‚ÄčMarcus Limbaugh (Son):  In many ways love is a painful thing. How do you get your son ready to walk this hard path of life. It isn't by being a friend and passive and always telling them how great they(all the time) are so they get a big head and lay down and quit and later after you are gone ...Dropped into seeing how hard this is alone. I would like to thank my dad (David Limbaugh) for being hard on me.. He wasn't perfect and I am not doing a perfect job with my children either. If life were perfect we could do a softer easier job of this. But thank you David Limbaugh for pushing a lazy emotional kid that pushed back into kicking a football farther than I ever thought possible, seeing things from not just my emotional side but a side of logic, and helping me to develop a constant push for improvement in everything in my life, all while going through your own very hard road. I now see the other side when you have been through so much and you are so much stronger and you are trying to communicate and teach someone that hasn't been through anything and doesn't know how hard this is really going to be and they don't know how much they need to prepare. Thank you for teaching me to work hard and never quit.  And thank you for telling me the truth even when I didn't want to hear it and you knew I would do the opposite anyways. I will never forget you telling me I know you aren't going to listen and you are going to do it your way anyway, but I have to tell you so when it turns out this way and you get hurt, you know I tried to tell you and I love you Thank you so much.

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