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Dwight D Eisenhower warned us

I don't agree with some of his politics but I like how he delivered the speech:

Malcolm X (Has anything really changed?)

Dave says it well - never know until you try!

My dad died of cancer, here is Jimmy Valvano's take on it:

Favorite Speeches:  

"I Have a Dream" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Robert F Kennedy made what may be one 

of greatest speeches ever made:

Charlie Chaplin and another 'Greatest Speech ever Made':

"The Finest Hour" - Winston Churchill gave people hope.

"Why America isn't the Greatest Country in the World Anymore" - Jeff Daniels' character makes some great points!

John F Kennedy challenged America to go to the Moon,

Lyndon B Johnson gave us programs that cleaned our air and water, a school for my mom to become a nurse and gave me headstart among other things.

Ronald Reagan​​​ said a Wall has to Go Away!

Franklin D. Roosevelt gave America Hope!