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Healthcare:  So far it has saved my mother's life. She was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer (yes, she is a life-long smoker) that had metastasized to her kidneys and lymph nodes.  The same thing her high school sweetheart and my dad passed away from in 1972.  13 weeks of daily chemo and 3-times a week radiation was the plan. They told her 3 more weeks.  After 16 weeks, the cancer was gone. For two years now she has been cancer free.  She is a retired nurse on MediCare.  She has a lot of medical bills.  I hate to imagine what the bills are like with her MediCare.

The GOP has been touting nationwide insurance sells, crossing state lines. Here is one discussion of that idea. 

My healthcare stance? I will surround myself with some smart people and we will investigate the private system, the single-payer and Obamacare and compare the possible benefits and possible liabilities of each type of coverage.  I promise to do what is right for everyone from the oldest to the youngest. 

March 27, 2017 Update:  Rising From The Ashes - A Novel Bipartisan Approach To Health Care Reform

​July 3, 2017 Update:   Column As GOP moves toward repeal, a government report shows Obamacare is working well   and   SUMMARY REPORT ON TRANSITIONAL REINSURANCE PAYMENTS AND PERMANENT RISK ADJUSTMENT TRANSFERS FOR THE 2016 BENEFIT YEAR

​​The question of healthcare comes down to what is the best answer to the most people?   Some promote Single-Payer,

What is Single Payer?

Bernie Sanders has a plan: Medicare for All: Leaving No One Behind​

Are You Sure You Want Single Payer?

Someone has doubt that Bernie Sanders plan will work:

​The False Lure of the Sanders Single-Payer Plan

How did health care work when I was a kid? 

Were the early 1960s a golden age for health care?

​Key question?  Is Healthcare a Consumer Product like a car or a refrigerator or a right to have?   Some argue that if you give people healthcare today, what is next, everyone gets their own car?

Is Obamacare the answer?  I honestly do not know. I do know that a large contingent of the GOP is anti-Obamacare just for the sake of being against it.  A lot of them do not even know that it does or how it works or even took the time to read the bill.  I have a hunch most citizens don't have a clue either: