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If we address some other issues we may make it easier for people to be able to afford a place to live? (I apologize for some of the language but the message is important!)

Homeless / Housing  in the news: Where Nearly Half of Pupils Are Homeless, School Aims to Be Teacher, Therapist, Even Santa

Denver finds a simple and innovative way to help the homeless — wash their clothes

What about their minds?   Psychiatry in the Streets: Unique Services for People Experiencing Homelessness

​​Someone did a report:  The State of Homelessness in America 2016

How to Think about Low-Income Housing

Blue Tarp Project aims to humanize homelessness, one face at a time

Someone has a plan: Facts on Homelessness

Their plan?

"Develop effective solutions for those on the street, including targeted outreach and appropriate facilities and services, particularly for persons with substance-abuse and mental-health problems

Strengthen the system of shelter and services that enable persons who are  homeless to make the transition to stability and job readiness

Provide permanent solutions – jobs and housing – so that people can break the cycle of homelessness and become stable and productive citizens

Strengthen homelessness prevention programs so that no one ends up in shelters or on the streets; this includes reinvesting in economically vulnerable neighborhoods, improving the school system, making sure people have access to health care, and providing jobs at a living wage"

Sounds like a pretty good plan. 

Los Angeles is going to try do to something:

​LA votes to put $1.2 billion homeless measure on ballot

Affordable Housing?

Using Data to Understand and End Homelessness

The town I live in has a great program:

Reports above say the homelessness situation may be improving. If you are a veteran living on the streets or have been evicted from your apartment because you were laid off, it doesn't feel like improvement to you.  We need to make more affordable housing available. One of my first commitments after I get elected is fixing the issues veterans have getting health care from the VA. I will address the homelessness of veterans and others while looking into the VA. 


Someone on Facebook asks:

​"Multiple links and not one shred of original thought in your own words showing any real experience. So again. What would YOU do to fix it?"

I replied:

​I would really address the opioid issue instead of paying lip service to it. I would end the war on drugs. I would take back the GOP tax cut scam (check out what Berkshire Hathaway got back for example) - I would NOT build the Federal Housing programs of old but instead when someone is building a new subdivision or apartment complex give them a tax incentive to provide say 10% of each dwelling or apartment to someone with limited income a place to own or rent. I would put in programs to help those people become more successful in life - think your advisor in college. Provide low-cost child care so people can work and have a safe place for their children. People say I sound like a liberal. I like to think of myself as a compassionate conservative. The young man or woman struggling at 20 with one kid or 22 with 2 kids may be the plant manager or store supervisor or even business owner at 32 with 3 kids. Where do I get my research for these beliefs? My own life. You hear your whole life about waste and mismanagement in government. Maybe if we put more 'ownership' in it by the people on both sides of the desk? Stop looking at people as numbers but as people?

Owning their own home gives someone a better outlook on life:

We have to address this: