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Constitutional Convention Movement

The Constitutional Convention Movement is a Sinister Attempt by Koch Brothers and ALEC to completely change our nation for their purposes!

A great book on the topic:    Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America Paperback    "David, what are you talking about?"         The Propaganda: 

                                           Accidental history: How Michigan may

                                           have triggered convention to amend

                                           U.S. Constitution

                                           Fracking Titans Spend Millions

                                           Proselytizing School Children

"What is happening David?" What are they trying to do that is so bad?

Gerrymander the US Senate for starters.

"How"    ALEC and Koch Brothers Want to Gerrymander the Senate

Trump Team, ALEC, Koch Industries Debate Gerrymandering the U.S. Senate in Denver

​17th Amendment  -  What would the Senate look like today without the 17th Amendment?


"Who is ALEC?"   Some dirty words - HBO - but must watch:   Why is this bad? 


Verizon Leaves Lobbying Group ALEC Over Ties to Anti-Muslim Activist

A constitutional convention could be the single most dangerous way to ‘fix’ American government

America might see a new constitutional convention in a few years

​​Inside the Conservative Push for States to Amend the Constitution

​​A Billionaire-Backed 'Movement' Is Dangerously Close to Calling a Constitutional Convention

​​States Likely Could Not Control Constitutional Convention on Balanced Budget Amendment or Other Issues

What If We Held a Constitutional Convention and the Right-Wingers Prevailed?

​​A 'Convention of States' is the last thing America needs right now

"David, these are some great sources, but what are YOUR views?"

I have been aware of this movement since its humble beginnings years ago. Much like the Tea Party movement, it has been hijacked by people with different motives than the charter members. The charter members' noble goals were sensible ideas like a required balanced budget and term limits. 

Koch Brothers and ALEC saw this as an opportunity to create an America they want. What is that America?

Meet the Economist Behind the One Percent’s Stealth Takeover of America

Liberty Amendments?     Amendments for Liberty

​Let's analyze each one:

"Establish twelve-year term limits for members of Congress and the Supreme Court;"

Hmmm....  rings a bell!                                                 

How many times has Trump tweeted "Term Limits"  

How is the GOP controlled House and Senate coming on their term limit bill?

This is a bait-and-switch 'promise'!   The Koch Brothers and ALEC have no intention of implementing Term Limits!  Just like Trump and GOP they know that lie gets votes.   They want to keep the legislators they have spent money purchasing:

"​Repeal the 17th Amendment;"

What Is the 17th Amendment? - Definition, Summary & History

​​Direct Election of Senators

The 17th Amendment to the

US Constitution: Election of


"Allow either Congress or the states to overturn a Supreme Court decision within 24 months with a three fifths vote of the members of both houses or the states;"

Imagine this when Brown v Board of Education was decided or Engel v Vitale!

Do you see what their motive is here?   Their target is gay marriage, Supreme Court Ruling Makes Same-Sex Marriage a Right Nationwide - they are already laying the groundwork -  Jeff Sessions’ ‘Religious Liberty Task Force’ Declares Holy War on LGBT People  and people with disabilities and others will soon be targeted.   DeVos Rescinds Guidance Documents for Disabled Students: What Does It Mean?   I tried -  My Response to Senator Lamar Alexander on Betsy DeVos's Confirmation to the U.S. Department of Education Secretary

"Require a federal budget to be enacted by May or impose an automatic across-the-board 5 percent cut,"

Sounds like  ....  ME!

"and the budget may not exceed total tax receipts or 17.5 percent of GDP;"

I remember seeing something about balancing the budget in the GOP Platform?

This is 'double-speak' for eliminating Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Safety nets like Food Stamps, Housing, Healthcare and others.   The Conservative Right claim to be Pro-Life but they just use that argument to get votes. They are really Pro -3/4 to 0 Life but once a baby is born they care less about their life.

"Place a 15 percent limit on the amount of income taxes collected from natural and legal persons, change the tax-return filing date to the day before federal elections, and ban federal estate, value-added, or sales taxes;"

Ask yourself who this helps? Where are CORPORATE Taxes?


Trump's 'cruel' measures pushing US inequality to dangerous level, UN warns

"Require every federal agency to be reauthorized every three years in a stand-alone bill or else expire, and require a seven-member House committee to approve all regulations with an economic burden greater than $100 million within six months or cancel implementation of the regulation;"

Can we say EPA?  Trump is trying to do this!



Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?   Mulvaney, Watchdog Bureau’s Leader, Advises Bankers on Ways to Curtail Agency

​Interior?   Ryan Zinke’s War on the Interior

"Limit the Commerce Clause to preventing states from impeding commerce and trade between the states, and specify that it does not extend to activity within states (whether or not it affects interstate commerce) or to compelling an individual to participate in commerce;"

See why they want this?   How to tell the difference between religious persecution and selfishness

Think 1960s - States Rights - Lunch Counters!

"Extend the protection against seizure of private property to require compensation for regulations that reduce market value or interfere with the use of property in an amount exceeding $10,000;"

This isn't about YOUR property or MINE!   Hint?  Trump nominates coal lobbyist to help lead Environmental Protection Agency and  The Deep Industry Ties of Trump’s Deregulation Teams

Change Article V so that any constitutional amendment, proposed by anyone, will be adopted if it is ratified by two thirds of the states;

Constitutional Amendment Process

Two thirds is easier for them then three fourths.  

"​Require a 30-day waiting period between agreement upon the final version of any congressional bill (engrossment) and the final vote to approve it, and allow three fifths of the states to override any federal statute or any federal regulation with a cost exceeding $100 million within 24 months of passage or approval; "

States' Rights?  Or Corporations' rights?  Pollution laws?  Safety Laws? Kentucky Lawmakers Limit Black Lung Claims Reviews Despite Epidemic ,  Trump regulatory initiative targets black lung protections and Coal mining deaths double in 2017

"and Require valid photo ID and proof of citizenship to register and vote in all federal elections, in person or by mail, and limit early voting to 30 days before the election (except for active-duty military personnel)."

As it turns out ... Bentley's driver's license closures were racial, after all

Seven Ways Alabama Has Made It Harder to Vote

Voter suppression is the civil rights issue of this era

Ask yourself how each of these ideas benefit the Koch Brothers.  Ask who funds ALEC.


Since Citizens United v FEC and Leadership PACs we have become and oligarchy. Our 2018 oligarchs?

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