

A year after his surprise election, 65 percent say Trump's achieved little (POLL)

We are watching Donald J. Trump base shrink day by day  http://www.langerresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/1193a3TrumpYearLater.pdf

Remember this?  Donald Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill for ‘Sake of National Unity’

October 1 came and went,  Congress: Trump Won’t Implement Russia Sanctions—and He Won’t Tell Us Why

Now,  Trump commerce secretary's business links with Putin family laid out in leaked files

Wilbur Ross shares business interests with Putin's son-in-law, Kremlin-linked businessmen: Report

Paradise Papers: Leaks Show Wilbur Ross Hid Ties to Putin Cronies

The wealthy men in Trump's inner circle with links to tax havens

At least nine people in Trump’s orbit had contact with Russians during campaign and transition

Coincidence or coordination?

Kremlin Cash Behind Billionaire’s Twitter and Facebook Investments

The Kremlin invested 'hundreds of millions' in Twitter and Facebook through a Kushner associate

Warner: Papadopoulos 'had been on our screen for a long time'

Ryan: ObamaCare mandate repeal up for consideration in tax bill

Using tax legislation to overhaul Obamacare still ‘being discussed,’ Ryan says

​Donald Trump accused of obstructing satellite research into climate change

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Donald Trump is in a very bad polling place

Washington Post-ABC News poll, Oct. 29-Nov.1, 2017

Trump’s year of anger, disruption and scandal

​Mueller braces for challenges to his authority

​Trump’s claim that Papadopoulos had inconsequential role is unraveling

Some middle-class Americans would pay higher taxes under GOP bill, despite Trump’s promise

Trump said Japan should have shot down overflying North Korea missiles

EPA chief set to meet privately with chemical industry execs


Friday, November 3, 2017

Puerto Rico still mostly without electricity   Irony?  6 days after Hurricane Sandy:  "The federal gov. has handled Sandy worse than Katrina. There is no excuse why people don't have electricity or fuel yet."  https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/265924424623075328

Trumpocracy: Tracking the Creeping Authoritarianism of the 45th President

Trump Vowed End to Key Wall St. Loophole. G.O.P. Tax Plan Leaves It Intact.

House tax plan would kill the student loan interest deduction

Existing IRS Code:    Topic Number: 456 - Student Loan Interest Deduction

An Important Tax Deduction for Seniors and Their Families Is on the Chopping Block

In high-tax states, worries about pain from GOP tax plan

60 percent of Americans say Trump tax plan will benefit wealthy (POLL)

Big Pharma a Big Winner in Trump’s Proposed Tax Plan

Trump administration releases report finding 'no convincing alternative explanation' for climate change


"Some of the new advisers have controversial scientific views, including one who believes air quality is too clean for children, while the new members include multiple climate change skeptics." You can not make this stuff up!!!

​​EPA names industry, state officials to advisory boards    http://www.limbaughlooper2016.com/environment.html

Longtime Trump bodyguard to face questions about 2013 Moscow trip

Trump: 'I don't remember much' about Papadopoulos meeting

Papadopoulos was more than the coffee boy

Trump Campaign Adviser Met With Russian Officials in 2016

Someone is Scared?  Conservatives introduce measure demanding Mueller’s resignation

‘Very Frustrated’ Trump Becomes Top Critic of Law Enforcement

Trump finally discovered he can’t force the feds to prosecute Clinton — and he’s not happy

'The Saddest Thing': President Trump Acknowledges Constraint

President Trump doesn't know if he'd fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Corker knocks Trump over 'totally inappropriate' Justice Department remarks

Republican Sen. Bob Corker blasts Trump for pressuring DOJ

Franken: Sessions has 'terrible memory' or 'is deliberately not telling me the truth'

Sad!  Older people and Republicans, threatening free speech

​America is facing an epistemic crisis

Put America First! You do that, not me! Right Donald J. Trump? ​​  As employers use more foreign workers, Trump wins 70 visas for Mar-a-Lago

Thursday, November 2, 2017


The question is really simple. Forget tax rate. Is the total amount of money you end up paying in taxes going to be more or less?    GOP tax plan would shrink mortgage interest benefit, slash corporate tax rate

Editorial:  Growth, debt and a controversial GOP tax plan

The GOP tax bill would give huge cuts to businesses — and much less for average Americans

GOP tax plan may offer little aid for many in middle class

GOP tax 'reform' worse than partisan. It's petty.

WOW!!! No more helping companies that hire veterans!

