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​​We’re With Stupid

Tennessee Senate passes bill requiring citizenship test to graduate

Amending the Constitution: A Civics Test Americans Need to Pass

I have helped two friends study for the U.S. Citizenship test and they both passed it.  One of the steps to becoming a U.S. Citizen is an oral test. The examiner has a book of 100 questions and asks 10 of them. No multiple choice. No writing.  You must get at least 6 right to pass that step to citizenship.

​​Is Trump's Victory the Jump-Start Civics Education Needed?

Can you pass?  Here is a link to a practice test. The site randomly chooses twenty questions from a bank of questions.  Are you a citizen? Can you get 12 or more right?  :-)


​Did you pass?

Here is the bank of 100 questions

By the way: 10 Things You Might Have Thought Were in the Constitution

Here is a Crash Course for You:              This video explains how Rulers Rule