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Gerrymandering Explained

​​Gerrymandering - Incumbents Choose Their Voters

​​This is the best explanation of gerrymandering you will ever see

H.S. student invents game on evils of gerrymandering. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays.

North Carolina federal court throws out congressional map

​​​Five myths about gerrymandering            Citizen-Led Efforts to Reform Redistricting in 2018

A Sad Day!     Supreme Court favors Republicans in gerrymandering cases

Pennsylvania’s gerrymandered House map was just struck down — with huge implications for 2018

Supreme Court rejects Pennsylvania GOP plea to block new congressional maps

Adventures in Extreme Gerrymandering: See the Fair and Wildly Unfair Maps We Made for Pennsylvania

Please pay attention to ALEC's attempt at reversing the 17th Amendment.  The Kochs, Mercers and others know states can not be gerrymandered but state senators' and house members' can. 

A Restoration of the Constitutional Intent of our Founding Fathers: Repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment                          ALEC and Koch Brothers Want to Gerrymander the Senate

What is ALEC you ask?   John Oliver explains (Rated R, HBO):

​​​The really sad part of  campaign fundraising  is that most of it is not even necessary.  Most Senate

and House races are decided before the election through Gerrymandering:  

The Maps That Kill Competition

​​Everything you need to know about the Supreme Court’s big gerrymandering case

The New Front in the Gerrymandering Wars: Democracy vs. Math

How Redistricting Became a Technological Arms Race

​Republicans are so much better than Democrats at gerrymandering 

Report: Gerrymandering gave Republicans advantage in House, state elections

​Democrats Must Become America’s Anti-Gerrymandering Party

BUT  How Democrats Gerrymandered Their Way to Victory in Maryland

​Editorial  At what point does politics-as-usual become unconstitutional?

​History frowns on partisan gerrymandering

​ Rated R (HBO): 

Uh, How Does Gerrymandering Work Again?                       Is Gerrymandering My Fault?

How the GOP Rigs Elections                                                                            How to Make Congress Bipartisan


The Supreme Court Finds North Carolina's Racial Gerrymandering Unconstitutional

How This Supreme Court Case Will Affect the Next Election

Formula Measures Impact of Partisan Gerrymandering

Opinion People who draw district lines should not have access to party registration numbers

Analysis indicates partisan gerrymandering has benefited GOP

In North Carolina, Republicans Stung by Court Rulings Aim to Change the Judges

​​Why Libertarians - and Others - Should Care About Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering opponents turn to ballot initiatives to redraw lines

Democrats eye gains in Pennsylvania trial on 'goofy' gerrymandering

'This is a gerrymandered map,' West Chester professor says in redistricting trial

​The State of Redistricting Litigation (November 2017 Edition)

Two Ways of Looking at Gerrymandering

Court throws out NC congressional map again

​​In a Comically Drawn Pennsylvania District, the Voters Are Not Amused

How the GOP Rigs Elections

​The State of Redistricting Litigation (Late January 2018 Edition)

​What Pennsylvania’s new congressional map means for 2018

Extreme Gerrymandering & the 2018 Midterm

Democrats Would Need to Trounce Republicans to Overcome Gerrymandering and Take the House

The Supreme Court must step in: Both major parties are testing American democracy by gerrymandering

The State of Redistricting Litigation (Updated May 16, 2018 Edition)

States Aren’t Waiting for the Supreme Court to Solve Gerrymandering

Mich. Supreme Court: Redistricting plan goes on Nov. ballot​​​