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David Limbaugh and David Looper are running a NO Party Campaign

by David Limbaugh

The David Limbaugh-David Looper Ticket is our plan to give YOU a voice in America. We have launched our NO-party Presidential Write-In Campaign.

As a lifetime GOP voter and one-time GOP candidate, it frustrates me that the party I grew up with is no longer recognizable. The talk-radio vitriol and the blind pursuit of power over principle and substance has destroyed what I once proudly referred to as my GOP as proudly as I say my Alabama football team and my Cubs. I don't say my out of ownership, but unadulterated love, loyalty and pride.

I decided to run for President to give people a choice and a voice. Politics has become an ugly arena of name-calling and mudslinging. No one speaks anymore about what they stand for, what they hope to accomplish and what their ideas and plans are. People run against others now, not FOR an office. I want to try to change that.

I have created a web-site ( with various issues and my stance on them. In a lot of cases, I try to present both sides of the argument. In my opinion, the reason our nation is in the shape it is in, from our crumbling infrastructure to how we treat each other, boils down to the fact that no one is willing to listen anymore to civil discussion and healthy exchange of ideas. People are so entrenched in their beliefs and opinions they are not willing to understand others' or even respect their rights to hold them.

I want to give people a voice in how our government operates. I don't want large corporations, donors and organizations running this nation, twisting public policy, legislation and judicial decisions to benefit their cause. I want my nation to be as efficient, honest, fair and accountable as it can possibly be. There I go using my again. I have lived overseas. I have served in my nation's military. My late grandfather served in World War I and my late father served during the Korean Conflict. I love my country. I love what it stands for. I love its people. I just don't like the job our stewards are doing to operate it.

"COURAGE is the commitment to begin without any guarantee of success." ― Inky Johnson

If you do not know who Inky Johnson is then your life has not been blessed to have heard him speak. I have been blessed to have met him. He speaks of Honor and Legacy. Honor those who have helped you and leave a Legacy for others to follow. Sadly, I don't believe either major party candidate for President in 2016 hopes to do either. I do not say that as an attempt to impugn them or throw mud at them. I just have my doubts of what their true intentions and motivations are. I know what mine are.

My motivation is to honor the great thinkers and leaders who have come before us, from Locke to the Roosevelts. I want to leave a legacy of being a President who loved his country, who's only intention was make it as great a country as it could possibly be, and leave office with a nation in better shape than when he took office.

I am a public school teacher now. Before that I served in the private sector, specifically CAD and plotting/printing of construction and engineering documentation for 30 years. My commitment to my customers earned me world-wide respect and induction in the IRGa Hall of Fame. I loved to say I was on call 24/7/365 because I literally was. I accepted customers calls at night, weekends and on vacation. I cared enough about them to want to help them. I will be that same person as President.

I want to be your President. Not out of greed, desire for power, ruthless ambition or blown-up sense of self. I am running because I have no desire to vote for any of the other candidates this year and feel I am just as qualified, just as informed as any other the other candidates but I have one thing they don't seem to have. The "I Give a Darn About Everyone in the Country" Gene. I want to make a difference in YOUR life over making a difference in my own.

If you read my Advice to Graduates page,, you will notice I mention my late father's commitment to helping others.

Thank You for taking the time to read this. We may differ on our views of the issues facing our great nation but I fully respect your right to have those views.

Thank You for your time,

David Limbaugh