Sec. 3404. Repeal of work opportunity tax credit.
Current law: Under current law, an employer may claim a credit equal to 40 percent of
qualified first-year wages of employees belonging to certain targeted groups. Such qualified
wages are subject to various limits between $6,000 and $24,000, varying by the specific targeted
Provision: Under the provision, the work opportunity tax credit would be repealed. The
provision would be effective for wages paid or incurred to individuals who begin work after
JCT estimate: According to JCT, the provision would increase revenues by $3.6 billion over



The Latest: Trump kisses Republican tax plan

Ethics watchdog: GOP tax bill written to cut Trump's taxes

Trump Tax Bill Hammers New York and California

Small business lobby opposed to GOP tax bill

Republican Tax Proposal Gets Failing Grade From Higher-Ed Groups

The GOP tax bill should keep churches and charitable organizations out of politics

Churches and the IRS: The Johnson Amendment explained


Sessions under renewed scrutiny on Capitol Hill

Trump and Sessions Denied Knowing About Russian Contacts. Records Suggest Otherwise.

Democrats demand that Sessions explain his meeting with Papadopoulos

Uh Oh!!!    Exclusive: Carter Page testifies he told Sessions about Russia trip

Uh Oh II !!!!    White House was unaware top adviser testified before grand jury

A history of Donald Trump’s business dealings in Russia

Jared Kushner's team turned over documents to special counsel in Russia investigation

Lawmakers: Carter Page withholding documents from their Russia probe

At least five people close to Trump engaged with Russian Twitter trolls from 2015 to 2017

Senate Republicans pledge to let Mueller’s investigation proceed

The public sides with Mueller

US withdraws from global oil anti-corruption pact

​You can not make this up!  First Donald Trump​ chooses Education Secretary that knows nothing about education. He puts someone in charge of the EPA that does not care to Protect the Environment. He appoints a Non Scientist to the job of Head Scientist of the USDA (the non-scientist just withdrew his name) and a non-rocket-scientist to take over NASA. NOW he appoints someone without an economics degree to head The FED.  Does Trump not grasp the fundamentals of a resume and prerequisites? 

Who Is Jerome Powell: Trump’s Pick for Fed Chairman

Sam Clovis withdraws his nomination for USDA’s top scientist post after being linked to Russia probe

Trump nominates some club members to plum government jobs

VA Delays Key Agent Orange Decisions            http://www.limbaughlooper2016.com/veterans-affairs.html


FEMA Ramps Up No-Bid Awards While Faulting Puerto Rico

Democrats sue GSA over access to Trump hotel records

Trump's Twitter account briefly goes dark, sparking social media pandemonium

It looked like Donald Trump's Twitter account was deleted. Then it wasn't.

The Donald J. Trump twitter going away for 12 minute plot is thickening!    Twitter: Employee briefly shut down Trump's account on last day of work

Trump’s EPA issues damning analysis of his effort to get rid of Obama’s climate plan

Huh III?    U.S. energy chief says fossil fuels could help prevent sexual assaults in Africa

Huh IV?    GOP tax bill ends electric vehicle tax credit, overhauls other energy taxes

Trump on lack of nominees: 'I am the only one that matters'   261 of 608 NO NOMINEE!  Tracking how many key positions Trump has filled so far


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The stunning difference between Trump's reaction to the Las Vegas shooting and the NYC attack

How to Politicize the Halloween Terror Attack in New York: The Daily Show


Trump is getting his counterterrorism talking points from ‘Fox & Friends’

From conservative media to the White House: anatomy of Trump's 'diversity visa' tweet

GOP rep: Trump justice system ‘laughing stock’ comment ‘not well placed’


Hours after Trump calls US justice system 'a laughingstock,' White House denies he ever did



Math Problem Bedevils Republican Tax Rewrite

​​President Trump’s tax cut: Not ‘the biggest’ in U.S. history

One Big Problem for Trump’s Tax Plan? It’s Already Unpopular.

Most Americans think North Korea can be contained; Republicans like how Trump conducts himself

Awaiting Trump's coal comeback, miners reject retraining   Sad

Trump to reconsider Grand Canyon uranium mining ban

The other huge scandal Mueller brought to light this week

FEMA Spends $35 Million on Generators in Puerto Rico That Engineers Say Aren't Even Needed

The Education of Betsy DeVos   I tried to warn Senator Lamar Alexander,  My Response to Senator Lamar Alexander on Betsy DeVos's Confirmation to the U.S. Department of Education Secretary


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The Republican exodus in the age of Donald Trump

Trump's 41 most eye-popping lines from his Pensacola speech

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